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Carbon 60 Status Report

21th October 2022

Dear Reader,
I am going to Canada on Tuesday for business reasons and a long needed break.

I am very much looking forward to my stay. Toronto is a fabulous city and 5 days is simply not enough.

The following week I will be going to Hungary and Romania. I will be cleansing lakes in Hungary and Romania with magical stones, but Romania needs the most healing.

There is a lot of negative energy and a lot of anger there from past centuries which has to be cleared. In fact Romania needs 4 times as much clearing than Hungary.

I will be giving lectures, speaking about spirituality and magic in Germany soon and several other countries.

Vaccine Etheric Cure

Two gentlemen told me they were coughing up yellow and white phlegm. The thing is, both were not showing any signs of covid 19, the flu or even a cold. Not so much as a sniffle!

One of these men was taking the tincture we have designed specifically to heal the effects of the vaccine on the etheric body- which, as regular readers will know quickly leads to a physical cure.

Blood circulates to the lungs. There is a huge problem with the Vaccine, subsequent boosters and clotting of the blood.

I'm not saying blood is clotting in the lungs, but it's interesting the vaccine is being expelled from the body through the lungs- for men.

Whereas, it is being expelled from the body through female parts for women.

The gentleman who was taking the vaccine tincture told me he has not been feeling well for quite some time. His chest was tight, he was lethargic and was feeling low in himself.

However, now he has more vitality, more get-up-and-go and more energy. In fact he is back to his old self. But I'd encourage him not to get another booster shot.

In effect, the Vaccine Tincture acted to detox the body from the vaccine and the observable results of this detoxification is mucus and phlegm.

However, the Vaccine Tincture is only available to resellers at the moment. We will have it on sale to the public when we have conducted more real world testing.

I would appreciate any feedback on this issue, for example symptoms. We may sponsor patients who are suffering particularly badly.

To combat the negative effects of the vaccine will likely take 6 months and two bottles of the tincture will be needed.

Negative Symptoms of the Vaccine

The vaccine and boosters, particularly the boosters affect men and women in different ways. Men might feel tightness in their chest. They might feel down in themselves, they might feel slow and a constant lack of energy feeling.

Other symptoms for men are obviously mucus and feeling chesty. The vaccine does not seem to affect women in this way. Men may feel their limbs like arms and legs are always heavy.

A feeling of general lethargy and tiredness. Men also might feel as if they are constantly cold, like they cannot seem to get warm, craving the sunshine and the warmth of the Sun. Feeling dead tired like- I just need to sit down for a minute.

Men may also notice they are out of breath with fast walking, where that wasn't an issue before.

As I said, the vaccine will affect women differently particularly their monthly cycles because of the affinity of the vaccine with blood.

Women might get periods for 10 weeks, or 10 days of really heavy bleeding, or have two or three months of heavy bleeding constantly.

That's how it affects women because of the blood clotting effects of the vaccine, that's where it comes in for women. The vaccine can affect women's joints too but we are still collating.

Healing Symptoms of the Vaccine Etheric Cure..

These healing symptoms will tell you Red Lion Vaccine tincture is working, expelling and detoxifying the body from the vaccine.

One will notice an increase of vitality. It is transformational. More energy. So if lethargy is gone, that is a sure sign the vaccine is gone too.

Mucus is another great sign that the vaccine etheric cure is working. Coughing up phlegm is a great sign the patient is starting to thrive again.

Women's cycles becoming regular and lasting for 3-4 days only is a huge sign. Also, no heavy bleeding.

Men will feel more inclined to go out for a walk, feeling warmer in their body, feeling lighter, not as sleepy, getting a good nights sleep and that is enough where before they were still tired after a night's sleep.

Red Lion Ongoing Healing of Autoimmune Disease

Thanks for another update from our client W.E. who has (or had) a disease called Myasthenia Gravis (a chronic autoimmune, neuromuscular disease that causes weakness in the skeletal muscles that worsens after periods of activity).

Good evening Marten !

My oh my, time flies !
Sorry for the sparing reports, I am pretty actif these days, (too much, I am afraid !), need once in a while to slow down, and recuperate energy, so far so good, feel almost pretty normal !

Best to you,
have a beautiful weekend !

This disease is being healed in the Etheric body first and then the physical body using Adonis and Panaceia's Tincture..



Creating a Genuine Wand

Lots of people believe that wooden wands are the best. We hear it on TV, adverts and in the movies etc.

Some also talk about wood and different forms of wood, but wood is not as effective as metal and crystal.

A genuine wand is an amplifier and a conductor. Think about wood for a second, can electricity flow through it? Wood does not conduct heat or cold either, whereas cold, heat, sound and electricity will flow easily through metal.

In that case, a silver wand would make the best wand because silver is a great conductor. But few can afford a silver wand..

So, the next best thing is copper. A 1/2 inch copper tube about 20 inches long is ideal. You can buy these copper tubes in a plumbing and heating store.

It doesn't have to be exactly 1/2 inch copper tube, 10mm is fine too.

The first thing we need to do is cleanse the wand by putting it in a basin of water with salt in it. Over night is best and this will clear the copper of any negative energies.

The next thing to do is to fill the wand with Amber resin, which is excellent for this purpose.

But first, we need to seal the top of the wand and you can do this using copper foil. If you have a very good soldering iron, you can melt solder to the copper foil and join the copper foil to the copper tube this way.

Pack the amber resin down tightly and keep tapping it to get even more amber resin in.

The next thing we need is a crystal. The crystal must be cleansed too- like the copper tube. You can use many different crystals depending on the purpose, but the best overall crystal to use is Golden Quartz.

However, the crystal must fit into the tube. So you may need to grind the crystal down with a glass grinder or even and angle grinder with a diamond cutting disk for glass. Please do this outside as the dust is very dangerous.

Again, you can use copper foil and wrap it around the crystal, fit the crystal into the wand and carefully solder it in place.

Make sure the soldering iron is hot so that the solder will melt quickly. It might be best to 'tin' the copper tube first as we don't want the crystal cracking with heat.

But you don't have to solder the cyrstal or the end, you can use copper foil. there are many stained glass shops who sell the correct type of copper foil in thin rolls.

In the next newsletter we'll discuss how to use the wand, how the wand will amplify your wishes and how to be a power in your club, school, lodge, business, workplace, group or circle of friends.

Again we do not Jinx the charm, we create it and forget all about it.

We can also use the wand to charge Alcheme water and the power of the Alcheme added to the power of the wand will make your wishes powerful. Muggles will have no clue!

🜂 🜁 🜄 🜃

Best Regards