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Carbon 60 Status Report

30th Dec 2022

Dear Reader,
Happy new year from all at Red Lion!

We are getting organized for what we expect to be a transformative year, and not just for us- for you and for the entire World.

Vaccine Injury Syndrome

It seems that Governments around the World acted together to suppress information about Covid 19 vaccines and booster shots- according to Elon Musk.

Here is an example of the type of science being suppressed..
vaccine effeciveness
As shown in the graph above, heart attacks rose in line with booster shots. There has been an effort to block any links to myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and the vaccine.

If I was being fair, I would say Governments felt the vaccine is important. It was important people got vaccinated.

Whatever their motivation, there is a problem and it becomes worse over time. But as I've said, Red Lion have the remedy for myocarditis and many other issues. We are set to launch this product before the end of January.

However, if anyone is suffering from bad or severe side effects of the vaccine and booster shots, please contact us privately and we will get product to you as soon as possible.


Thanks very much for this review from Mr. A.G. I have only included a part of this review, the whole review can be found by clicking this link

Hello Marten,

I started taking Adonis back in September of this year. I started with 1 drop and gradually increased the dosage each week by a further drop. Previously, I felt I'd lost my mojo.

I'd been single nearly over a year, while I had been investing in myself physically and mentally throughout the year. I seemed to lack confidence and perhaps attractiveness, but this is difficult to say if it is true or not.

A few weeks later, i was maybe taking three drops a day at this stage, i noticed minor changes. My ability to directly talk to women felt easier, as if there was no mental blockade questioning "what are you doing?".

In college, my classmates seemed oddly keen on me being inclusive in conversation. When it came to opinions mine seemed to be an interest to other individuals. I could sense that I started becoming somewhat of an authority figure.

The ladies in my class, some of them, began to change their behavior towards me. Some who would've been confrontational towards me, backed off. It's as if they began to respect me being present in their company.

Others showed signs of intrigue or seemed more shy when I was around. It's important to state, around this time I had become a committee member on the Dance society. A society mainly composed of women.

Compliments began to be thrown in my direction, arm brushing and physical touch started becoming gestures of appreciation and acknowledgment. Maybe it was the Adonis working but I'm skeptical at best. Still, It couldn't just all be coincidence'

On the Physical level, my weight lifting abilities have increased since taking Adonis. There is much to be taken into consideration. I would consume a pre-workout stimulant before lifting, however, I'd also been taking this before Adonis.

Currently I weigh 65KG and I can squat 80KG maximum so far, which is heavier than myself. I find that pushing myself to lift heavier is like a rush, Perhaps it's Adonis combined with my testosterone, but I find it's a good outlet to channel energy into.



Once Bitten Twice Shy.

Or transference..

We've all heard this phrase and we all know what it means. But sometimes it is difficult to look into the mirror and see it in ourselves!

For example a dog bites you, you need stitches and have to go to hospital. Next time you meet a dog, you'll be a lot more wary.

Problem is, the next dog you meet might be a wonderful creature. Perhaps a guide dog but still, it's natural to treat this dog with suspicion. The guide dog cannot be trusted and may bite you for no reason at all.

It's the same with humans. If a man or woman has 'bitten' you in the past and you haven't let it go, you will treat all men or all women with suspicion.

You will think they are like the nasty dog of the past, a potential 'biter' and should be treated as such.

It matters not how good this person is. They are an archetype of the viscous one.

But now is the time to cut ties. The 'death' of 2022 is over and it's time to move towards the future. It's time to wake up and cut ties with the past.

Cutting Ties

Please don't get hung up on technicalities when performing magic. This is a basic mistake all students make and then they give up, citing technicalities!

Imagine a connecting link between you and a negative person of the past. Now cut, burn or destroy that link.

Keep doing this daily, be relentless and determined. Until you cut the ties, they own you.

What do I mean 'they own you'?

As we know, e-motions are energy in motion. When we think of love for another, we send out a link of energy. A bit like an electrical cable.

If we feel respect for another, we connect energetically to that person and that energy would have the quality of respect etc.

But fear, hate and anger do exactly the same thing. When you have anger for another, they are the ones who are in control of how angry, fearful of hateful you are.

In other words, they can make you even more angry, more hateful, more fearful with their actions or words and so- they control how you feel at any given time.

Even if you are happy, one simple word or action from them and you are unhappy. They even control your relationships.

Why? because once bitten twice shy. Look into the mirror and see your enemy! It is in fact YOU because You are keeping the links and the ties alive.

No-one can hurt you if you choose not to be hurt, because the control has always been and will always be with you.

Take it to the next level

There are three main ways to connect to another.

  • Mental connection
  • Emotional connection
  • Physical connection
Imagine a connecting link from your head to a negative person's head- this represents the mental link. Now sever it in your mind with scissors made in your imagination, or burn the link etc.

Does the link need to be chopped in 20 pieces? Does it need to be cut near or far? How long is the link? When does it need to be cut? Where should it be cut? a.s.o.

Forget about the technicalities!! How long is a mile when you are dreaming? Simply cut the link and get on with your day.

Then we can cut ties on the emotional level by imagining a link from heart to heart and the physical level by imagine a connection between feet.

It's ironic we become the person we hate, or are angry with or love. The connection is a two-way line of communication.

We end up treating innocent people like the hated one, as if they are the hated one. Not very nice.

Ok, lets say you don't want to cut the link. Perhaps because it is with a family member and there are issues but not bad enough to sever ties with..

In that case, write down your issues with this person. Then write them down again, and again. Sooner or later you will not want to write anymore and that is the sign you have let these things go.

Just saying..
When you have respect or Love for Father or Mother God or even Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon, you set up a linking energy line and you become more like them every day.

🜂 🜁 🜄 🜃

Best Regards