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Carbon 60 Status Report

10th Feb 2023

Dear Reader,

We are quite literally shocked by the level of sales right now, particularly sales of Contraccine. We are on the lookout for a new premises double the size of what we have.

Personally, I am working on the so called 'Red Lion' or the Philosophers stone at the moment. Normally, the stone is in the form of a red power or sand and takes about 2.5 years to complete.

Problem is, it must be kept in perfect conditions. If these perfect conditions diverge even slightly, one must start again.

But thanks to the Father and guidance by a great Alchemist in Spirit, I have been given two machines, both of which I built myself.

One machine is called the 'coiled snake' machine and the second machine is called a Gravity machine.

When the First agent is put through these two machines, the dead can rest in their sepulcher without destroying the baby Lion resting in his crib.

This also means the 'ideal conditions' can be kept, as normally an alchemist would have to rid the sepulcher of the dead because of their low frequency. So, these two machines render disturbance unnecessary.

The second thing these two machines do is drastically reduce the time needed. So it should take me 7 months to produce the stone instead of 2.5 years.

But Masters and Magicians generally do not make the stone. That is because there is a huge disadvantage. The stone rejuvenates a person so thoroughly mentally, emotionally and physically, that they loose all their life experiences.

That is a cost which is too great. Fortunately I have been given the keys to avoid this problem. But those keys in return caused another problem lol. Great sadness would be the result- over emotionalism. But concentrated yellow Fire using the hot method will solve this issue.

I cannot reveal any secrets or I would be punished by God! And I would loose all positive Karma. It would be a catastrophe for me personally if I revealed a single secret. You'd probably find me by the side of the road living in a cardboard box Yikes!

Archigenes Seal

We have also upgraded Archigenes Seal. We tried adding Chloroquine to A.S., but it destroyed it :D

Archigenes Seal is too fiery. The problem is, it is so fiery it can upset some peoples stomach. Acid reflux is usually the result.

So what we've done is dilute the product with olive oil and increase it's power at the same time. This version is literally levels above the previous version.

Results of Archigenes Seal

Archigenes Seal is liquid fire. Fire destroys and in this case it incinerates old negativity. Physically it raises ones metabolism. It burns fat from one's body, but only after 4 weeks of taking it daily.

Weight loss

Archigenes Seal helps with weight loss in two ways.

Many have weight issues because of emotional baggage. Archigenes Seal is like a detox, like a cleansing of the emotions.

For example, some people eat very little, yet they keep getting bigger and bigger. This is all about emotional baggage.

Drink Water!

Ironically, water helps with weight loss by constantly flushing the system out. Archigenes Seal will not work very well if you do not drink enough water.

This new version of Archigenes Seal is completely different than the previous version. The previous version does not have the Fire the life and the energy of this version. The old version was an excellent product, but this version is far superior on many levels.

The olive oil in it acts like a conductor, and it should not affect one's stomach. The oil is very 'moving' physically and active and movement of old deep emotions in the digestive system.

They say the area associated with confidence is the stomach. Clearing the stomach out physically and emotionally will lead to great confidence- but only if you live it.

It will also get rid of fluid buildup under the skin, like the neck area or ankles.

Here is a review by one of our clients, Mr. B.

Hi Marten,

I miss my Sekhmet and archigenes seal! And had to use other brands here in US for c60 until then, your products are so far superior so I have been spoiled a bit.

Thank you for your alchemical work, are the best since I was working with the original red lion powder I wrote you about years ago, you may want to look into the work of Dan winter who has written much about the Physics of alchemy and the Real Red lion.

I’m excited about your vaccine cure ( I never took it ) but looking for cures for friends who have , other then your work has a product called cleanslate that has been having very promising results in detoxing the metals and other harmful substances in the jab.

I will tell you my experience with Archigenes seal has been strong and almost wild excited boost of energy more when taken internally but still with external as well.

Since I ran out ..I can feel the difference . The sekhmet in C60 oil I get a similar feeling but not as “ edgy “ I guess than the Archigenes, I think the sekhmet is my favorite now, I take the c60 with Phoenix blood daily it has more calming effect then the sekhmet.

The [sekhmet] elixir cream i love it does effect my dreams, I feel it has slowed down aging some say I’m looking younger.. I attached a photo of me I’m 68 many tell me I don’t age even after 15 years.

Been taking c60 and monatomic elements for years now. The Eros elixir I feel the boost slightly but have not used it consistently. The panaceas tincture.. I feel a positive feeling from but it’s very subtle.
Thank You again..I hope this is useful.

Many thanks to Mr. B for this review. By the way I have seen his photo and you would not believe he is 68 omg ridiculously young looking lol.
Alchemical Lemon Oil


Love is in the Air

Happy St. Valentines Day! (next Tuesday lol)

Love first begins with ridding oneself of the past. Then learning to love oneself.

You cannot love another if you do not love yourself and holding on to the past is self-destructive and hateful of oneself. Eventually, bitterness lodges in the body and manifests as a disease.

Love is truly blind!

Despite your best efforts, the past will come back to haunt you, and you might not even be aware of it.

Negative Parents, old negative relationships, all these things will prevent you from having a loving partner.

It's like the dog analogy, once bitten twice shy. So, if a human dog bites you, you will be twice as shy of going forward with the next person. At the very least, you will be suspicious of a potential 'biter' on ever occasion.

Cut ties with the dog! lol.

Rage, hate, anger are all E-motions or energy in motion. They are energy ties to negative people of the past.

This is why divorces sometimes last years, even decades.

Truth: true divorce doesn’t happen in court- it begins in one’s mind…

If you have not cuts ties to the past, divorce in court will never happen.


So what do we do?

Make an agreement with your partner that you will both cut ties to the past- relentlessly, you will never quit doing this, even when it seems the past is gone, you will continue to cut ties day after day, year after year until there is only love between you.

This is so important in relationships.

Make a second agreement that you both promise never to bring up the past again, that you will both live for the day, this day and only today. That all disagreements are now history and there is only you and your partner and today.

There is no yesterday, there is no tomorrow, there is only you and your loved one.

Rid yourself of the past- Archigenes Seal will help.

Apply one drop of Adonis to each other solar plexus and press together. The solar plex will astonishingly talk to each other.

If you are broken hearted, try Heart Glue.

Use Love potion to aid you to love yourself and prepare you for love.
love potion

There is an answer.
Let It Be.

🜂 🜁 🜄 🜃

Best Regards