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Carbon 60 Status Report

13th August 2021

Dear Reader,

Happy Friday the 13th! lol

We are still working on a cure for cancer atm, and working on a new more potent hair elixir. Of course when I say a cure, I mean a spiritual cure which is more powerful and complete than a physical cure.

Physical medical cures do not heal the root cause of disease which is why people take medication for years on end.

The only reason a cure is possible is because of Vulcan's Fire and the 2 step process.


Take a look at alcohol, what happens when people drink it, they expand right? They are confident, Dutch courage as some call it. They are fearless and will often do crazy things. So alcohol makes people fearless, confident, outgoing a.s.o.

What happens when people take cannabis? They contract, they don't shout or do crazy things, they withdraw into themselves and become quiet and still.

So alcohol is based on the Fire principle (expanding) whereas cannabis is the opposite, it is based on the Water principle (contracting).

Cancer is also expanding. It devours, consumes and grows. Therefore it is a Fire principle based disease.

So, we can use the female/water principle based cannabis plant to put the fire of cancer out. But it is not strong enough on it's own.

Treating CBD oil with alchemical methods boosts it's power hundreds of times, but that is still not strong enough for cancer.

This is where Vulcan's Fire enters the scene. It will boost the already powerful alchemical cannabis oil many times and now the cannabis oil is powerful enough to destroy cancer.


If people send a gift of our products to a sick person they know, we include a free gift we feel the client needs along with the order. I don't like telling you this, as we have a reputation to keep!

However, we require an exchange. There must always be an exchange when you do something for another.

We are currently sponsoring 4 very ill people right now whose savings have been depleted by the medical profession and big pharma. But we require they give back to Red Lion by bringing people to us, or make a video, send us genuine reports, updates a.s.o.

Ironically, giving back to Red Lion helps the ill person's mindset quite a bit, and it is Karmic!

Here is one such report from a client who purchased carbon 60 olive oil from us but we also gifted him a bottle of Dragon's Blood and Vulcan's Fire- mainly because his inspirational happy attitude touched us.

Hello Dear Marten!
It's me R.N. First and foremost thank you for the wonderful works that you and your team are doing to bring joy and healing into the lives of the suffering.

I am taking The Dragon's Blood and The Vulcan's Fire a gift from you! I recently went to my neurologist for an ALS followup. Well here are the results of her examination.

I have gained a few pounds, my stiffness in my limbs are more fluid and movable, I am able to sleep at night for short periods of time without my breathing and lung respirator, I can also eat certain solid foods without choking, the pain in my joints has decreased a lot, and finally I can now walk further with the aide of my walker.

I am very determined to fight this disease as hard as I can. And any suggestions or products you have I will gladly follow.

Again, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For your Blessed Works!

Mr. N. Canada

Mr N. received his order on the 28th of July- 2 weeks ago. Thank you to Mr. R.N. for his report, we shall watch his progress with great interest!

I cannot begin to describe the astonishing results of Vulcan’s Fire. I know this product is expensive but it takes weeks to make just a small quantity.

Sooner or later this Divinely blessed product will be on the World stage and miracles will happen in the healing and anti-aging arena.

Deborah our shipping manager can be somewhat critical of her skin as she suffered 2 decades of Rosacea. The rosacea disappeared after two weeks as I said before, by using the Elixir.

People commented on how young she looks, in fact she looks younger now than when she started working with us! She tells me her skin is the softest it has ever been.

But since she has been using Vulcan's Fire, she now describes her skin as glowing and that is some description considering Deborah’s somewhat self-critical mindset lol.

Archigenes Seal

Warning: you should not take this product if you have cancer. It is Fiery which is excellent for releasing fat from your body, but would aggravate cancer as it would migraines, Parkinson's disease etc.

However, being extremely fiery, it is very good for arthritis, ALS and other water based illnesses. Try using Vulcan's fire topically first and then Archigenes Seal on an arthritic joint :)

Archigenes Seal does far more then simply release weight. Try applying one drop to the sacral chakra, especially men or people who have suffered sexual abuse.

Taking Archigenes seal also blasts negativity from chakra's from the inside out if taken internally. And from the outside in if applied externally. But be careful! Only one drop twice per week on the crown chakra.

Unless you wish to experience dreadful downtime/depression, please do not apply to solar plexus, third eye or throat chakras unless you have a great deal of experience with Red Lion products.

Please click here

Alchemical Lemon Oil

Red Lion and Alchemy

K. Elmer of YouTube fame created a video back in January 2020. But I have to admit his methods were very scientific.

He sent two bottles of carbon 60 to his friend without giving any instructions whatsoever. Three months later, his friend made a video blog about his experiences..

Please click on the image below to watch the video.

Screenshot 2021-08-13 at 15.47.43

In the above video, the gentleman had a rash on his chest for 9 years. He tried everything from the drug store to rid himself of this rash.

Apparently, the first bottle of carbon 60 olive oil from another C60 manufacturer did absolutely zero for the rash.

He tried using Red Lion carbon 60 olive oil and the rash disappeared in one night!

So, here we have a proper scientific test- basically the same products except one treated with alchemy and one not treated with alchemy.

The results speak for themselves- that is the power of Alchemy right there.

If healing a 9 year rash overnight is what Red Lion Carbon 60 olive oil can do on the outside, what is it doing for one's insides?

Now take 2 drops of Vulcan's fire to boost the power of C60 olive oil and you begin to see what we have created. Of course we had help from our friends in high places!

Vulcans fire

Sponsoring people as we do would not be possible without you our precious loyal customers. Names we see coming up again and again on the order books over years is humbling.

If you are a person whose savings have been depleted by the medical profession, or are helping a friend by gifting them our products- state your case to us and we will sponsor the person on condition they give back to Red Lion.

If you ever go looking for your heart's desire, don't look any further than your own backyard because if it isn't there, you never really lost it to begin with.

Best Regards