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Carbon 60 Status Report

24th March 2023

Dear Reader,

I'm delighted to announce that all previous newsletters will be available on my substack account

Anyone can now search through all the previous newsletters using a keyword. So far, reports going back to August '22 are available and the rest will be uploaded in the coming days.

There will also be a lot more information uploaded besides newsletters, information about relationships, how to create money with the use of magic a.s.o.

Part of my work is healing people through Alchemy, but an even bigger part is giving talks and information about a variety of subjects.

Of course, not everyone has the time to go to talks. So what I'm doing is all the newsletters and other information will be free, but also creating a subscription based service in the next few weeks.

Now we love the women, but this subscription based service will be for men only. There are secrets I can only share with men.

There will be a female only based service too, where I will only share secrets with women.

Thank you for this report from one of our long time clients, Mr. B.B.

Good morning Martin ,
Wanted to give you some feedback on the fired up elixir you prepared for me. I have been putting a thin layer on my face for the last few nights, when I first Applied it I felt a mild calm ..and then started speaking in tongues! Something I can do Consciously and spontaneously .. this was spontaneous.

I feel a nice mild euphoria from it But not feeling anything more than this , probably because I have been taking alchemical Products for some years, the contraccine is wonderful!

Felt a stronger euphoric " Buzz "From this ..I have ordered 2 more bottles since I feel this will have a more profound effect In the long run ..and did you say it helps in age reduction?

I'm trying to get some to a dear loved one who is under some serious Psychic attack. Oh I really like the new Archigenes seal, much milder on the system.

Thank You for all this,
all best

Sekhmet Elixir is a topical cream, whereas one consumes C60 Sekhmet internally. We have versions of Sekhmet Elixir not available to the public. The reason being is they are too powerful and would cause a healing over-reaction which could be very dangerous.

This gentleman, as noted has been using Red Lion and other alchemical products for years. His body is used to them. He is 67 and looks in his mid-40's.

But we made a special version of Sekhmet Elixir particularly for him- he has a track record with us, so we know he is well used to these products.

Sekhmet Elixir photo

If you have itchy skin, try applying Sekhmet Elixir to it and you wont notice it gone.

Of course Sekhmet Elixir is phenomenal at treating back and walking issues, we have many many reports of this type of healing.

K. Elmer of Youtube fame told me about a bite from a black widow spider he got on his chest. He went straight to the medicine cupboard within half an hour and applied Sekhmet Elixir.

He said- "about an hour later the pain was gone, normally this would be a trip to E.R. but the wound healed with no scarring, no visit to E.R. and no pain."

Sekhmet Elixir also treated a severe case of Rosacea on a lady's face within 2 weeks. She had this condition for ten years.



To become Authority itself means conforming. This is the true meaning behind the phrase 'bind yourself and you shall be free.

hen one conforms to Spiritual laws, one does in fact become free- because the heavens can trust you will not abuse the power you've been given.

I will discuss some of this in our next newsletter and what it means for men, but more thoroughly and deeply on my substack account.

Have a great weekend!

🜂 🜁 🜄 🜃

Best Regards