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Carbon 60 Status Report

10th March 2023

Dear Reader,

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Thank you to Mr. M.M for this report..
Hi Marten,
I must of misread information I thought it said you take 1 ml a day [of carbon 60 olive oil with Phoenix blood]. Was doing about 30 drops under my tongue.

Two days of this as said was getting a lot acid and my whole body went really loose. As I have a lot of injuries, it really kicked in. I have stopped now for a day to allow it to really re-calibrate/integrate/activate.

I see, it is 1 drop and add drops gradually to see when it starts to shift. This is really powerful and it really has sat me in my seat.

[It's] helped me face the internal darkness still very chaotic but the separation is what I needed to see what is what, and especially knowing what really resonates with me and what is a real distortion.

At one point yesterday my forehead was twitching about felt like I was going to go full klingon the way it was lumping about!

All jokes a side. This is something else and am pleased, because it is giving me a good solid grounded effect, I have always had an attention deficit.

I see you have one called panaceias tincture which I would like to take with this one I am on at some point as this bottle will last a long while, so thought it would be nice compliment a month in.

The other question was, is it worth while after this cycle to take the dragons blood with the adonis, or just go straight in with the phoenix blood/ Adonis? I was looking at buying the vulcan's fire, as it will make it all last longer as I want have to use much of both with this.

When your taking these tools, would it be to much if you have the charm around you? Does it interfere with certain bottles or does it compliment them all?

Once again Thank you for this service.
All the best.

Walk before you can run! Please heed my warning and be a man of temperate ways. Patience is a virtue, patience is the essence of faith, it is the essence of love.

This gent has been taking C60 olive oil with Phoenix Blood. The Klingon reference means that his third eye is 'stirring' or opening, albeit slowly.

With Panaceia’s Tincture, I’d recommend this product is taken on alternative days because Panaceia's Tincture is female/magnetic Spiritually speaking.

Adonis and Phoenix blood are male/electric products and they might clash with the female Panaceia's tincture.

Mr. M.M. was asking if he should go with Dragon's Blood of Phoenix Blood. Because he has built his tolerance and his body can take more, I would suggest he go with Adonis and Phoenix Blood.

Phoenix Blood/Adonis, but I’m a bit of a daredevil lol. So take it very slowly and soon enough you’ll build a tolerance and can take more- for more emotional and physical healing.

The Charm is a familiar- a helper in all things and can fulfill your wishes as long as they are not outrageous.

So, the Solar Charm is autonomous and should not energize one if taking other products. But if you do need a break, you can always stop wearing the charm for a few days.
c60 phoenix blood


Fear of Fears

Push a pendulum one way what happens? It will swing the opposite way. If you stop pushing it, it will return to the middle. In other words, it will come to balance.

This happens when one takes alchemical products- we feel happy, then 'techy'. We don't like this irritable feeling. But what is it? It is old fears, old emotions coming up to the surface to be cleared.

This is what is meant by being afraid of fear itself, we don't want to push the pendulum because although it will swing to happiness, it will also swing back to healing downtime.

Everything wants to return to balance. In nature, if there are too many predators, they will run out of food and die until there is balance.

So every time we push to be happier, we become sadder- but only for a time because we go to a higher level.

We must taste the bitter before we can taste the sweet. But what do we do about these negative feelings?

We Feel them, again- Let them be now-here. We're on the road to Nowhere.

🜂 🜁 🜄 🜃

Best Regards