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Carbon 60 Status Report

18th June 2021

Dear Reader,

Many arrests are happening in many countries and the World is moving forward!
But we are not out of the woods yet, however the worst is behind us thank goodness.

Thank you so much for the business we have received recently. It seems awareness of our products is growing exponentially.

As regular readers know, our carbon 60 olive oil is a natural holistic product. Because it has no solvents, it forms natural crystals which make it transparent. However we have managed to break the crystalline structure and now our oil is a red color once again :)

Thank you very much for this report from Mr D. of New Zealand…

Thank you, Marten.
Best products and newsletters, both are life-changing.
Dumpster of oblivion - a humorously brilliant and effective thought tool. I've permanently deployed one in the back-of-my-mind, readily accessible. lol.
Thank You.

A follow-up email from Mr. D...

Hi Marten,
Thanks for your message.
Yes, please feel free to use my note in your report, or anything from this reply.

I have been writing a longer message to you in thanks for your c60. I’m very much a guy who writes the thousand words for the one picture so, I’ll scrap that one and say a few things here instead.

I’ve had a small ’thing’ of scar tissue on my inner-right forearm. It’s like a scarred remnant of an ingrown hair or a splinter. In January this year, it twigged to me that I could use it topically so, I put a drop [C60 Olive Oil] on top of my thing and let it be absorbed.

The thing had been stable at around 6mm or 7mm for two or three years. I noticed within about the third or fourth evening, maybe about 1 or 2 weeks overall, there had been a noticeable change in size (getting smaller) as well as it looking more red than brown. I don't think it was cancer as it doesn’t feel like it has any roots, it feels like a disc.

Anyway, sporadically over the next 6-8 weeks, I placed a drop on it, probably around 20 times overall. I was also taking your c60 internally however, even with the first bottle I had a year or two ago, I didn't notice anything change.

Since I ran out in late Feb/early March 2021, the thing has remained stable, it hasn’t grown, nor has it shrunk so, I look forward to receiving my next bottle and continuing with the experiment.

Our original carbon 60 olive oil product was not alchemical in nature. But you can see how our products have now evolved to a high level of perfection.

What is Red Lion carbon 60 olive oil doing for Mr. D on the inside, if That is what it is doing on the outside?

Of course the Elixir is many times more powerful and more suited for external application.

Vulcan’s Fire

We are proud to announce thee most powerful product we have ever produced. Celebrities will want this product!!

Temperance- do not take any more than one drop of Vulcan’s Fire. This is a VERY special product.

It can be added to existing Red Lion products, or added to other bio-medical companies products, and will enhance them by 5 or 6 times.

For example when taking paracetamol, you should take half a paracetamol and one drop of Vulcan’s Fire. It can be put into a tincture to enhance that tincture. It will enhance the power of ANY medication.

This means you can use far less of that medication. This includes chemo therapy, sleeping pills, tranquilizers a.s.o.

Vulcan’s fire is based on Dragon’s Blood in olive oil and is completely natural. However its alchemical power is unnatural!

One drop can be added to food to enhance the vitamins and minerals. It can be used to enhance Liquid Confidence..

Elixir and Vulcan’s Fire
Vulcan’s Fire will enhance the Elixir by about 5-6 times. It penetrates and forces the Elixir into one’s organs.

I guarantee- if you buy this product, you will be buying more!

Of course we have this product discounted to readers of our report. It will cost $98.10 per 10ml, which is about 230 drops but please only use 1 drop at a time.

Please click here for the discount page
Vulcans fire

Best Regards