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Carbon 60 Status Report

2nd July 2021

Dear reader,

We have received a lot of orders for Vulcan’s fire, however there are a few people who have still not got their order. That's because Vulcan’s fire is painfully slow and delicate to make.

However, we will be shipping orders on Monday and all orders will be shipped then.

Red Lion’s Gift to Woman

This is probably the most important newsletter I have written. We have made a huge breakthrough, but the title is a mis-nomer as this product is just as good for men as it is for women. But it is women who will be most pleased.

In creating Vulcan’s Fire, we discovered a secret. If one applies Alchemical Dragon’s Blood to an area of skin, let it dry and then apply the elixir on top of it, the effect is between 9 to 10 times stronger.

This means applying the Elixir for ten days in the same as applying it for 100days.
If used on one’s face, there will be a dramatic difference.

This is the Holy Grail of beauty products as far as we are concerned and women will be shocked.

It is best to apply the Dragon’s blood evenly- maybe using a spray bottle. But Red Lion will be bringing you spray bottle packs, with an empty fine-mist professional spray bottle and a bottle of Dragon’s Blood.

It is important that one DOES NOT apply the Elixir first. It must be the Dragon’s Blood which is applied first- let it dry, or even use a hairdryer on cool setting. Then apply the Elixir over the Dragon's Blood.

You will feel your skin burn or sting a little. But it feels like light sunburn, as if you got a little Sun on your face. It is hardly noticeable and not uncomfortable at all. Your face may go a little rosy for a few hours- in fact it will :)

The burning sensation is the phenomenal power of the the two-step process restoring and healing so intensely, it is felt as a light burning sensation.

In fact it is not the Dragon’s Blood or the Elixir that stings. Neither will give a burning sensation on their own. It is the Elixir which gives a burning sensation because it’s power is now 10 times what it was.

Dragon’s Blood is like adding gasoline to the Elixir. It Drives the Elixir deep into the skin. This is sensational!! Many will notice a difference overnight.

We already know the Elixir is powerful. You have read many testimonies of what the Elixir can do. I am speaking on a spiritual healing level here and make no physical medical claims, but when the spirit of an organ or skin is healed, it is the root which is healed. As the maxim notes- as above so below, the skin or organ is healed because it’s blueprint is healed.

We have heard and read testimonies of the Elixir healing walking issues, cancerous growths, back issues, heart complaints and just about everything known and unknown.

K. Elmer mentioned a black widow spider bit him, which is normally trip to E.R. but he said there was no pain, no scarring and it healed within a week.

Now comes Dragon’s Blood to multiply that power by 10 times.
dragons blood photo link


The same multiplying effect will have the same powerful effect on injuries as it has on skin aging. But DO NOT use Dragon’s blood and Elixir combination on broken skin, for example cuts and grazes. The Elixir is fine to use on it’s own but the combination is too powerful.

Using the two-step process for healing one’s body is incredibly nurturing, which is ironic considering it’s power.

Also, one cannot use the Dragon’s blood/Elixir combination daily. It must be applied and then rest for 3 days. Then applied again, with a resting period of 6 days this time. Then a 12 day rest before the next application and 24 days rest for the following application.

The worry is an illness you might not even know you have- heals too fast. What if you have a hidden organ complaint? Or a heart complaint you do not know about? The Elixir will find it and heal it and that healing power could be shocking to the injured organ.

Personally, I would recommend you apply the Dragon’s Blood / Elixir combination to one’s leg first, leave it for a week, and if you feel no pain anywhere, then apply to the leg again, leave it a week and then you may approach healing the organs [spiritually first], which leads to physical healing. But please be careful, patience! It must be done slowly.

Look out for odd pains here and there that come about inexplicably and stop if you feel any pain at all. If you feel pain, leave things settle down for a few weeks before a further application.
Elixir photo link


Drink at least 1 quart or 1 liter of water more than you normally do. Bottled water contains a lot of salt. I don’t feel filters will remove these salts but distilled water is far better esp. for this rejuvenation process.

Salt is used for spiritual cleansing in alchemical circles, but it will remove powers too! You don’t need to be too concerned about this, as drinking bottled water is fine and will move the Dragon’s Blood/Elixir around the body very well. But distilled water is closer to perfection :)

Water is VITAL for this type of healing.

Best Regards