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Carbon 60 Status Report

27th Jan 2023

Dear Reader,
From yesterday (26th jan) the post office is now accepting international post after a very bad cyber attack. They spent a huge amount of money and time building a new system.

The post office is working through all mail that was delayed before the cyber attack. So, if you purchased goods in December, you should get your parcel soon.

If you don't get your goods by the end of February, we will ship a replacement to you.

Please be patient!

Sales of Contraccine have been explosive!

Now we patiently wait for testimonials and reports. Please help us get this product out to as many people as possible- there are people suffering and dying and we have the treatment.

What is the mRNA vaccine?

It is a substance which teaches your cells to make a protein on the surface of your cells. This is the same protein as Covid-19.

You body sees these cells with the protein and attacks the cells in your body producing the spike protein. Now if you get Covid-19, your body knows how to attack it.

So what happened?
The mRNA vaccine was supposed to stay at the local injection site- your arm. Then cells in your arm would be instructed by the mRNA vaccine to make this covid protein. The body would learn how to attack these cells and you would have immunity.

Problem is, the mRNA vaccine does not stay where it is supposed to stay- in your arm. It was rushed. It travels through the body in kind of lumps.

Wherever it ends up, it then goes about instructing the local cells to produce the spike protein. Unfortunately these cells could be in your heart, or brain or spine or even end up in one’s eyes.

Wherever it ends up- your body will attack your own cells because they are producing this foreign protein. That’s why there is not only one illness but dozens of illnesses.

Fortunately, Contraccine overrides the mRNA messenger and your cells go back to their normal function. This is why Contraccine acts so quickly to restore health.

As noted in a previous newsletter, a woman with impending heart failure and who had days to live was 75% better after three days of taking our product. It was her doctor who told us.
Thanks to Mr. M.M. for this report...

Thank you for the instructions. I did notice the other day when I took maybe 3-4 drops my heart rate increased most of the day...fluttering. So I dropped down to one/two and still notice a slight heart rate increase. Today have done two drops and same thing. I will drop down to one drop tomorrow..and if not noticeable i will increase again to two drops

Heart flutters
This is a wonderful sign. It means awakening, new beginnings, new starts. It's like- I have this knowledge inside of me, I don't know what it is or what's going on but I feel good and I want to change my life for the better.

Heart flutters are the opposite to depression, they mean joy, expansion, evolution, one's heart is pumping more because one has more life.


We've had a lot of questions on dosage recently. We must take into account that all people are different- some are weaker than others.

It's best to begin with one drop daily of any product. Then increase the amount you take gradually.

Your body will tell you how much is too much because you will get signs like heart flutters, or you might have difficulty sleeping. Other signs are emotional healing downtime, or physical healing pain.

When you get a sign like the one's above, reduce the amount you take to a comfortable level for you. Then you'll know you are at the maximum dosage for you personally.

But lets suppose 4 drops daily is best for you personally. After a month or two you will be more emotionally healed, more physically healed a.s.o. Therefore you can increase your dosage yet again because your body can now take more.

A better way to take products is to take them with food. Take one drop in the morning with food and one drop in the evening with food.

Women need to take slightly less than men do and they should be careful around their monthly cycle.

An excellent food to take oil products with is peanut butter. For example Adonis is very fiery and may bring up stomach acid during the healing process. This is because it is healing the stomach and bringing illness to the surface.

But taking Adonis with peanut butter will reduce the impact on one’s stomach while healing and bringing all the other benefits.



What are larvae and how do they steal our glory? A larvae is produced by one's mind, for example addiction, lustful thoughts, depression a.s.o.

These Larvae have a life of their own because we living beings do not produce dead things, we produce living things.

Our thoughts are literally tiny living beings. But like all living things, they have an instinct to stay alive and the only way they can do that is by their god- You, giving them more life-force.

So they pester you until you give in to them and give in to the addiction or negative thought.

When you think of the depression, lust or addiction, you feed these larvae.

This is why masters go live in a cave in Tibet for 20 years. Villagers place food outside their cave and the procedure is that the master does not see the villagers- no distractions at all.

Living in the moment for the average person is far more difficult that it is for the master hiding in his cave.

All thoughts distract you from who you really are. Rid yourself of a chattering mind- seek to live in the absolute moment and you will be astonished at who you really are.

🜂 🜁 🜄 🜃

Best Regards