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Carbon 60 Status Report

7th October 2022

Dear Reader,
I am still working on a .PDF booklet 'A Guide to Magic and Alchemy' but it is turning into much more. However, it is a huge amount of work but step by step we'll get there.

We are delighted with the uptake of the Alcheme water. Some customers are simply buying it for themselves and not as a business idea.


For clients who have purchased Alcheme water for themselves, try charming the water with a wish.

For example, a wish to delete a painful memory, e.g. the memory of cancer, illness or a destructive person. Or you can wish for confidence, weight loss, addiction, money in fact anything you want.

However, a magician can place a powerful formula into the Alcheme water for the same wishes, but the power level would be 1000 times that of a student.

Do not Jinx your wishes.

When you make a wish or charm the water, don’t jinx it.

How does one jinx a wish? By pondering it- is it working? Maybe it needs to be altered? How will it work? How can I improve it? How many of these do I need to drink before my wish comes true? And so on.

Any thought about the wish or the charmed water will jinx it. So, when you charm the water, simply Forget about it. Go make yourself some tea or find something to do, but cut off completely as this is a magical operation.

Carbonated Alcheme Spring Water

We have been researching and experimenting with the carbonation of the Spring Water.

As noted below, the Air principle is about movement and flow. So carbonated or 'sparkling' water has the Air principle within it. This helps removing things from the body for example lactic acid.

The bubbles in the water can break up kidney stones or grit in the kidney because the kidney is the cleaner of the body.

Bubbles move things along and out of the body, which keeps the bladder very clean, helping to remove urine from the body.

Women with UTI or men with prostate issues, carbonated water will keep them clean and functioning very well.

Women or even men who suffer from over-emotionalism will find themselves less emotional, more logical and practical, with less fear because of the Air principle in carbonated water.

Carbonated water lifts one’s mood. The Air principle is about movement, communication and logic, but it also has Fire in it. Fire represents the Sun and Joy.

It is the principle which rules the intellect and alchemically, it is usually represented symbolically by a double edged sword.

Carbonated water will help remove stubborn emotions. So anything stagnating in the body or the emotional body, carbonated water will remove it.

Carbonated water is very good for men’s muscles. Men who overdo weight training can have lactic acid buildup under the muscles.

It is recommended for men who suffer with lactic acid buildup to drink water, but carbonated water is much better.

Alchemy Spring water will remove the lactic acid. Always do stretching exercises after weights training so muscles don’t become hard but remain strong and flexible.

Alchemy Spring water is powerful due to the Ignis Potio it contains. Use this incredible power to turbo charge your wishes, and because the wish is in physical water, it will manifest all the more quickly. Just don't Jinx your wishes!!

As I said, you don’t have to buy the spring water as a business opportunity but buy it for yourself and or your loved ones.

You have a problem teen? Or someone who is ill? Charm the water for them. We'll discuss making a genuine wand next newsletter and the more you use this copper wand, the more it will grow in power.

As mentioned previously, a child can take it, for example a 12 year old boy can drink 2 glasses of Alcheme water per day, one in the morning and one glass in the evening.

It helps a great deal in sleeping because the water keeps one grounded and living in the present- if you work with it. Younger children can take half a glass, twice daily.



The Air Principle

As we know, there are 4 Elements in the Universe- Fire, Air, Water and Earth. These 4 elements are reflected in everything in various degrees.

The Air principle 🜁 is about communication which also means transmutation. Look at how all communication is through the Air. So the Air Principle is about movement.

It is not considered a genuine Element like Water and Fire are because it is simply half way between the Fire principle and the Water principle.

The Air Principle has the warmth of the Fire Principle and the humidity of the Water principle. Without these two qualities, life would be inconceivable.

In a way, it could be said the Air principle is balanced. It has the speed of Fire yet the energy of Water.

The Air principle rules the intellect and logic. People who use their ears to listen automatically develop their intellect, even if they only listen to the whispering wind.

People who talk too much usually have an under-developed intellect, as was pointed out in the Wizard of Oz. Interestingly, the four elements were represented by the four characters in the Wizard of Oz.

The straw-man (Air Principle) couldn't stop moving. Dorothy was the emotional one (the Water principle), the Lion was obviously the Fire principle and the Tin-man was Earth- very grounded.

The Wizard of Oz has many many occult references and was written by a Magician to point out the Holy mysteries to children.

🜂 🜁 🜄 🜃

Best Regards