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Carbon 60 Status Report

12th AUGUST 2022

Dear Reader,

We are still working on the Maca root based product 'Voluptus' for women, and a new red version of Adonis for men.

We have been testing these two products and very happy with the results so far.

ALCHEME spring water

We have an idea for people who would like to make themselves some passive income.

It is for spring water, say 500ml of spring water like one would buy in the shop. Except this water will contain Phoenix Blood and Ignis Potio. The key is Ignis Potio.

It is then alchemical spring water and should be sold for about $10 per bottle. However, it is life changing.

For example, a person who is lethargic, low on energy etc. will feel a new vitality. A feeling of ‘get up and go’ Lets go talk to people! A wonderful sense of well-being, positivity, uplifting quality.

Some people will notice after taking the first bottle, by the second bottle most will notice and by the third- they will be coming back to buy more.

Business model
We will create a generic label and the product will be called ALCHEME Spring water.
A reseller takes this image to the printer and have them print labels. They buy plastic bottles and apply the labels.

We supply a concentrate which a reseller puts into water, fill bottles and then give them out as samples in the beginning. A reseller can have their own label design printed if they want..

Soon enough, people will come back for more and more and more!

Another Miracle brought to you by Red Lion..

We have a Swiss gent who has been suffering with an auto-immune disease called Myasthenia Gravis.

Symptoms include loss of control of ones eye muscles, drooping facial muscles, difficulty eating and swallowing. It can affect all muscles of the body. It is a very distressing and depressing illness because there is no known cure.

Three weeks ago, we sent a customer Adonis and Panaceia's Tincture. After ten days using the products, here is his report..

Hello Marten, how well is all going ?
I can report progress on my side, to start with my eyes, starting to work as a pair again in sterescopie, ( had terrible double vision problems) which is a great relief !

My muscle power is building slowly as well as endurance, I do not need as much medicines as before, which is good news for my stomach as well.

Hence, so far, so good ! Observing this with pleasure !
Best regards

Ten days? The entire medical establishment have stated they cannot sure this disease.

Then a week later we received this report..

Hello Marten !
Thank you for your great support! Another week went by (with another killer heatwave!) However, I did much better this time, a lot less uncomfortable indeed.

Improvements are slow but steady as well (biological stuff needs time, so i am told) I have been able to diminish the level of "Mestinon " the standard medicine one uses to get acetylcholine levels to levels that do aloud to have a better muscle control by about 50% now. This is really great !

Other sideline and a bit unexpected : my eyesight is on some days just unbelievably accurate , depth of field and resolution are on top these days absolutely incredible ! WoW !
Work in progress....I am very optimistic !
Best, W.


There is a condition known as 'roid rage' where men take too many steroids which gives them a lot of testosterone.

Of course a lot of male testosterone will make any man or animal very aggressive. Not a bad thing if it is directed the right way, but obviously very bad if directed the wrong way.

If you are not in a relationship, but you still wish to heal sexual abuse for example or performance issues, then it is best if one also takes Panaceia’s Tincture.

Adonis goes straight to the testes and the sacral plexus. It is very much about male sexuality, being masculine, all male, male power. You have to gauge yourself ‘where you are’.

For example, if you notice yourself being a little too aggressive with someone, you need to assess how far you want to go with Adonis.

However, Panaceia’s Tincture directs Adonis. So, desire and passion/libido will still rise, but when it gets to a certain level, Panaceia’s Tincture will direct the surplus to other areas like the bones- a masculine frame, the joints, tendons, ligaments and the structure of a man.

But let me repeat that another way, Panaceia’s Tincture acts like an overflow pipe. When you have enough male power and sexuality, the overflow pipe directs the Adonis to other parts of the body like tightening the stomach, fixing a shoulder, strengthening the bones, body building a.s.o.

Without P.T., Adonis will keep making one ever more masculine which also includes aggression. In other words, the tank continues to fill unabated with no overflow pipe until one regrets letting their aggression build to such high levels.

If you are in a relationship and taking Adonis only, iow no Panaceia’s Tincture, that is fine. Your testosterone will increase along with your sex drive or libido. Then, ones aggression can be directed in a positive way through the union of the couple for example.

Adonis will keep building one to being ‘all male’ but it wont stop. It will keep going and aggression will build too, which you have to be careful about.

Panaceia’s Tincture will direct Adonis to the testes, up to a point, building libido a.s.o. but it wont let Adonis build into the type of aggressive 'roid rage’ associated with steroids.

So, if you are not in a relationship and wish sexual issues healed, take Adonis FIRST and on the following day take Panaceia’s Tincture.

If you begin a cycle with Panaceia’s Tincture, the Adonis will highlight the P.T. instead and bring feminine qualities out.

But taking Adonis first then P.T. on the following day and continuing in that order, will make Adonis stronger and more powerful but will also direct excess Adonis to body building.

Adonis will also make one very hairy lol. If your hair is completely grey, you’ll notice a few black hairs coming back, even if your were blonde when young. Your hair will never go completely black, but you’ll see black hairs amongst the white :)

Take a break
Please express patience and don’t drive your body too hard. Take a break from both products every three weeks for a few days. This in fact will help development in a big way. All things need a period of rest and recovery.


Let It Be

It was said in the Bible that the Messiah’s would come to vanquish the Kings of the Earth, but I can tell you they are already here.

There is one Messiah for each continent because they are meant to be from different cultural backgrounds.

The World seems crazy right now, but it only looks that way. Rest assured there is a plan and it is nearly time for the second stage to be implemented.

The old World, the new World- the World is at our feet.

🜂 🜁 🜄 🜃

Best Regards