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Carbon 60 Status Report

23rd September 2022

Dear Reader,

A medical doctor in Hungary has told us of desperate patients who are suffering the effects of the vaccine and subsequent booster shots. He has asked us to design an Elixir specifically for the vaccine.

Unfortunately, we are going to see many many deaths and the death rate accelerating into next year as the unknown effects of the vaccine appear. Then, governments will be shaken to their foundations.

I'm not saying there is a problem for everyone, but the vaccine does not suit some people. It was rushed and not properly tested.

But we have indeed created a very special formula which cures the Etheric damage of the vaccine in the Etheric body of a patient.

Then, the physical body can heal itself quite easily because the Etheric body is the blueprint for the physical body.

It is mostly the immune system which is attacked and this is why there is not one specific illness, but can be many different issues including vaccine-induced immune thrombocytopenia and thrombosis, heart issues, susceptibility to viruses like the flu, sudden death from unknown causes a.s.o.

This is not a quick fix. It will take 6 months to repair the damage to the immune system, but we have had extremely good results with a patient who was given the vaccine and 3 booster shots.

She was getting constantly sick from whatever bug is going around and was experiencing various food sensitivities but is eating well now and her overall health has improved significantly. In fact she has gone back to her normal self :)

A side benefit is, her monthly cycle is almost painless and she does not need to take ibuprofen despite severe cramping previously.

We shall have an etheric cure for the vaccine, on sale on our website in the near future.

We can also supply a concentrate one adds to olive oil so that resellers can sell this product on- and get it out to as many people as possible.

Alcheme Spring Water- Business Opportunity

We are selling concentrates of this magical water. Basically, one gets the concentrate, adds water to it and you can use it for personal use or you can sell it.

One must use distilled water and not bottled water because there is salt in bottled water and salt destroys the alchemical nature of the concentrate.

Small plastic bottles can be purchased, we supply the artwork which can be taken straight to a printer. The plastic bottles are filled and then the bottles of water can be labeled and sold.


This water gives one a huge lift. One feels quite amazing, smiling for no reason, chuckling to oneself, feeling the need to get work done, to meet people, to move forward, great strength and fortitude, a wonderful sense of well-being.

If one is shy, no problem! Let's go and chat to people! Let's do a bit of singing! Let's start a business!

Something I did not expect was, the Spring Water helps with sleep. It calms people who have too much energy and enlivens people with no energy.

It can be taken by children, particularly children who have too much energy but it cannot be given to babies.

We believe the sales for this product will be massive! World Wide! People will buy a few bottles and then they are hooked! They will tell their friends.

How to sell ALCHEME Spring Water

You don't have to sell the product at all!

Simply give three bottles to a customer, sports outlet owner, physical therapist or gym owner. Let them try the water and they will become passionate about the benefit this product will bring to their customers.

In effect, you do not need to sell it, the product will do all the selling!

Resellers will have their own area. Toronto area already has a reseller and no-one can apply to sell this product in that area or the eastern European country, Hungary and several other cities.

Red Lion is loyal to their resellers. Resellers are friends first and trust is how we do business. If you are one of the latest resellers- welcome to the Red Lion family.

Here is the label we supply for the bottles...



As usual, Red Lion have a special offer available to Newsletter readers only.

Please click the picture or the link below for the special offer..


Thank you to Mr. K.U. for this report. He has been applying Vulcan's Fire and then Sekhmet Elixir to his testes for the past year..

Thanks again for everything. My body is still adding on muscle at an insane rate. In one year I’ve gone from wearing a small shirt to now a large. This is with only 3 weight lifting sessions a week. A normal push, pull, legs program.


This is the Maca Root product we are currently manufacturing. It is taking a long time to make but one amazing result is the targeting of specific muscles.

If Vulcan's Fire and Adonis are applied to the testes, the outcome is that testosterone increases significantly leading to overall muscle development.

However, if the new product Voluptus is applied to a specific muscle like ones arms or stomach, the Adonis will be directed by the female Voluptus to that muscle and it will grow stronger!!

Or one can target different muscles or groups of muscles. But reader, you will not believe the phenomenal results we are getting with this Voluptus product for women.

It will be ready for sale in about 2 months.


Judgement Day

The Messiahs Will Vanquish the Kings of the Earth

Man must come to the Judgement of God; that day will be terrible indeed.

Yes, this is true and is already happening. It is happening only now because events needed to play out first.

The so-called 'kings' of the Earth are the people in evil secret societies, large pharmaceutical company CEO's, Corrupt Government leaders a.s.o.

It is happening because of 2012.

It is happening now because of the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius where harmony, peace and understanding will rule.

The Lon shall lay down with the Lamb.


No matter what is coming, you have no need to fear. All will be well, all is planned, all is Divine timing. We are One, We are the Holy body of God.


To Grandfather God and Grandmother Goddess for their guidance.

🜂 🜁 🜄 🜃

Best Regards