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Carbon 60 Status Report

3rd JUNE 2022

Dear Reader,

I've been working 12 hours a day 7 days a week! But the work load is easing off soon. We are shipping the Tribulus potion on Tuesday which I have named Adonis.

The reason it was not shipped this week is because I had to make sure it is absolutely perfect. I am a perfectionist which can be a bane lol.


Please make sure children do not get their hands on this product.

Karmic Retaliation

The Karma for abusing magic or magical products is far more severe than normal karma. If a man gives this product to a woman without her permission, he can expect his life to down down the toilet.

Financial fiasco's, the destruction of one's sexuality, relationship disasters, work and career catastrophes await those who give this product to a woman without permission.

And of course women cannot take this product, it would crush them. It does not lead to women with a high libido but will make them very ill.

Adonis abilities

What this potion will bring men is a young at heart attitude, and of course rising to any occasion and then rising again after a short break!

It will strip years of men giving this attitude of youthful boyishness. This in itself is very attractive. Sexually, it will make men feel like a wild Boar!

Adonis brings out one's masculinity. Men have to be careful not to get too cocky or arrogant.


Adonis can make some guys dizzy. So, when you take it, don't operate heavy machinery or drive. Sit down for 15 minutes after you take it.

Drink plenty of water.

Dizziness is a sign Adonis potion is working, but if you don't get dizzy, don't worry, it is building regardless- be patient.


Adonis is an incredibly powerful aphrodisiac, so much so that when you take it, it removes negativity in such a powerful way, a void is left in the body which feels like dizziness.

As we know, years of negativity manifests physically in the body. What if this was suddenly and brutally removed? This is why one can feel dizzy, but only for about 15 minutes.

This is like an empty feeling, a feeling that something has been removed and the body is trying to compensate for whatever has been removed. It's like the body has to re-calibrate itself. One minds becomes clear and empty too.

One's blood pressure could drop as a result, so be careful on how much you take or you may faint. Adonis is an extremely powerful aphrodisiac.

Adonis is Energetically Sticky

Adonis potion is made from a combination of Tribulus sulfur (Oil is called sulfur by alchemists) and Ignis Potio. When one uses a soxhlet to extract the sulfur, it is quite odd.

The sulfur flows but it sticks to itself. So, as it is poured out for example, you'll see long threads of the sulfur forming on the spout of the flask. But it doesn't stick to the flask particularly.

What is happening is that this physical stickiness also carries over to the spiritual side. Adonis Potion sticks to negative energy and negative physical matter and then the body removes it.

That is why there can be a dramatic feeling of emptiness and the body has to rest and re-calibrate itself.

This negative sexual energy can come out of the body through urine, ear wax, through the breath, sweat, defecation, some people could vomit, but that is not a bad thing. Literally projecting the negative energy like for example impotence out of the body.


Men should begin with one drop and increase that every 4 days to a maximum of ten drops. No man should ever exceed 10 drops a day.

This product builds up. Be patient! It will raise men's libido through the roof but build it slowly.


  • Adonis Potion for men will cure any sexual abuse even rape, spiritually and emotionally which leads to physical healing.
  • It brings barriers down for men, defenses, barriers emotions a.s.o. It also has a significant bone healing capacity due to Ignis Potio.
  • Based on Tribulus, Adonis removes taboos, restrictions, inhibitions, stereotypes stereotypical behavior, hang ups, conditioning etc.
  • It makes men's blood flow, opens up blood pores, opens up everything, everything is in close harmony, it is powerful sexually, but enormous desire for the opposite sex.
  • Removes anxiety of dating and gives a strong devil-may-care attitude.
  • One looses the need for a relationship and becomes even more alluring in the process.
  • This potion builds so much so that lovers reach the height of ecstasy and rest for half an hour, then it is time to reach the height of ecstasy again.
  • Huge confidence- it lifts, it is power and force. It is all-male, the Warrior!
  • When 1 drop is applied to the solar plexus of both partners, both solar plexus communicate with each leading to a mind blowing sexual experience. But only 1 drop each as 2 drops on the man could rub off on to the woman which would make her ill.
  • Adonis is about MALE POWER. Masculine power is catnip for women! hahaha
  • The potion is still on sale right now for $99, but will be $148 when the sale is over. Money cannot buy what this potion will do for men.

Step Into Your Power



What we're doing is selling a small concentrate of a potion. The Reseller adds this concentrate to say olive oil or Coconut oil. Then they place it in bottles, label it and sell it.

Some people sell our potions through shops, or a network of doctors, physiotherapists, hair stylists or online. For example we supply a concentrate of Hair Elixir which one adds Coconut oil to.

Coco nut is a 'nut' so it imparts a frequency to the product, whereas olive imparts no frequency at all because it is neutral.

Resellers should test the products on other people not simply themselves. One needs to look at the products objectively not subjectively.

This would give them the knowing of other people's experiences and then it is no longer a matter of faith because after faith, there is knowing.

When a magician creates a magic formula, he KNOWS it will work because it has always worked. He no longer needs faith. Although, faith is necessary at the beginning of ones training but becomes knowing sooner or later.

When I say Magician, I mean one who has trained in western hermetic magic in the Christian tradition.


The Magician

Screenshot 2022-06-02 at 06.25.07
Names like Sir Isaac Newton, Paracelsus, Agrippa, Rodger Bacon, the Count De St. Germaine, Nicholas Flammel, Hermes Trismegistus and dozens more. These great men were not faking it!

The stone can reduce a man’s age back to his early thirties. You think God is only capable of making bodies that wear out after 80 years? Think again.

However there are some issues with the Stone. The ‘Stone’ is not an actual stone but can take the form of a red powder- also known as the Red Lion.

It is usually taken with red wine but not fizzy or white wine. A normal person could not use it because they would go through such a transformation it would most likely kill them or they would go insane.

Women cannot take the stone. However there is a version called the Green Lion which will reduce the age of their organs, but not women's skin.

As we know, the products we sell cause physical downtime or what is commonly referred to as a healing crises, or a Herxheimer reaction whereby the healing causes physical pain and discomfort before the organ, bone et cetera is healed.

As my old Kung Fu master used to say; you must taste the bitter before you can taste the sweet, but all I could taste was blood hahaha!

There is also emotional healing. One takes these alchemical products like C60 Sekhmet and the day comes when getting out of bed in the morning doesn’t make sense anymore lol.

Of course people who are awake recognize this for what it is- just another cycle, healing downtime, a healing crises, the Herxheimer reaction of the emotions or simply; clearing.

Issues one thought were absolutely gone and dealt with, for example post natal depression mixed with a poor relationship come to the surface to the utter horror of the person taking the alchemical preparation!

When we get healing downtime, we tend to hide from our true feelings and concentrate on the external world. Things like money, finances even if there is nothing wrong at all.

Don't look at the quality of your life from a material standpoint or you will live in disappointment.

No need to sweat or even take these healing symptoms seriously. In fact one should be glad of emotional healing downtime because one is marching forwards to the Light. Cruel to be kind perhaps?

  • Search your shadows and understand the true concept of unconditional love.
  • Attract what you really want rather than what you think you think you deserve.
  • If you have built your life upon the past, you need to stop doing that.

But the good thing about alchemy is that you are in control. You set the dosage that suits you.

If you are strong and prepared to suffer, then you can induce a strong healing crises and the sweet will come all the more quickly.

Then you are ready for unconditional love. The trick is- loving yourself first.

Another trick is creating suffering for yourself and developing the ability to manage it- not that easy lol.

So, if the Philosophers Stone were 1000 times more powerful than these alchemical products we supply, you can see what problems there might be in taking it without being absolutely pure.

Purged is a better word to use. I myself went through extreme physical pain for weeks back in December. Throwing up until there was nothing. On all fours begging the Father to ease my pain hahaha! It wasn't until March that I fully recovered.

That was physical purging as I had already been through that terrible day of judgement, 'the dark night of the soul' back in the summer. There would be no point in physical purging if the emotions were not purged first.

The Stone also increases the negative in people which is why evil people cannot make it themselves. They must get a positive person to make it for them, because their negative aura affects the stone.

That is why a lab is called a laboratory. Laboratory is a combination of the words labor and oratory where one prays and labors. Without prayer, one would not be 'clean' enough to make it or any alchemical product.

Look at how the Priest cleanses and purges his hands, removing negative energy before giving the blessed or alchemical bread. How the four elements are represented in the Christian mass- a candle in RED glass representing the Fire principle.

Using silk which is a magical insulator in the Tabernacle to protect what is Divine. In the old days, the bread was given on the tongue so as not to contaminate the bread with the hands of the disciple.

The Earth Principle represented in the bread. The water or female principle of the chalice or cup. The Holy Spirit being brought down from heaven into the earth (bread). This is an alchemical operation in of itself.

How can you say you believe in the Eucharist but you do not believe in Alchemy?

The Fire of the Holy Spirit entering the female/magnetic cup or chalice is a version of sacred sexual magic. All alchemical operations are sexual in nature, but between substances. 1 + 1 = 3.

The power of the Ignis Potio I made recently has increased. By February next year, it will have doubled in power because, just like the Eucharist, it is Life.

The experiments must be protected from one's negative vibrations. So, if the alchemist is not full of joy that day, they should wait until the day they are and living here now in every single moment is the way to do this.

But, the stone of the Philosophers has a weakness in that one’s life experience also disappears and past lives and all the dreadful things one has done in those lives come back to literally torment the person who dared take the stone unprepared.

Gratefully, I am aware of this weakness and have been given the knowledge to advance the Red Stone to a slightly off white or very light grey stone. This stone does not have the accompanying disadvantages.

No master in history even going back to the Egyptians has been able to produce a stone for women.

But I have been blessed with the knowledge by the Father and can indeed reverse the age of a woman back to her thirties, not her twenties lol, but her thirties and she will age only gradually from then on.

One would live to about 270 years and not forever as people believe because of the frequencies of this Planet. One particular woman has been chosen by the Father to receive the stone- probably the only woman in history.

Women generally do not go in for the path of the Alchemist because it is a painful long stony path.

Gratitude is hard to come by these days, but I am grateful and humbled by the gratitude we receive through emails.

I have a .pdf of Nicholas Flammel's book- Alchemical Hieroglyphics written in the 14th century. If you want a copy, shoot me an email.

Nicholas Flammel Alchemical Hieroglyphics

“But small is the gate, the path narrow and difficult to march that leadeth the way to life- yet those who find it are few.”

Best Regards