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Carbon 60 Status Report

4th June 2021

Dear Reader,

Everything looks like chaos at the moment. The term Chaos or Hyle is often used by alchemists. It’s also called putrefaction, caput corvi, androgyne, winter or death.

A young tree goes through a death in winter as it sheds it’s summer clothes, but then comes new life in the form of new buds, leaves and flowers. The death/rebirth cycle continues year after year but all the while the tree becomes bigger and stronger.

We too are going through ‘Caput Corvi’, but the worst is over. If we could really see behind the scenes we’d be celebrating.

As I said everything appears to be in chaos but new life in the form of leaders and new ways are coming. True leaders who have long suffering people of earth foremost in their hearts.


We can now improve the quality of wine significantly. Of course we’re not going into the wine business! But if there are any vintners out there who would like to partner with us- please get in touch.

The Dumpster of Oblivion

Using some of our products can have profound effects. If a person has a lot to heal emotionally, they may experience healing downtime or low feelings as I’ve often said.

It can be very difficult to recognize it is the healing alchemical preparation which is responsible and that your life is not in the toilet!

I explained a way to cut ties before- cutting ties the Red Lion way, but I like to expand on it a little, to make it easier.

There are really only 3 Universal principles- Akasha, and from that was born the Fire principle and the Water principle.

But between Fire and Water is Air- the fourth principle, and add all of them together and you arrive at the Earth principle.

Akasha can be visualized as a crow black or iridescent black/blue color. But it is the feeling which is most important. The feeling is one of Vastness or limitlessness, but Not emptiness.

Try to imagine a dumpster which is full of the Akasha principle. It’s a crow blue/black color and feels somehow like it would take a million years to cross from one corner to the other.

The good thing about this exercise is that every time you use the Dumpster of Oblivion, you are building it or making it more real because your imagination keeps adding energy to it. Eventually it will feel quite concrete and real to you.

Now throw people, memories and your entire history into the dumpster. No holding on to fond memories! Dump all of it as getting lost in nostalgia is not good for you. It steals your power.

Every time a negative life experience wanders into your thoughts, throw it straight into the bin. Childhood memories, failings, faltering, bad relationships, embarrassments a.s.o.

The more you clear, the happier you will be.

Dragon's Blood

Many thank to K.T. for her review last report. But we received another report which has striking similarities from a lady in her 60's. Many thanks for this insightful feedback from D.S.

Hi Marten -
I don't' know if you got my note, but I got an unexpected work bonus and knew I was meant to use it to try your Dragon's Blood. I got it and was very excited to try it. Here is what I have experienced over the past 11 days.

First day I took 2 drops and have built up to 4 drops and stayed there for the moment.

When I held the bottle after it arrived, well I am not sure I can explain what it felt like very well. I will say it felt like it was full of "life energy".

From the 1st time I took it, I felt myself begin to change. Not in a superficial way either! I am truly releasing things that have effected me all my life and influenced how I saw the world (like I have released much of my "fear view" of the world.) I find it to be most definitely a very powerful and immediate results elixir.

Since taking it, I found I was reviewing past heart hurts, looking at past life patterns and working through them in a very new and more thoughtful/reflective manner. It wasn't that they were not still painful but I was a little more distant from them - like I had healed further from the events.

I want to be sure to tell you that I am very much in a "willing to change" kind of mindset. I am wanting/willing to release old hurts and to be more compassionate towards myself and forgiving of past events. Especially as they effect my daily thinking and my daily interactions in life.

This healing elixir for me is very powerful and it is working very well for me. Is is neither very gentle or too extreme - it just is.

I feel it is working on me as much as I am willing embrace it and to release old patterns. I do find myself more joyful as I feel lighter, braver, more optimistic and willing to live my heart truth (vs a fear/worry approach to life).

I also feel I am more open to new ideas and thoughts and less stuck in "but that is how it has always be done". I hope this is making sense to you!

Thank you again Marten, so very much! You continue to use your alchemist mindset to create new and more creative healing tools for all of humankind and I am deeply grateful. Because of you and your products, I have more energy, joy and increased positive health and healing.
Big hugs to you and all that work with you.

Try This

If there is or was a negative person in your life whom you are tied to emotionally, write their name on a piece of paper carefully.

Hold the paper with a tweezers and set it on fire. As it burns, you should have the wish intention that this will not harm the person- only that the bond between you has now been vaporized for ever.

If they keep coming into your memory, burn their name, again with no harm but only to burn the connection.

Best Regards