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Carbon 60 Status Report

24th Feb 2023

Dear Reader,

We're working on building huge stock right now. We're planning on helping a lot of sick people because of Vaccine injury syndrome.

The virus is bad but what is worse is fear. When people become scared they do all sorts of crazy things like rioting- destroying their own communities.

This is the real reason Contraccine has come out at this time. And the reason I will be giving talks- a sort of bridge between heaven and earth. I am open to giving talks on spirituality, relationships, alchemy and magic.

Always the darkest hour is before the dawn and today is dark no? So it is the day before the dawn and what a day that will be!

Celebrate the dark hour has come! Yes this is the darkest of times but the next thing that happens will be glorious.

There are more reports of incidents about UFO's. If they are true, what are these UFO's building up to? What's their game plan?

First of all, they are no bigger or better than we are. They may have technology but have they suffered like the people of earth have? Not even close.

Perhaps one day in the next 7 years they will de-cloak their ships and we will see millions of them in the sky surrounding the planet.

Contraccine is here to help. It has been given to me by the Father. It is the most amazing product we have ever produced. It is targeted as a treatment for Vaccine injury Syndrome but it can heal 30 different things.

One of our employees suffered with acid reflux for years. Apparently they have an intolerance to wheat and dairy products. They took three drops of Contraccine and the acid reflux was gone.

Even if you do not have Vaccine injury syndrome, this is an amazing product to take for health and age reduction.

But on the spiritual level, Contraccine works to calm the mind- removing thoughts, helping one stay in the now or live in the absolute moment. This is great for sleep.

It makes people look at their lives and maybe decide they want a new career because they are unhappy. It is uplifting, very positive and rids one of negative thoughts.




We can be addicted to many things. Thinking is one of them, over-eating is another.

We are creative beings, what we think manifests in the spiritual, astral and eventually the material plane.

Everything has a life force to a degree more or less. What we think also creates little entities on the spiritual level.

We are Gods one and all, but we are not all knowing. One cannot see the whole truth because the whole truth cannot be seen.

But as Gods, these tiny beings we create with our mind are living because Gods create living things.

So, lets take the addiction known as overeating. Imagine this addiction as a living being in front of you, connected to you by a living cord.

Now cut the cord and watch the 'addiction demon' float off to be destroyed in the infinite where all comes from.

You may be shocked at how effective this technique is..

Be relentless!

🜂 🜁 🜄 🜃

Best Regards