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Carbon 60 Status Report

22nd April 2022

Dear Reader,

We are still sold out of Panaceia's Tincture, but will have more prepared this weekend. We are also sold out of Archigene's Seal, but again, we'll have more A.S. early this week.

We are gaining in popularity! People are spreading the love and our reputation is growing.

C60 Sekhmet

I spoke of this product in the last newsletter. We take our already powerful carbon 60 olive oil and add drops of Ignis Potio to it. Each drop of Fire Potion looks like a sparkling jewel.

To be honest, the blindfold was on. I didn't know what I was doing, but I found the way to do it.

I have alchemical techniques no one is history has, and found the ultimate alchemical fluid condenser. Then, I mixed the two together. I think if I went looking to make this product consciously, it would never have happened.

I simply developed and evolved the methods and ways with Ignis Potio and bang! I had it! Throughout history, many have tried to make this product and failed, sometimes to the detriment of their health spending years in the process.

But we have succeeded! Now YOU have access to an alchemical product few in history have been able to create.

In the last email, I explained how this product is not addictive, but it would bring such a feeling of well-being, one would want to take it more.

Again- what will C60 Sekhmet do?

As I said in my last report, it can heal mental and emotional illnesses. So for women, it strengthens loose emotions. Mopping up stray emotion. Women must be careful not to take too much.

It can do surgery! What I mean by this will soon become evident. We know how regular Red Lion C60 healed a gent with a 9 year rash on his chest.

We know how Sekhmet Elixir has healed many things and we have testimony after testimony on this. Now we add Ignis Potio to carbon 60 olive oil and revolutionize this alchemical potion.

What this product will do for your health is astonishing. I will wait for field reports and testimonies before I say more.

Men will be very attracted to this product because it will make them feel powerful. There is a sense of power and in some cases this might lead to a sense of entitlement! So be careful about that one men.

But there is a feeling of control and power and because it literally deletes negative memories and emotions, men will find unexpected opportunities being attracted into their career paths and/or focus them around their career side.

But it is about gaining control, moving in the direction men are supposed to be going.

But for women, it is different. C60 Sekhmet strengthens femininity, it strengthens women's own sense of self. It cannot overcome emotion, but damping down over emotional or hysterical women.

In other words, it will ground women, make them focus again, when they are a bit 'all at sea'. When all the emotions are getting in the way, it will make women's emotions quiet and under control. So this potion has quite different meanings when it comes to men and women.

As noted previously, it heals bones and makes bones/cartilage stronger. In this way, it will heal walking issues and back issues from the inside out. Whereas Sekhmet Elixir heals from the outside in.

Not only can C60 Sekhmet delete negative thoughts and memories, it can delete negative emotion too.

It can remove disillusionment as it changes one's mindset completely. It creates such a positive outburst, it makes one move forwards in powerful and positive way.

When I say it changes one's mindset completely, it changes negative thought completely so that positive thought comes to the forefront. Therefore, one's mindset is changed because there is no negativity.

Energy Vampires

What is an energy Vampire? It is a person who may be ill or depressed and they suck energy life-force from another person. Or, some people do this intentionally by gaslighting, diminishing a person and they feed on energy from their victim.

I said that C60 Sekhmet will prevent energy vampires from stealing energy but I didn't say they may get an electric shock or a pullback if they try!!

Ladies, you may be a little intimidated by the label. Please do not worry. The crystal skull represents transformation. A transformation so complete, one's old life is dead and one's new life begins.

A crystal skull means ancient power. Crystals multiply energy true? So, a crystal skull represents the death of one's old life to a new life of powerful abilities.

Special offer

Please click the picture below to avail of a special offer.


We are delighted to welcome more resellers to the Red Lion family. One gent asked us for ideas. What we've come up with is an exclusive product only resellers can retail. Not even Red Lion will sell this product. One can only purchase it through resellers.


Thanks for this email from Ms. R.D.

Since my teens (I'll be 59 in May) I've been in at least 9 car wrecks, the last being in 2018, and most were under 40 mph. Married the week I turned 16, my first husband was physically abusive and I was very fortunate to get out alive 3 years later. I never repeated physically abusive relationships but worked through mental/emotional abuse.

The realization that I never took the time to grieve and release into wisdom my feelings of loss, has been amplified this past year especially as I lost 4 people most close to me. I first began to realize this in 2018 when my sister passed with me holding her hand.

Care-giving has been consuming me for a long time now, since 2010, only able to focus on who needs what from me, with doctors, hospitals, medications, feeding 3-4 people, housekeeping, taking care of 5 acres, had all taken my focus every minute most days.

The higher one climbs, the smaller the fall

The Desiderata once stated:
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

What does ‘strength of Spirit’ mean here? It means raising your frequency. It means confidence in one's self.

One of the ways we can do that is by building our confidence, accepting we have tough circumstances and asking the Father to help.

The Now or the present moment is a higher frequency than the past. Every second we hold to the Now, stay present, remain conscious or stay away, we raise our frequency.

I'll say that again- the Now is a higher frequency than the past! Staying present, opening one's eyes or staying awake raises your frequency!

We drag our self out of the mud. So, a depressed person who raises their frequency will not get so low next time. And the following time- if they raise their frequency, they will not get low at all.

What does it mean when one's frequency is raised?

It means one's positive thoughts or making your own luck becomes much more powerful. Where it took you 6 months to create an opportunity, it now takes 3 months.

Living in the Now, the present moment is not easy. It will not be apparent that anything is happening at all. But every second you can do this raises your frequency until boredom and loneliness are replaced with the joy of living.

Allowing one’s mind to wander freely is a very bad idea. One ends up daydreaming with illusions and fantasy and then ‘dark thoughts’ of the past combined with the low frequency of the past make a perfect storm for depression, loneliness, ill-health and poverty.

Living in the present or awakening, being conscious of every single moment gathers to itself. The more you live every second, the easier it becomes.

It is a sacrifice. One must sacrifice the twisted pleasure of living in the past for what seems like the boring present. But soon, that boring present will become a treasure chest of joy. Your ability to manifest the future increases significantly.

Not only will joy manifest if one makes this sacrifice, one will realize self and become self realized.

Filter your thoughts

Do you really need to think about some issue in work? Or a past accident? You read something in the news, is it really necessary to think about that? Or someone was mean to you? Or what you will have for your dinner?

Only think the thoughts which are important- filter your thoughts, let every unimportant thought slide. This ability will be difficult at first, but in time you will feel your heart skipping a beat with joy, literally.


Best Regards