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Carbon 60 Status Report

16th July 2021

Dear reader,

There is a lot to write about this week and I'm afraid I won't be able to get to all of it.

But we have created a much more powerful hair serum. The current product is water based and in fairness it would likely take three years for hair to grow back to an acceptable level.

The new hair Elixir is in fact Hair Serum combined alchemically with Sekhmet Elixir and instead of taking a few years, it should take less than 1 year.

However, amplifying the hair serum with Vulcan's Fire with a two step process will reduce that time again to only a few months. Ironically, both men AND women will be on their knees thanking us! All praise gladly accepted!

We will give a discount for those who have already purchased Hairy Head Serum and wish to try the new product.

BTW, We had an issue with our Outlook email service but it is back online now and we will get to previous emails over the next few days.

Alchemical Lemon Oil

We have another product I mentioned previously which is alchemical Lemon oil. But what with Vulcan’s Fire and so much research needed, I’ll leave this product for now and chat about Vulcan’s Fire.

However, alchemical Lemon oil is a powerful product. In a few areas like sexuality- as good as or better than Vulcan’s Fire which is amazing.

We tried to mix the elixir and alchemical dragons blood to create a single use elixir, but it does not work, it must be a two step process.

We have many powerful products and alchemical items that are far too powerful for public use. Vulcan's Fire is borderline whether we should have released it or not because it is so powerful.

What's that stuff floating about?

Liquid confidence has molecular silver in it which is slightly magnetic and clumps together. You may see these clumps and think the product is a faulty batch, but it is not!

Heart glue and Dragon's Blood also have sediment in them, but are perfectly safe. These are natural alchemical products and not refined at all- to keep their natural potency. The Heart Glue and Liquid Confidence bottles need to be shaken.

The only thing to be concerned about is not shaking the bottles and taking too many particles, because it is the particles which contain the power.

Liquid will only hold so much power. It is the 'Earth' part of alchemy in which the power is concentrated or 'condensed'. Consider this Earth component like a battery.

Particles of Silver or Dragon's Blood are what an alchemist would call 'fluid condensers', which means the 'fluids' of spiritual energies are condensed in the solid particles, whereas liquids cannot condense these spiritual energies in the same way.

If we wanted to make a good looking 'processed' alchemical product, we would simply put the product through a 1 micron filter. However, it does look off-putting I agree but is completely safe 🙂

Vulcan's Fire

Please do not mix Vulcan's fire with another product like Liquid Confidence, or food.
It must be a two step process or it will simply not work.

Alchemically speaking, Fire (male) always comes first to clear the way for the water and earth (female) principles. And Vulcan's Fire is most definitely male.

How to take Vulcan's Fire

It is a different process for material products than it is for liquid products.

If you intend to multiply say a drug or food, you should take the drug or food first and then take V.F.

If you are taking say, Liquid Confidence or Love Potion, then Vulcan's Fire should be taken First. Take the V.F., wait a minute and then take the Love potion or Confidence Liquid. It is best not to wait too long as the power diminishes over an 8 hour period.

If you intend Vulcan's Fire to amplify Love Potion or Liquid Confidence, you should avoid food for about 1 hour prior to taking it and 1 hour after taking it.

Vulcan's Fire was designed especially for very sick people. However, all can benefit from it.

Vulcan's Fire on Skin

After applying Vulcan's fire, when should one apply say, Sekhmet Elixir?

As soon as it dries, which should be about 2 minutes. The skin should be dry and clean before applying Vulcan's Fire.

Apply V.F. on the skin, wait a few minutes and then apply Sekhmet Elixir or whatever preparation you want. It will work for any product placed on the skin.

How much Vulcan's Fire should be applied to the face area?

2 drops daily. I don't mean a pipette full, I mean two single drops. 1 drop for each side of the face and no more. This is especially true if one's skin is not used to oil products in general.

After six days, you can use 3 drops on the entire face.

After 12 days you can use 4 drops, that is 2 drops on either side of the face. Any more than 4 drops and the skin would become oily or greasy. It is helpful to massage V.F. in to the skin.

Applying Vulcan's Fire to Organs

This is a very good way to cleanse organs. Of course we are talking about spiritual healing, which filters down to healing physically. None of our products are physical traditional medical products.

Let's use analogies. For example let's say your home is the physical body and all electrical appliances are not working very well. You get a 'doctor' in the form of an engineer to fix the washing machine, cooker a.s.o.

But unbeknownst to you and the engineer, the electricity supply company is supplying electricity at a low voltage and that is the true cause of the problem.

What alchemy does is repair the electrical power plant, so that all electricity it supplies is now the correct voltage. Then all appliances start working and functioning perfectly. This is an example of how spiritual healing works.

Spiritual healing is far more powerful than medical intervention, apart from surgery etc. because It is the spiritual body which is the root cause.

This is why medical drugs must be taken, sometimes for years, because the root issue has not been dealt with and is still there.

Applying Vulcan's Fire externally to organs should be dealt with one at a time. You cannot simply apply Vulcan's Fire to the abdomen and expect it to cover all the organs.

So work on the kidneys front and back. Apply V.F. to the skin above the kidney area.


Or apply to the skin above the liver area.

The liver

I feel these are two very important organs as they clean and filer toxins in the body.

So on day one, you can apply V.F. to the liver area and on day two- you can apply it to kidneys area back and front.

Be Mindful
Again be mindful of Vulcan's Fire. Try not to be negative around it. Charm the Vulcan’s Fire oil so as you apply it, think that this is going to heal your liver, this is going to heal your kidneys.

Often we have our our negative blocks or beliefs to healing- oh this will never work!! It works regardless of what you think, but V.F. is more effective if it has no blocks from you.

By being mindful and using the wish- this will heal X thing, you remove any blocks you have against healing, emotional or thought blocks or objections to healing. Tell yourself- this will heal X, this will heal Y, this will remove all toxins and bring healing to me, as you are applying it.

Begin with one drop on the kidneys and in fact all organs. It would be best if you give yourself a week applying Vulcan's Fire before applying the Elixir.

Vulcan's Fire in combination with the Elixir

On ones face daily is fine. But for seriously ill people, use the two stage process, i.e. Vulcan's Fire and then Sekhmet Elixir once. Wait 3 days, then apply the two step process again.

Then wait 6 days this time and use the two stage process again. The following time, wait 12 days and then 24 days before the next application or the healing power could cause problems.

On the sexual organs, one drop to begin with and the maximum is two drops. So you can build up to 2 drops after a few weeks.

A third drop can be applied to the Sacral plexus. This removes deep memories of sexual trauma, bad experiences and memories and enhances performance for men.

They say the biggest sexual organ is the brain. Past negative events and issues can result in problems. To clear these, one drop can also be applied to the crown plexus- but only one drop!

We are considering putting Vulcan's Fire in to a spray bottle, to make it easier to apply evenly. When we get everything else done!

Elixir photo link

Digestive system

If one has has digestive issues, V.F. should be applied to the rectum and the mouth area. Around the mouth not in the mouth, but around the mouth so you are going top to bottom of the digestive system.

Sacral or sexual plexus can also be covered as part of the digestive system, but only 1 drop!

Be careful of Solar plexus as it could give you a lot of healing downtime.

Please do not go experimenting too much- if you do, then go very slowly.

Chakra Protection

One can protect one's hands from negative energies. This is particularly important for many people including Reiki healing or massage, acupuncturists, therapists, even psychotherapists, psychologists and counselors, nurses, doctors a.s.o.

In fact anyone dealing with the public. When we speak, we usually use our hands. The hands have chakra's in them which are open. They can pick up stray negative energy from just about anything, including people. This is called transference.

Imagine picking up energies from a gravely ill cancer patient? Or a seriously depressed person? Not good.

For the hands, make sure they are clean and dry. Then apply 2 drops of Vulcan's Fire to each hand. This will give you FULL protection.

The back's of the hands are not important. But if you intend using Elixir, obviously you would wish the V.F. to amplify the Elixir on the back's of the hands. But for spiritual protection, there is no need.


Healers, Reiki therapists, reflexologists a.s.o. will find their hands become more powerful.

If you are a Hermetic magician, alchemist, natural magic type of person, Vulcan's Fire will protect very pure things from any stray energies in your hands- that silk on it's own could not do.

Another issue particularly with therapists, is energy transference between clients. This is where the therapist works on say a cancer patient and unknowingly picks up the cancer energy and transfers that to another client.

Ideally, if one was doing healing on another person who had a lot of past trauma, they should do two hands and the two souls of the feet.

But again, only two drops is needed for each foot chakra. Sensitive people will feel lighter in themselves. Applying Vulcan's Fire to the foot chakras enhances a person in an amazing way. It builds.

Also, applying V.F. to the soles of the feet will help ground a person. So if you have trouble sleeping because you are always 'in your head', try applying Vulcan's Fire to the feet during the day and it will help to ground you.

Vulcan's fire has an accent in it. It is powerful, it is an enhancer and a protector, but it was designed to help people sleep in these times of turbulence.

The dichotomy of Vulcan's Fire is that is will help you fall asleep and energizes you! It helps you to go to sleep but you wake up energized and ready to go- as if you had a powerful energizing sleep and are now ready for the day.

Vulcan's Fire taken internally

How many drops can I take?
Always begin with one drop daily and gradually increase that. You do not want healing downtime!! If you take say 10 drops daily, expect the clearing of negative emotions to have you in a ball of depression for a few weeks.

Does the power of Vulcan's Fire build in the bottle?
Somewhat, that's why you must always keep a lid on it- always. The second you use it, put the lid back on to keep that fire in the bottle. It is like a bottle of soda, if you leave the lid off the bottle, it will go flat.

So you are containing it. You are taking your drops and containing it with in it, so to speak.

Water is VITAL for this type of healing.
Vulcans fire
Vulcan's Fire is still currently only available to newsletter readers and is still being sold at a discount.

Please click here.

Why are we so adamant about this product?

Because Dragon's Blood will only multiply the effect of a drug or alchemical preparation by 8-10 times.

Vulcan's Fire will amplify the Elixir and other things like medical drugs by a factor of 16 times.

Stay Awake, Stay Conscious.

Do you really need to think of that past bad relationship? Do you really need to think about the time you became bankrupt? Or what about that time a mean kid tripped you up in school?

Only recall thoughts of the past if they are absolutely necessary. Never call the past if it is not necessary.

Be very careful and selective about what you think because as your power increases, so does the power to re-animate the past.

Living in day dreams, living in the past, living in work when home or calling to home when at work is living life half dead.

Best Regards