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Carbon 60 Status Report

26th AUGUST 2022

Dear Reader,

We are currently working on creating a .pdf booklet which will explain all of our products, their abilities and characteristics.


We made a slight change to our Alchemical Spring water. To explain to new readers, we supply a concentrate to a reseller, they add the concentrate to spring water, bottle, label it and sell it. We supply artwork for the label.

But the change is- there will be a version of Alcheme Spring Water specifically for men and another version specifically for women.

The concentrate is ready and we have already sent it to a few resellers. Red Lion are not going to sell Alcheme Spring water but I believe this will be an extremely successful product for resellers, and it will draw people to us who need healing.


We are still 'brewing' this maca root product for women. It will bring out the woman in women!
Men will not use this product but will be very grateful for it nonetheless!

Myasthenia Gravis

We've sent a potion to one of our long time customers to help with this autoimmune disease.

I asked him to explain his symptoms:

It actually seems it's not the skeleton muscles that need retraining, more likely the coordination of the nervous system and muscles. Since not every muscle was affected , there is an imbalance, it's on the coordination level things are happening...

I know that every Myasthenia Gravis is different, mine seems very specific to me (Doctors call it "rather atypical") It was my upper body that was in a terrible shape (strictly no force in my arms, and for my head: Terrible pain swallowing, biting , eyes complete mess , double vision only.

Two weeks ago we received this email:

Hello Marten, and how are you today ? Another week, another heatwave, plus a lot of stress (life, stuff is catching up...) I can report that despite of a lot going on in very unfavorables circonstances. I was able to fight very positively, people say now that I do not look sick at all!

Details: my eyes are getting really good, tracking objects is almost back to normal , skeleton muscles are loosing up, feeling like new, to the point that I need some serious retraining of normal movements, very odd feeling indeed... Again, Work in progress....I am very optimistic !
Best W

Last week, we received a follow up email:

Hello Mertens, and how are you ? On my side, I am making slow and steady progress. One thing is for sure, the turning point in my Myasthenia ordeal has definitely been since I started using the Adonis / Panaceia's combination as you told me.
Forever grateful!
All the best, have a nice evening Marten !

Thank you to Mr. E. for these progress reports. I've asked him to increase the dosage from one drop per day, to two drops per day and he should not see a dramatic difference going forward.

I am very pleased with the progress Mr. E is making and hope to aid more sufferers of this incurable and soul destroying disease.


Holy Commitment

The heavens do Not believe in marriage. They believe in commitment. On the higher spiritual planes, there is no such thing as marriage.

Beings and Spirits commit to each other - they do not get married. If there is no commitment to each other, there is no marriage, it is null and void.

God does not hold his children to a promise made when they were young and emotional. If there is no commitment to one another, the marriage CONTRACT is broken and one is free to commit to another whether or not laws on Earth say otherwise.

God the Father dislikes oaths of any kind as they limit one's freedom, particularly oaths to secret societies..

What is allowed within the union of the couple?
Everything is allowed and I mean everything. What is highly negative is if there is no connection. Then the union of the couple is only lust and physical perversion.

Lust of any kind is blessed so long as it is balanced with a loving connection.
Lust with no connection is evil and destructive.

But if there is a connection to each other, for example good friends and both people like each other, then anything and everything is blessed and allowed in the eyes of God.

When I say 'the Eyes of God' this is not true as Spiritual law dictates private moments in the union of the couple are respected as private and not even God The Father will over look or spy on this union.

The Two Cups

Or the secret to relationships

When one is engaging in business, work or practical things, it's best to use ones head. It's best to think things through and use logic. It is not a good idea to dwell with one's senses and emotions with no thought.

With relationships- it is the opposite.
Living in one's head or using logic, thinking and thoughts is the very worst way to engage a relationship.

One should concentrate on feelings- abandon thoughts and thinking for the senses of feeling, feelings and touch. In other words, live in the absolute moment, live in each second you are with your partner.

The eyes are connected to the Male/Electric principle spiritually speaking which rules logic and thinking. This is why people who meditate usually close their eyes.

One can also do this by literally blindfolding a person. When one sense is shut off, the other senses become even more heightened. Then there is only the sensation of touch and feeling with zero thought.

Let there be no yesterdays and no tomorrows between ye couples :)

🜂 🜁 🜄 🜃

Best Regards