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Carbon 60 Status Report

30th July 2021
Dear Reader,

We have a Lady who gave us a report on Dragon’s Blood below, but this lady has breast cancer.

In response, we have decided to use alchemical methods to cure cancer. Cancer may seem a big and scary issue, but the illness itself is in fact quite weak.

Cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, Migraines are all Fire principle diseases, whereas diseases like Arthritis, the Flu a.s.o. are water based illnesses.

This is why CBD oil works well enough because the cannabis is a Female/Water principle based plant. So the water effectively puts the fire out. But CBD oil although helpful is no where near strong enough for the fire of cancer.

This is why one should not eat tomatoes, chilies or hot spicy food, oils, butter, fats as in cheese and particularly alcohol if one has cancer as these are Fire principle based foods and will only aggravate and inflame the cancer.

Alchemical CBD oil would not be strong enough on it’s own. However with the discovery of Vulcan’s Fire, we are confident.

Vulcan’s Fire will amplify the already powerful alchemical CBD oil by about 6 times. Of course if one objected to CBD oil, the Vulcan’s Fire will amplify any drug or any medicine including cancer medication by about 5-6 times- working on a spiritual frequency.

I’ll update you on our progress in the coming weeks.

Hair Elixir

We are still working on a hair elixir which again will be a combination product with Vulcan’s Fire.

But the bad news is- customers will only buy three jars and we will loose them as a customer because their hair will be restored!

Estimates say that a man with zero hair, completely bald will buy a total of 6 jars. But most men, perhaps loosing hair will only need a total of 3 jars or less. This new Hair Elixir is also suitable for women.

Archigenes Seal

Archigenes Seal AKA alchemical lemon oil can be used for many many issues. One of those things is burning fat.

Think of this product as pure Fire. It will increase one's metabolic rate while at the same time reducing hunger.

Many alcoholics are thin because they take alcohol and don't feel hunger like other people do. Of course alcohol is fiery too. But becoming an alcoholic to loose weight is a bad idea!

Lemon oil is already very fiery but alchemy increases this fire exponentially. Begin with one drop in the morning in water, and one drop in the evening before you go to sleep.

Never take this product directly lol. If you do, you will not do it again! It is a natural non-toxic product which will do no harm, but you will beg to be rid of the taste of lemon :)

Archigenes Seal will increase one's metabolic rate by twice as much. But it takes time to build up to that level- a few weeks.

You may experience stomach acid at the beginning. What is happening is the alchemical lemon oil is healing your stomach. Stop taking the alchemical lemon oil for a few days and then begin taking it again.

After a break of a few days, you will not experience tummy acid after taking Archigenes Seal and can safely increase the dosage to 2 drops twice daily, and then 3 drops twice daily but no more.

If you experience the slightest stomach pain- stop taking Achigenes Seal for a few weeks to let your body recover. If you are also taking Vulcan's Fire, restrict yourself to one drop of Archigenes Seal twice a day.

I will explain in more detail in our next newsletter about Archigenes Seal and why that name was chosen, but it heals organs, heals chakras from the inside out and outside in. As always, we are talking about spiritual healing here, which leads to physical healing of the body.

We love our newsletter readers- as always we have a discount for you.

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Alchemical Lemon Oil
Many thanks for this review from Ms. L. from the UK

I was really excited to receive the dragons blood after reading about it. l had already done a number of years doing emotional and belief work so i thought it would be ideal to get down deeper.

I am also seeing an EFT practitioner so I thought the 2 would work amazingly together. I was not disappointed. After a couple of days I started to get my energy back as i had been suffering from Chronic fatigue, post op for cancer.

I found that i was managing my life with more ease and not being victim to my circumstances, very quickly. I was also becoming more aware of deep seated beliefs I had never been aware of before.

I also received a bottle of liquid confidence and the 2 together were really powerful. my confidence levels and my creativity soared. One day I realised how much excitement I felt, and how i felt my confidence was really taking a turn for the better.

As a few more days passed the excitement was more intense than i had ever experienced, I had to stop for a couple of days, as it was so alien to me, though I was only taking 3 drops if each daily. Wow. I am really impressed at their potency and how I feel after taking them.

I am really looking forward how these products will help my body, mind and soul heal from traumas and illness, that i have experienced in my life and how these are contributing to being more of who I really am. I am also looking forward to trying new products.

Thank you Marten for your amazing contribution to so many people and the world. With gratitude BL

Personal Experience

Recently, I had a toothache. I took a paracetamol expecting the pain to go away after 20 minutes. However, I think what was happening was the pain was increasing and the paracetamol was keeping it at a level but it was still there 50 minutes later.

I was about to take another paracetamol when something suggested I try Vulcan's Fire. So, I took two drops to amplify the effect of the paracetamol. Within two minutes the pain simply melted away in what I would describe as waves.

I was a little confused about this, I mean I know Vulcan's Fire is powerful, but I don't think I have realized just how powerful it is yet.

About a week later I had another toothache. This time I took a paracetamol and then I took 3 drops of Vulcan's Fire. Within a few minutes the pain was gone. I felt- hold on, I have not even digested this pill yet and the pain is gone? Go figure.

How do these products work?

Think of these products like an ionizer. You take them and it's like a room ionizer which spreads ions quickly throughout your system- the energies leaving the product almost instantly.

Vulcans fire

Building a Strong Intuition

What would it be like if you switched on the TV at the exact moment you needed to find out a piece of information? Or an answer to a question?

Or how about knowing exactly what to say to a customer? Or making a call to a very busy person at the exact right moment they are free to take the call?

Or you arrive at the exact right moment someone was pulling out of a car parking space in a busy car-parking lot?

A powerful intuition is very useful. Police officers are encouraged to use their gut feeling to solve crimes. Intuition is an amazing aid to one's life in every single area.

How do we get such a strong intuition?

Concentrate on one's feelings for example the feeling of warmth or cold air on your skin. When is the last time you thought of your ears? Or your feet, your arms your neck your torso your head? Get in touch with your body and how it is feeling and live in your body.

Keeping within your aura will keep you protected from outside influences.

While taking a daily shower, it is good to concentrate on the sensations on the skin, the feeling of the water. In no time at all you will develop a strong intuition and be surprised and delighted.

Best Regards