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Carbon 60 Status Report

27th August 2021
Dear Reader,

We have made a Hair Elixir finally! But we have not set up the bottling and labeling machinery as yet.

We’re quite proud of this Elixir because as you may know, alchemical products heal on three levels and this Hair Elixir is very strong to the point of ‘almost’ causing emotional healing downtime.

So it is finely balanced. Any stronger and it would obviously cause healing downtime.

The Hair Elixir is expensive ($339.00) as it takes a long time to make a small quantity, but for men- it’s value is beyond money!

A man with a receding hairline should only need one jar in combination with Vulcan’s Fire, but someone with no hair at all may need three jars, again in combination with V.F.

We are still working on a cure for cancer but this will also be a cure for many Fire/Male/electric principle based diseases like Parkinson’s disease and MS.

Vulcan's Fire

Please do not mix Vulcan’s Fire with anything at all. It must be a two step process. Mixing Vulcan’s Fire with anything else like carbon 60 olive oil destroys the amplifying effect.

Here is handy rule on how to use Vulcan’s Fire-
Physical First! Second Spiritual!

Physical First
So if you wish to use a painkiller- that is physical. Take the pill first and then Vulcan’s Fire.

Or you are taking medication for a disease and wish to amplify it, again, that is physical medicine and should be taken first before Vulcan’s Fire.

Or you wish to enhance the vitamins in food- again physical first so take the food first and then Vulcan’s Fire.

Second Spiritual.
There are few alchemical products in the world today, but these should be considered spiritual. So as the maxim goes- spiritual second.

Take Vulcan's Fire first, THEN take the spiritual product, for example Liquid Confidence, Heart Glue, Carbon 60 olive oil, Love potion a.s.o. second.

This rule also applies to the Elixir which is also a spiritual product. Apply 2 drops of Vulcan’s Fire to ones face and second- apply Sekhmet Elixir. Or apply V.F. to another area that needs healing and then Sekhmet Elixir on top of that.

Vulcan's Fire procedure

  • Take food or have your dinner.
  • Take up to 5 drops of Vulcan's Fire internally.
  • Wash the Vulcan's Fire down with liquid or water but not alcohol.
  • Wait 15 minutes.
  • Take spiritual products like Liquid Confidence, Red Lion C60 olive oil, Heart Glue, Dragon's Blood, Love Potion etc.

So the food grounds, the water is the emotional component and then we have the spiritual products.

This three step process of Earth, Water and Fire flows and works beautifully together.

The time of 15 minutes represents the air principle. So there we have the Four Sacred principles in one alchemical operation- Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

Until we perfect the cure for cancer, anyone with MS, Migraines, Parkinson’s a.s.o. can use the plant ‘Feverfew’ in the meantime.


Despite the hype about this plant, it is very weak medicinally speaking. But, what is special about it is- it is a Female/Water/Magnetic based plant and that is what we need for (fiery) MS, Migraines, Parkinson’s Disease etc.

Because Feverfew is so weak, the only way it can help with these diseases is if it is combined with Vulcan's Fire.


Vulcan's Fire transforms Feverfew almost into a completely different product. Those familiar with the true meaning of the Yin-Yang symbol will understand the dot of the female in the male with these two products.

I'm getting carried away here, but without the Sun (V.F.), the Moon is a pale insignificant speck of a place.

When the Sun hits it, as in the full Moon, many understand the power of the full Moon or La Luna and that is where we get the word lunatic from.

There are many studies on the effect of the full Moon on psychiatric patients and others. Click here for an article by the BBC if you're interested in this subject.

The Sun does not give rise to lunacy thank God, this place is crazy enough! But the power of the Sun combined with the Moon gives rise to all sorts of things including lack of sleep.

Vulcan's Fire has a similar effect on the Feverfew plant- it is transformed.


It takes time for Feverfew to build in one's system. We are currently sponsoring a client who has suffered migraines all her life and will let you know how that goes.

What you give you get right? Ironically, we ourselves are being sponsored. A company has approached us to sponsor one of their most treasured 20 year employees who is deteriorating rapidly with MS. We are very confident!

Vulcan's Fire and Feverfew a will help with cancer certainly, but could in no way compare to alchemical CBD/cannabis oil for potency.

So, if you suffer with migraines, cancer, Parkinson's disease, MS and so on, purchase Feverfew and use the two step Vulcan's Fire process. The Feverfew should be taken first.

If you have not been building Feverfew in your system for days and weeks, or even if you have and you get a migraine, try taking Feverfew and 4 drops of Vulcan's Fire. Wait one hour, then take more Feverfew and another 4 drops of Vulcan's Fire

Thanks to K.T. for this report.

Here is a recent result I had with Liquid Confidence.
My husband had a bad case of Pinkeye. It looked as a swelling or cyst on his eyelid, and bad Conjunctivitis.

He experienced this exact thing a few years ago. It took 1 month for the cyst to go away, with medical treatment and prescriptions.

This time, with my husband’s OK… I put one drop in each eye, twice a day…had him close his eyes, and pat the LC into his upper and lower lids.

The pinkeye was pretty much gone in 1 day, and the eyelid cyst was gone in 3 days!!! I got pinkeye too…gone in 24 hours. 👁👁

Pinkeye & Eyelid Cyst: 1 -3 days treatment with Liquid Confidence, versus 30 days treatment with Western Medicine??? I take Liquid Confidence ANYTIME!!! 😎

I know this is a misuse of LC, but I wanted to see how fast the time of recovery would be, compared to typical Western Medical Treatment, and my own DIY Silver.

I usually treat my pinkeye with my own Colloidal Silver …good results, but the LC is far faster!!
Thanks so much,

Liquid Confidence belongs to the Fire principle and of course the eyes are connected to the Will and are also fiery too. This was a very creative way to use Liquid confidence.

Women will love us!! Here is another review on what Vulcan's Fire does for skin.

My skin over my whole body is as soft plump and supple like when I was a girl. No moisturizer added at all. The skin everywhere just BECAME PERFECT!

Possibly collagen was stimulated…I don’t know.
It’s like my skin jumped backward into a time machine.
Ok. Im going to be graphic, but I rubbed the excess on my breasts and nipples… feels and looks like I had a breast lift. 😄

Ik, on another note…I tore my Achilles’ tendon because of the hard time I have walking with my knee issues…I have been in terrible pain with that.
I used the 2 step process every time the severe pain came back on the heel. Since the pain is intense…applied 2x per day for 3 days. I know that’s a lot, but my ankle asked for it. 😃

Today I can’t believe how good I can walk again. I am convinced there was some serious healing. No pain.

Whenever applying the 2 step process, I felt intense heat radiation throughout my body and especially my hands…then a slight tingly itching or sunburn feeling that goes away.

I can only describe this heat one way. It felt EXACTLY like my first Kundalini experience…where my body felt aflame with HEAT and PASSION…like my body was pierced with a flaming sword.

One image came immediately to mind. Please check out the Bernini sculpture of “The Ecstasy of St Theresa.
What do you think? K.T.

This is a very good guess. The combination of Vulcan's Fire applied first and then the Elixir on top of that 'waters' collagen. This is far from the only report of this amazing effect on skin.

The Lady below told me that she feels she no longer needs to use moisturizer. She tells me her skin is the softest it has ever been.

My skin is still so soft. My mother commented that little wrinkles i had around my eyes were gone.......
Im constantly amazing at how its helping my Body.
I am so grateful to spirit for bringing Red Lion into my life and may they always be proud of the great work you do to help others.
Love and light to you

Thank you Z. for your report :)

Hi Martin,
I Had to put into writing details of a healing crisis i had last week.
Woke up Monday morning and my shoulder was sore. Thought i had slept badly on it. But as the day wore on it got worse.

Driving to work and home from work was torture. Trying to change gear in the car and the pain shot down my arm into the elbow.
With the intensity of the pain it made me recall an injury i did to the same arm many years ago.

I had come down off a ladder and missed the last step which unbalanced me and fell against the wall with my full body weight. It Seemed a simple thing to do but the pain i suffered with for weeks after that was very bad.

No physio could relieve it or no pain killer either at the time. I Couldn't sleep either. This had happened at a time of great stress so it was definitely a release at that time.

The pain last week felt the same as it did then and i was expecting to have to endure at least 2 weeks of it and possible physio to resolve it, but it went as fast as it came. Gone by wed morning....totally.....a first for me. Definitely a release....but im glad it was short lived

the elixers with vulcans fire and the dragons blood are doing their work for sure.
My back pain is gone. Ive suffered with a mild to bad back pain for the last 10 years. Old injury. You get used to it always being there. Gets worse when i exert myself with lifting or gardening etc but ....ITS GONE

It was strange to wake up and not feel it one morning....thought it was a one off... but no....its still gone.. and this is a week since the healing crisis.

Ms. G

Again, thank you for taking the time to write Ms. G.

Thanks to Ms. D.S for this review on Dragon's blood. This is an interesting report in that it shows what Dragon's blood does for one's confidence. We are getting a lot of similar reports.

Hi Marten -
I wanted to send you my next update on using Dragon's Blood. As I reported when I first received and tried Dragon's Blood - I get definite positive energy when I take it and it continues to be an uplifting experience.

I am aware when I need to take a day's break from the clearing of old patterns this product encourages to happen. I pay attention to these kind of messages from my body and I skip a day here and there as needed.

I have been using the Dragon's Blood under the healing elixir on wounds/skin issues that are not healing easily and it most definitely boost the healing process.

I have experienced this on skin lesions and on skin rashes. I also use (gently, not daily and sparingly) Dragon's Blood under my organic skin cream, which I use daily.

It has made a difference in the texture of my skin, the luminosity of my skin and I am beginning to think it is helping the elasticity of my skin.

I also wish to continue to praise C60 in olive oil. I still have not gotten a cold or flu for over 2 years now and my immune system seems to be exceptionally strong.

I have been exposed to those with Covid and those who have taken the "jab" and have had no repercussions in my health.

Red Lion C 60 is amazing and I wish everyone were taking it it. Once again Marten I thank you for all you are doing with your company and products.
You sir are magic!
With much appreciation

I would not recommend using any moisturizer while using Vulcan's Fire by the way. First it is not needed and second, we do not wish to amplify any toxins or chemicals used in the manufacture of moisturizers.

Vulcans fire

Best Regards