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Carbon 60 Status Report

21st September 2022

Dear Reader,

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Dear Reader,

We are currently working on the .pdf booklet which will explain all about our products and much more information- life, spirituality, magic and alchemy. Unfortunately I cannot let staff do this and very busy with other things, but we'll get there.

Spring Water Franchise

We are creating label artwork for resellers, but labels can be tricky to apply.

Click here to see a video of a simple cost effective bottle labeling machine.

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Men who are taking Adonis internally will notice highs and lows. These high’s and low’s may be in cycles of weeks, days or even hours depending on where the person is in their progress..

The main thing is not to become disillusioned during the healing process.

What I mean by cycles is where one finds their libido strong and then a few days later, there is no libido! Then a few days later- strong again!

For example in cases where a guy has suffered sexual abuse, he needs to know these cycles are part of the healing process.

If one is working on their confidence or financial abundance, they will find themselves insecure and then becoming confident again. Or their financial situation crashing temporarily and then opportunities suddenly appear out of nowhere.

So, you'll find these cycles are natural, like day and night, winter and summer, awake and asleep. But all the time one is gradually increasing, gradually getting better.

This can be very annoying- one feels as if libido, confidence, finances a.s.o. is gone!! New age people call this being afraid of one's fears. In other words a person fears to deal with issues because the 'fear' goes crazy.

And this is why it is so important to remember- low times are simply part of the cycle.

As I said, these are cycles and one may find day 7 has strong libido and then crashes to nothing the following day. Then it rises again, coming to a high on day 7 etc. But these cycles could be over a 5 day period or 10 day period depending.

Men might be surprised to find out how wonderful women can be because they are so understanding. They know this performance issue has nothing to do with their magnetic power or attraction and it is simply a personal issue which can and will heal.

A difficult subject

I must point out that watching porn is devastating to both men's and women's sexuality.

There is a surge of young women under the age of 24 seeking help for porn addiction.
Click here for an article on the subject.

We know it affects men's performance too. The condition is known in professional circles as porn induced erectile dysfunction or PIED for short. But has just as bad an effect on women in that lubrication and vaginismus issues appear.

From a spiritual standpoint, porn is very negative and addictive. The devil- it destroys relationships and sexuality.

Dear Diary..

But it's a good idea to write these cycles down in a diary and that will help you plan things.

Last report, I wrote that a connection is needed. If a man is not in a relationship, it’s best if he does not take Adonis. Otherwise he may be tormented by sexual desires.

But this advice is only for men who cannot control their thoughts. If one doesn't entertain these thoughts and desires, one cannot be tormented by them.

If a man is single and Adonis creates strong sexual desire in him, he must ensure he has a connection of at least mutual trust and liking for his partner.

If he intends to have casual partners. he must have a loving connection or good friendship to any casual partner or the act becomes perverted, as he is in danger of using someone for sex.

If a man is not in a relationship but still wishes to take Adonis for example to heal sexual abuse, then he should take Panaceia’s Tincture on alternative days.

Then, Adonis will build sexual desire up to a strong level but it will be kept at that level while Panaceia’s Tincture directs the excess energy to other areas of the body.

For example Adonis will heal performance issues and Panaceia's Tincture will direct the overflow to bones and ligaments.

Interestingly, Panaceia’sTincture will increase the power of Adonis by several times. It will heal impotence issues far more quickly in combination with Adonis, but it will prevent desire becoming too strong which could lead to perversion.

The same could be said for sexual fantasies, one should only have a fantasy for a partner one was friends with in the past or present.

Emotional is not Physical

Men may notice there is emotional desire and physical desire and these may not occur on the same day.

So, one day could be emotional desire, while on another day be strong and firm physically but have little emotional desire. One may get a gentle sense of tingling in the testes on days of strong desires.

But what if you are in this 'libido downtime' and but the time is right with your partner?

Take one drop of Adonis AND one drop of Panaceia's Tincture in the morning and you should see your libido rise- but only for that night.

Taking both at the same time will only work for that day and will not work for other days.

The graph below explains the cycles of highs and lows, but this may be over many months or longer.

But these highs and lows can be considered a good sign for men- it is healing, getting stronger albeit gradually. Have patience.

Screenshot 2022-09-06 at 17.59.15

Myasthenia Gravis

As noted before, a customer asked us for help. He has an autoimmune disease called Myasthenia gravis a rare long-term condition which causes muscle weakness, double vision, drooping eyelids, drooping facial expressions. Chewing and swallowing are painful and many other muscle issues.

Here is his latest report:

Hello Marten, I hope you are doing fine! Thanks again for all your generosity and advice.
Here on my side, I progress! You know that you are on the right track when the little things are coming back, like walking with one hand a cup of coffee and on the other hand, stuff you are looking at, or being able to drive (very carefully) a car again. Normal feels so good !
All the best

Thank you for these reports Mr. W.E.
Again we thrilled at what Red Lion products are doing for an autoimmune disease the entire medical establishment cannot do.


Don't Look For Your Spirit Animal

What we look at disappears.
What we focus on melts away.

When we are in pain, for example feeling low, we tend to hide. We look for thoughts to make us happy.

Some go into their cave and find their Spirit animal to save them. Some get lost in fantasy and day dream their lives away.

Some look to their past and happier times.
Some self-medicate with alcohol or drugs.

ALL these ways are wrong. Putting one's painful past in a box and burying it is wrong too. Somehow, it will come back to haunt you.

All these methods are for people who are half-dead, half awake.


I suggest you try something different, I suggest you FEEL whatever emotional pain you are in.

For example, if you are feeling insecure, Feel it. Feel where is it in your body. Feel every single part of it.

What you focus on disappears, what you look at melts away.


To Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon for their gracious kindness.

🜂 🜁 🜄 🜃

Best Regards