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Carbon 60 Status Report

1st JULY 2022

Dear Reader,

This newsletter is still about men, but we have some amazing products coming up for women soon.

Some of our potions can cause detoxing of the emotions where old emotions like sadness, pain, hurt and suffering are brought out.

Particularly if one has taken too much. But with the removal of often hidden negative emotions, the outcome is confidence, peace and more joy.

It's quite possible to take only 1 drop and not even notice this healing. But obviously it takes a longer time.

If you've taken a little too much of an alchemical potion, try taking a break for 9 to 10 days. But these potions will continue detoxing your body for a few weeks- even after you stop taking them.

It's good practice to give yourself and your body a break and be mindful that when you take them again, there may still be potion there detoxing your emotions or detoxing your body which may give you more healing downtime.


Adonis aphrodisiac is very good for muscle tone. This also means it can tighten facial and neck muscles due to aging.

Not just muscle tone, but toning ligaments and tendons too. Let's put it this way, it's very good with gravity!

Adonis extends life
This is because it is very good at repairing organs- shining spiritual light on them, ridding organs of dark negative matter, making them younger.

Sekhmet Elixir versus Adonis

Sekhmet Elixir is a very powerful healing elixir. We have many testimonies of spiritual healing which quickly leads to physical healing.

Things like the spine, walking issues, heart issues, facial skin rejuvenation, even a bite from a black widow spider and dozens more.

But for this particular type of spiritual healing, that is healing of skin, muscle, ligament and tendons- Adonis is better than Sekhmet Elixir.

Age Reversal
Sekhmet Elixir does reverse one's age but with conditions- if the diet is right, if one takes sufficient water, one exercises, does not consume alcohol or take pharmaceutical medications a.s.o.

But with Adonis- yes it extends life but without all these preconditions. It transforms the organs and rejuvenates the body.

I'm quite shocked to learn that Adonis potion is better at life extension to be honest. However, the combination of Sekhmet Elixir and Adonis is simply mind blowing.

Adonis is amazing at toning, rejuvenating organs, lifeline and all of that. Sekhmet Elixir has many properties, it's for healing, you may have some downtime with it, you have to mind what you eat, you cannot overdo alcohol or drugs of any sort, even prescription drugs with Sekhmet Elixir.

But when the two are used in combination, THAT'S when people will see a huge change.

Adonis and Sekhmet Elixir should not be taken on the same day or they might make you ill.

Women and Adonis
Ironically, women can apply Adonis to their skin, but not their chakras. Nor can women take Adonis internally.

It is good obviously for women's skin, particularly aging women for muscle tone, lifting sagging skin etc and for circulation and the lower half of their body, for example pains in legs, hips- very good for that.

Four Levels

There are four levels of strength for men when taking Adonis. As I said, if you take 1 drop a week or 1 drop every few days, you'll not notice any difference in your demeanor.

But, for the brave LOL, taking two or three drops daily can give you strong healing downtime. It's a sacrifice in order to gain something of a higher value.

I have built my tolerance and have been taking about 37 drops, but I could take 200. However I would suffer for weeks!

A regular person would find themselves in the grave if they took this much. Not because Adonis is toxic- it isn't, but because the alchemical healing power would be too great.

Anyone can take this much if they have spiritual training and have been purified. But when one is clear and still applies Adonis to the sacral, past lifetimes are brought to the surface and there is no need to do that.

The fastest and most powerful method is to take Adonis internally. If one isn't measured in their dosage, they will suffer emotionally. But their progress will be exponential.

The second most powerful method is applying Adonis Aphrodisiac to the sacral plexus or the perineum. This can give healing downtime too, but not quite as much as taking the potion orally.

Apply to the Testes

Applying to the testes, there is zero emotional downtime but is still clearing one out.

There is no emotion at all when used on the testes but it will improve muscle mass, tendons, ligaments, joints. It brings energy to that area with no emotional effect.

For sexual or psychological abuse of men, Adonis will transform men. It will restore their sexuality and passion to a strong level, a knight in shining armor! Giving strong erections and male passion.

It will also act as a natural steroid. But used in combination, Selhmet Elixir and Adonis will make you superman! I will explain this 'old magic' in the next newsletter.

Applying to the skin
Men can also apply Adonis to the skin. This is the most gentle method and will strengthen the body, heal bones issues, skin, ligaments a.s.o.

Thanks for this review by Mr. E.P of Canada..

I started using the C60 Sekhmet probably a few weeks ago. It's June 21st right now and at first it was a little bit unusual. Lots of energy a little bit of anxiety, I adapted to it I try to keep positive all the time and I've been using it ever since.

Then I ordered some of the new product, the Adonis and I just got it recently but prior to that on the weekend I was working and I'm a hairstylist and the women seemed to be very attracted to me.

Now I wasn't even using the Adonis yet and it was it was incredible that I felt like some women really like me for some strange reason, kind of like when I was younger but I never actually I've never felt this confident.

Then when I started taking Adonis, when it came I got off of the C60 [Sekhmet]. I used it in for my skin a bit and it's phenomenal for that but I used the Adonis [internally] and I felt very energetic alert very alert and I'm not really quite sure but there seems to be a definite rise in my libido.

Hopefully I don't misuse that haha but I'm gonna recommend it, it's gives you an incredible confidence I feel like incredibly confident now. I had some problems in the past with my spouse but that seems to have rectified ever since I've been taking a more manly approach to life- excellent.

I was in correspondence with Mr. E.P. and it turns out one of the women he was styling hair for kissed him three times lol. He is also getting attention from younger women to his utter astonishment. He is in his early 60's.

He used to phone his wife a few times a day. She was talking about divorce and splitting up the family home recently. Now it seems there is no talk of divorce but as he seems to be gaining all this attention, he is now considering divorce instead!

Mr. E.P. admits he also pandered to his boss in the past, but now it's either take it or leave it. He has completely transformed as his masculine power comes to the fore.

You know I've spoken before that it is my destiny to speak. What this means for me personally is, if I can help this man to transform in this way using potions and advice, I can transform thousands or millions of men back to standing in their masculine power as true warriors- delighted.

Phoenix Blood - C60 Sekhmet - Adonis

What is the difference between these products? They are all quite masculine except Adonis which is 100% masculine lol.

The first thing I would say is- Adonis can be applied to women's skin with no harm, but cannot be applied to chakra's or taken internally.

Phoenix Blood
This product gives great confidence and well-being. A feeling of 'get up and go'. It is also an extremely good communicator. For example a girl who is shy can speak in public with this potion.

Women can take it, but not too much. Phoenix Blood strengthens everything. It calms down hormonal imbalances, it calms down tempers. It will make someone more assertive if they are quiet.

Phoenix Blood has opposite effects where it can calm a person down and make another more assertive- the opposite of behavior.

An aggressive person like an unruly teenager will become calm whereas a shy person becomes stronger.

If one is overweight, this feeling of being 'happy with who I am' comes in. And this makes them very attractive.

It is so male! It is strong, all-male power and presence. Making one 'the boss' lol, but with a heart. It's about authority and obviously it is an incredible aphrodisiac.

It can make one's solar plexus communicate with one's partner's solar plexus bringing an ultimate union of the two. It binds couples closer together.

C60 Sekhemt
This is also a great product for men, but it has so many other sides to it. It is healing, good for digestion, intuition and psychic abilities, gut feeling. Adonis is so male, it's grounded and base but doesn't bring out psychic abilities.

C60 Sekhmet is more aerial, it is spiritual, spiritual evolution, exploring things on a spiritual level, intuition and physical healing powers, it strengthens qualities in your life and strengthens the body.

Adonis can do that too but there is so much more to C60 Sekhemt. Women can take C60 Sekhmet.



The Master

When a master takes on an apprentice, the master takes over the role of fate. In effect, the master takes on the role of God to advance another human forwards.

Also, the master becomes responsible for any of the Apprentice's mistakes. For example the Apprentice uses magic for ignoble reasons; the master is responsible for that and will suffer karmic retaliation for same.

Helping a person forward on the ladder of evolution is thee most Holy task one can do. Saving someones life would not be considered as holy as evolving someone spiritually.

You see, in 10 years the master could help to evolve a person to such a high degree it would take several lifetimes to do the same thing and save the apprentice a great deal of suffering.

The person who has forwarded a persons evolution is richly rewarded for such an act.

Moving people upwards and inwards has extraordinary Karmic reward befitting of God awaiting them although the evolving rarely see the grace bestowed upon them- such is human nature.

For example, removing years or decades of depression from a person brings enormous rewards to the helper. Although the helped can be like ungrateful children.


In alchemy, one must completely remove the evil ones from their sepulchers or the resurrection of the phoenix cannot happen.

The problem is, alchemists and magicians do not like doing this because there is a risk of the young phoenix becoming infected with some other disease. Unfortunately, they have no choice.

However, I am grateful to the Father because He (through the mighty Adept Alchemist in Spirit) has given me the knowledge and permission to cleave asunder the tower of the evil dead and throw them out.

This means their bodies can no longer corrupt the Baby Lion sleeping in his chamber, and the ruins of the tower can remain because they mean nothing.

So I don’t have to remove the evil ones at all, because all that is left are their corpses which means the Lion cannot be infected by disease.

I am grateful to the Father and the Adept in Spirit that I am the only Alchemist in history who has this knowledge.

On the other hand, I earned this knowledge because my soul was crucified. Don't rush to envy or wish to be an Alchemist/Magician or you might just get what you wish for!

However, glory and great gifts await those who take this stony path.

Great gifts are only given to those who have held their head high despite the temptations and the torments of the Devil. God comes in many forms.

I am also grateful to GrandFather Sun for the scolding of His child. This was at the prompting of Grandmother Moon whom I dedicate my next mission to.

Best Regards