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Carbon 60 Status Report

21st May 2021

Dear Reader,

Sales for all health products have dropped by about 33% over the last year, but now sales are becoming stronger as people’s confidence and willingness to try new things increases- as people reflect on who they are and what they want for their future.

We are getting a lot of orders from Germany and the UK right now. The regulation in Germany is strict and obviously pushed by big pharma. The last thing they want is an epidemic of health breaking out lol.

But on the other hand, big pharma see an opportunity of putting CBD oil into products, and so regulation in Germany will change soon. Thank you Big Pharma! (also known as The German Government).

Atm, we are trailblazing our way with products, discovering new ideas and improvements on existing products. So, in due course you will see a vast improvement in what we have been doing.

Elixir Of Asklepios

Deborah, who is head of dispatch, suffered crushed vertebrae many years ago. She has been applying the Elixer to her back for the past two months then out of the blue- she could hardly walk. She didn’t even have the power to press the brake pedal on her car.

Her back was very painful and seemingly for no reason. She couldn’t sit or lie down without pain and was taking heavy medication.

It was a puzzle. But I suspected it had something to do with the Elixir! These injuries of crushed vertebrae were so deep and difficult to heal- the accompanying ‘healing crises’ did not show for 2 months.

A healing crises of the emotions happens within days.

During this painful healing crises, I advised her to stop using the Elixir. Fortunately, her back is much better now, better than it was before and she is up and running around doing everything again bless her :)

Now the healing crises is over, she can go back to applying the Elixir without fear and continue healing. I just wish she would listen to me when I ask her not to lift heavy things :/

Divine Energy

Divine Energy is placed into all Red Lion products regardless of what they are. The advantage of Divine Energy is that is doesn’t wear out, it does not have a shelf-life.

Hermetic formulas created by magicians, or as some call them ‘magic spells’ only last 10 months. They can be made to last longer but Hermetic magic (Western Hermetic Magic in the Christian tradition) is not suitable.

But Divine Energy is ever lasting and that is what we have been using. However, recently we have discovered how to create new frequencies of D.E. , which are far more targeted and specific.


I chose Liquid Confidence as an example, but the following applies to all alchemical products. When one takes say ‘Liquid Confidence’, think of it as CHARGING your body permanently with the specific qualities and matter (energy).

So, if you take 3 drops daily, the second day you take 3 drops it’s as if you took 4 drops. If you take 3 drops on day 4, it’s as if you took 5 drops a.s.o.

So the confidence or mending a broken heart builds, is building or gathering. With vitamins for example, you take them and you soon need more.

But alchemical Liquid Confidence does not build and diminish, it builds and gathers every time you take it.

It charges the body and that charge does not vanish, it remains permanently. This is why it’s fine to take only 1 drop daily- after 100 days, you will be charged with 100 drops of confidence, or mending a broken heart etc.

If you wish to take the ‘short path’ as Tibetans would say, and build up to 9 drops daily. That would cause a problem as your mind would be over-active (energized) and your sleep would suffer.

In that case, you need to quiet your mind and be in your body. So concentrate on how you are feeling, concentrate on the heat around you or the cold around you. The air around you concentrate on your body and how it is feeling.

Keep your mind clear and in the present moment, then you can take more drops per day without the sleep issue.

You can concentrate on ‘where you are’ too, but concentrating on ‘how your body is feeling’ develops mastery over your emotions.

This is why one feels good after a shower- the feelings on the skin are stimulated and as the maxim notes- as above, so below. But it can also be reversed- as below, so above.

When the water stimulates your skin, that is a material feeling and that feeling transfers to your astral or emotional body, balancing out your emotions, making you feel good, positive and happy.

Listing develops the Intellect, and looking develops one’s Will. There is truth to the old saying- empty vessels make the most noise lol.

Being in the moment is the true meaning of ‘bind yourself and you shall be free’.

Dragons Blood

For people who bought this product, try applying it topically to the solar plexus area, or the heart and place your hand over the area for a few minutes.

dragons bld 10ml

Men’s Health

The subject of men’s health and esp. Men’s sexual health is very much discriminated against in this so-called new socialist World viewpoint. But unbeknownst to women, it can be devastating to men.

The wife of a customer kindly wrote to us about this subject. I do not have the space here I would like, so I can chat about it and alchemy in the next newsletter.

But it involves an amazing product- alchemical lemon oil which literally zings and blasts through the chakras after being applied topically to the sacral plexus.

To compare, we know Dragon’s Blood is powerful, almost brutal in it's effectiveness. But in fact compared to alchemical lemon oil- D.B. mild and gentle :)

We’re still doing research on alchemical lemon oil and I should have more information in the next newsletter. It is not a replacement for Dragon’s Blood, but for this application- there is none better.

We are still giving samples of Dragon’s Blood or Liquid confidence free with every order, but I’m keen for people to try these products, without having to buy Carbon 60 Olive Oil, Elixir a.s.o.

So one can now buy samples of 10ml for $19.80. Of course only available to newsletter readers! They will eventually go on sale at the full price of $25.

At 3 drops per day, they contain enough for a little over 2 months supply.

Please click here for the special offer.

10ml liquid confidence

Watch This Space

Finally, we have a new product coming out, which is a concentrate. What it will do is boost ANY medication, drug or vitamin by several times.

Be nowhere, except here now- because that has vanished forever.

Best Regards