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Carbon 60 Status Report

6th May 2022

Dear Reader,

We are shipping back-orders of Panaceia's Tincture right now along with Archigenes seal so please be patient!

Ignis Potio

It's so weird, but all of a sudden we are talking to people who produce their own products. One of them is looking to enhance wine, while three other people are looking to enhance food and health care products.

So what we thinking of doing is selling Ignis Potio which they can place into their products to enhance them. But this is a little complicated.


Ignis Potio is said to be 'philosophical'. Philosophical in alchemical terms means the product or alcohol is undetermined or non-polarized.

Alchemists make 'Philosophical' products all the time, for example philosophical alcohol. If the alcohol touches say a plant or metal, it takes on the frequency of the plant or metal- then it is no longer 'philosophical'.

So, we have to keep this in mind when selling Ignis Potio as a concentrate.

JOY is Coming!

My 'thing' if you like is to heal relationships between men and women. I don't have to point out the disaster that personal relationships have suffered over the last few decades, but intimacy has a huge part to play in a relationship between a man and a woman.

I have been looking for a product to heal intimate relationships for several years, but somehow it eluded me. I researched hundred of products narrowing them down to four.

At one point I looked at Ginseng, and was told I must look for the opposite of Ginseng in Chinese herbal medicine, but I don't speak Chinese lol.

Maca Root

Contrary to popular belief, the biggest problem in intimate relationships is not men's physical issues. Women have a 40% higher libido than men do, but they can find the culmination of intimate experiences very difficult.

For some women, childbirth prevents them from ever achieving the apex of intimate relations.

Often, sexual abuse will have the same negative effect. In fact, some women never experience the height of intimate experience for their entire lives.

Men also have difficulties in this area, often finding that life has placed so much emotional baggage upon them, they no longer function as they would like- or as they did when they were younger.

In most or nearly all these cases, it is an emotional problem as there is no physical damage at all. Although, sometimes negative emotion manifests as a prostate issue for example.

Maca root is the most powerful aphrodisiac I have come across, more powerful than Fenugreek seed or even Cordyceps mushrooms.

This will make women very happy! Very happy! Joy and celebrations are in order and not only for women, but for men too. This will bring people into the light- happiness is the result and some will be ecstatic!

I will be applying alchemical methods to Maca root AND THEN adding Ignis Potio to it. This will be an extremely powerful and genuine aphrodisiac for both men and women.

Through the use of Dracaena Draco or Dragon's Blood, I will create a second product which will have the same capabilities as a magical formula!

This is all I will say for now :)

Elixir Healing Crises

Thanks to Ms. R.D. for this email..

Greetings Sir Marten,
The Elixir is wonderful! I’d started increasing it to 2 [applications] and did it 3 days in a row and some old injuries flared up so much it was difficult to walk but it had started clearing. Then my order arrived, so I did 2 [applications] of Elixir on my face and 15 minutes later did 1 drop C60 Olive Oil with Phoenix Blood orally and by evening my feet were struggling. The next day I woke up and could barely put any weight on my right foot from plantar fasciitis, that I haven’t had for nearly 15 years!

Your suggestion to write it down until I no longer wanted to express the past is brilliant as it led me to question my resistance and reminded me to review, especially Ramtha’s teachings.

Thank you so much for your thoughts and help! I greatly enjoy your newsletters and learn a lot. You’re a powerful teacher and I’m most grateful for your time and insight.

Whether it’s the Elixir, your prompting, or a combination, my conscious connection to my Spirit is flowing strong again! It’s a flood of understanding returning from many decades of studies and practices set aside for too long. Depression is a sign from the Spirit that it’s bored from repeating the same dramas and refusing to move into a new adventure. I can honestly say I have no more desire to repeat or write my past.

I'm happy for your pain! Wait, let me rephrase that- I'm glad the power of the Elixir is causing such a powerful healing for you, you feel it as pain!

A strong healing crises is no joke. If one has a heart condition, apply the elixir to say one's knee and wait a week to check if there are any chest pains.

Recognizing the pain as 'healing pain' is very good. But physical healing is not the only type of healing there is. There is also emotional and mental healing.

Many people think- yes! My life is finally turning around! I am getting opportunities at long last. I feel so well maybe the heavens are smiling on me, maybe it is my time!!

They completely forget they have been taking Alchemical products for the past year, which have removed blocks, even financial blocks.

People forget they feel positive because Alchemical products have removed negative energy from them, allowing them to feel free, happy, positive and light, and because of this- their lives turn around.

In fact, people completely forget they have moved on and are becoming a different person due to alchemical products. But it is what it is :)

Special offer

Our special offer on C60 Sekhmet is still available, but not for long!


Instant Karma

The Universe will not give you your positive karma unless you ask for it.

That is because it is rude. For example; you wish to use your new realized self to create a brand new abundant life, but the Universe comes along and gives it to you instead.

You might say- hey, I didn't ask the Universe for a new life, I wanted to create a new life myself! So rude! lol.

So, ask the Universe for your positive Karma, then the Universe cannot be accused of giving you something you didn't ask for haha.

Split Personality

Do you remember the real you? Of course you do, you have met him or her before! For example during times of grief or danger, the real you comes out.

The real you is who you are becoming sooner or later. When you live in the moment, you carry no baggage, no past, no negativity, just you and that is a hint.

The Real you is an awesome person, powerful, capable, creative and you will know you can achieve anything. Your God-self is not as far away as you think- tat tvam asi.


It is tricky to talk about Alchemy without revealing secrets. I would be punished by the Father most sternly if I did and have been threatened and warned many times lol.

In fact I cannot even discuss or show any alchemical operation to my 9 year old daughter, even when she was 4!

Lets say you have vegetable soup, and you boil this soup down to the amount of a teaspoon. Unfortunately, the soup would loose much of it's goodness in the process right?

What if there was a way where one could boil the soup down to a the size of a teaspoon, but keep all the vitamins, minerals and life-force of the soup intact?

Then, one could take three teaspoons of this concentrate and have all the life-force, vitamins and minerals, of three pots of soup..

Solve Et Coagula

This 'coagulation' of soup is one thing we can do with alchemy, but not only that; we can gather spiritual light and place it into a product using various techniques.

Doesn't a solar panel do the same thing? It gathers light. At this stage it is philosophical, but we can turn that light into electricity or heat or whatever we want.

Why then can we not gather spiritual light, like a solar panel and use it to power every cell in our bodies? After all, every cell in the body depends on this life-force.

However, Alchemy is far more dangerous than Hermetic Magic which is why there is little information on it. The mysteries are well protected for good reason.

Many thanks to the Father for getting me to this point.

Best Regards