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Carbon 60 Status Report

29th JULY 2022

Dear Reader,

We are working on a very exciting product for women called Voluptus. It is based on Maca root, which alchemically speaking is an extremely feminine/magnetic plant.

Unfortunately, alchemical operations can take months to accomplish. There are 7 stages in alchemy:

  • Calcination.
  • Dissolution.
  • Separation.
  • Conjunction.
  • Fermentation.
  • Distillation.
  • Coagulation.
So, we are looking at 3-4 months before this product is ready. This is an Elixir based on coconut oil and what it will do for women is quite amazing.

The Elixir we sell- Sekhmet Elixir is based on only 2 ingredients; coconut oil and carbon 60.

These two ingredients cannot do harm, yet the alchemical power of Sekhmet Elixir is extraordinary.

I asked one of our staff about a bad fall from a fire escape she had 15 years ago. She was advised to have numbers 1, 3 and 5 vertebrae removed from her spine; but she refused.

Several years later, she was suffering pain and again refused to have the vertebrae removed under advice from a second hospital.

The reason she refused was because there was a 50/50 chance she would never walk again.

A few months ago I reported in this newsletter that she applied Sekhmet Elixir and went through a massive healing crises so bad she could not move or get out of bed for three days and after that, she could hardly press the accelerator pedal in her car.

Today she noted her back is 95% better and only gets twinges of pain in her back late at night which wake her up. But that is ongoing healing as Sekhmet Elixir does not stop healing, it keeps going and when everything is healed, it begins to reverse age.

Deborah believes that as the years went on, she would have to have the vertebrae removed and credits Sekhmet Elixir with saving her from life in a wheelchair.

Coconut oil and Carbon 60 cannot do this, it is the alchemical power contained in the product which saved Deborah from being wheelchair bound. Today she has no pain and no complaints and has a very busy active life.

There is always a healing crises of some description. That may be an emotional healing crises or a physical one.

If one is applying Sekhmet Elixir for skin rejuvenation, the skin may go through a healing crises too, for example acne, dry skin etc before the skin begins to look and feel younger. But push on through and the results will manifest.

Here is a report from Ms. N.V. back in September last year..
hey Marten, hope all is well, i have a couple of questions for your regarding your Vulcan’s fire product.

Before i do that, here is my experience with that: first night i took a couple of drops only of the VF, put it on my face, let it dry and then put Elixir, then went to bed.

Very early in the morning i woke up cuz i had a sensation in both of my kidneys, like someone was stretching them out.

Interesting fact, i get the same pulling sensation (too weak to call it pain) when I’m fasting, and usually it occurs on a third day of my dry fast.

Just to let you know, I’m a health enthusiast and strongly believe that my body is my instrument, and since I’m an artist, i have to keep myself tuned up, that’s why i eat clean and fast twice a year.

I was quite surprised to find out that those two drops of VF got me into that state of detoxing so fast.

Next day i skipped, as you recommended, and did a bit more on a third day, but i was disappointed to find out that i didn't have any reactions whatsoever.

Then i started putting almost a whole dropper each night and i can tell you, not every night, but i would experience random pains here and there, they were mild and nothing to worry about and not consistent at all.

Now its been two weeks and i think my body totally adjusted to this product, so i feel completely nothing.

But a glorious thing happened!
My hubby started telling me how great i look..and he is not an easy person when it comes down to such thing ( i know, that’s his worst quality, its ok, i can live w that) so one day he said: Bab, you look great, seems like you're getting to bed on time finally ( and i didn’t at all.not even close..)

The other day he was like: your glowing what are you using? I actually noticed it myself. My skin looks…different. Its my third week now and I'm gonna drink it if needed!.. ladies, this stuff does something..!

The only adverse reaction I've noticed which has been pretty consistent since i started using it that it added to my already fiery temperament.. i would overreact a bit more often then i wanted to, but im still not sure if its from it or from life.

So that’s all i have to say for now, Marten, and i want to get two more of the VF plus the Elixir, since they go so fast.

My only question here, since i dont have any reaction at all from it now, can i start using this combo in the morning as well? also a full dropper is ok? again i have no reaction. Please let me know thank you!!



It's been reported on Tucker Carlson that there are complications with the vaccine and menstrual cycles. Millions of women have been forced to take the vaccine and we have no clue on how it will affect the reproductive system, fertility and birth rates.

According the the medical journal The Lancet, 80% of older people are more likely to become sick after taking the vaccine as compared to unvaccinated people.

Wait, 80% more likely to get sick? Ok, this is because they are older people, but I feel it is only a matter of time before younger people experience the same results.

What this means is the vaccine has a direct effect on the immune system. The immune system governs all systems in the body. So, people could find they get a range of illness like blood clots, digestive system issues, colds and flu, heart issues, bleeding on the brain etc.

Big Pharma Implosion Imminent

I believe we will begin to see far more cases of vaccine related illness in 2023 and 2024.

Last month, we had a case of a girl who got three booster shots of the vaccine. She had several issues like a severe flu, digestive issues, a bad reaction to a bug picked up at the day care center where she works and other illnesses.

C60 Sekhmet was applied to her stomach and she experienced an extremely painful healing reaction which lasted several days. Now she is eating well and does not have to avoid certain foods.

So perhaps it was Divine Providence which showed us that because our products heal on three dimensions, the immune system and other effects of the vaccine can be healed.

Carbon 60 cannot remove the vaccine, it can only remove oxides. I also believe once the damage is done to the immune system, it doesn't matter if the vaccine is removed or not.

Anyone wishing to apply for a franchise to use Red Lion products as stand alone or as part of another product would be well advised now as I believe Big Pharma is on the verge of self destruction.

The alternative therapy market is valued at $92billion, whereas mainstream pharmaceutical market is valued at $408B.

The alternative therapy market is expected to grow to $411 billion by 2030. But if Big Pharma's reputation goes down the toilet because of the vaccine, there will be an explosion in the complementary healing market.

Of course you know that Red Lion products are levels above ANY alternative product out there!

We have the proof in the many many glowing reports of miraculous healing by our customers, and now we have proof our products work to heal the immune system and any other damage created by the vaccine.

It is imperative these alchemical products are available to millions of vaccinated people because I don't believe anything else can heal the immune system. So if you are thinking of re-selling our products, this is the calm before the storm.


Let It Be

And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom
Let it be

Words of wisdom indeed, but what does this mean? It means living in the present moment.

When one lives in the moment, we carry no baggage, no issues, no past, no downtime, no darkness and the darkness dissolves.

Environmental Awareness

This means being aware of Where You Are right now at this moment. The room, the building, nature, the city, wherever you are, be aware of where you are and what is around you.

Now, your issue, 'darkness' or negative thinking will come back to torment you. That's fine, no problem, move aside from it, Let It Be. Simply go back to where you are now.

Breath the air and focus on it, focus on the feelings in your body, particularly the bad feelings. And if you keep living in the moment, your heart will glow.


🜂 🜁 🜄 🜃

Best Regards