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Carbon 60 Status Report

8th April 2022

Dear Reader,

We are still sold out of Panaceia's Tincture, Hair Elixir and Archigenes Seal but working furiously to manufacture more stock.

Unfortunately, alchemy takes it's time no matter what we want. However, we have reformulated Panaceia's Tincture and it is now slightly stronger than before.

We are also creating a product for eye health. I wont tell fibs and say it will cure cataracts- it will not, but it will delay the onset of cataracts.

It will not cure blindness either and as regards eyesight, it can improve eye sight- yes. It strengthens the eyes.

The new eye potion puts a type of barrier shield over the eyes and protects them. Overall eye health is connected to age and an eye potion will not reduce age.

Other products will reduce body age for example using Sekhmet Elixir [NOT on the eyes or eye lids] and one's eyes become younger too.

Ignis Potio

Fire Potion is a new fluid condenser mentioned in a previous newsletter. It can be added to many products. But one that stands out is Carbon 60 Olive oil.

The new Carbon 60 Olive oil with Fire Potion is simply astonishing. It is comparable with Sekhmet Elixir in it's power. Therefore I have named it C60 Sekhmet.

What will it do?
I cannot say enough about this new C60 oil, it is very powerful. It can heal mental and emotional maladies. It can change one's direction.

Literally changing negative thoughts into positive thoughts. But oddly enough, it is very good for the skeletal system.

As we know, alchemical products heal spiritually first which leads to awesome physical healing.

This Fire potion works in this way, healing and repairing bones, even healing cartilage and joints. It also strengthens bones; it makes bones stronger.

There are 5 stages to it's manufacture and the 4th stage is very mysterious. But the biggest effect is on the emotions and removing negativity, even from other sources.

For example; a person has been raped of their energy or life-force for years through another expressing demeaning, diminishing or belittling behavior . It empowers a person, removing the effects of this diminishing vampirism.

It removes blocks, where a person has been put down by others, it will even remove negative situations and negativity from the personality.

It works to such an extent it can and will change one's mindset completely! So people who are disillusioned, the new Carbon 60 Olive Oil will change a disillusioned mindset into a positive hopeful mindset. This is freedom.

C60 Sekhmet also removes fantasies and illusions or the state of being fatally positive which Sagittarians are prone to. For example; I'm going to be a millionaire but I don't work! IOW people who think way beyond their capabilities.

It removes negativity directly from one's energy field it is that powerful. Literally deleting memories. This is where alchemy and magic cross over because one can delete memories with a Hermetic Formula, but for an alchemical potion to do this is quite astonishing.

Removing negativity from one's energy field means protection. Here again, magic crossing over to alchemy because Hermetic Magician's use protective formulas all the time, but this potion will do the same!

It will protect one from energy vampires and stop them feeding from a person. This could be through work or perhaps being around a very sick or depressed person who is not even aware they are sucking your life-force from you. Like a suit of armor, it will protect the energy field.

There is not much healing downtime because the negativity is gone, it's simply not there any more, it has been incinerated!

People will not become addicted to C60 Sekhmet per-se, but it makes one feel good and one will want it more!


I'm pleased to announce we have more resellers coming on board. We are offering a very good deal initially to get people started.

The latest franchisee is located in South Africa and we cannot accept another outlet in S.A. as they now have exclusive rights to that area.

Question from Mr. P.S.

Marten I reach out for asking you for a couple of things. I have to admit that in 2019 when I purchased the C60 I felt the changes and power of the product and I was very happy and feeling good.

But as human nature when you feel good you forget to take the things that made you feel that way and bit by bit you return to your original way, as an analogy is like the never do maintenance until something broke haha.

Fortunately, this is not the case, nothing is broken yet hehe, however, in the past days something pulled me to read all the status reports that I missed and I was blown away about the new products that you have issued.

Recently my wife has had flu and colds very often, I had a couple of kids a daughter (4years old) and a son (1 year).

My wife still breast-feed the little one and between that and her job she has some exhaustion, I don't believe in coincidences and when I read about dragon's blood I knew that that was the product we need.

I'm guessing we can start with that to prepare the body and then move to the phoenix blood.

I know we can use some healing for old scars, so I wanted to ask you if what I write is a good strategy.

The 2nd question is about my daughter, lately she is lacking some confidence and joy in school so I think this can also help her too but I'm wondering how does the dosage work on kids.

Thanks for your question..

Yes, Dragon's blood is very good especially for people who do not have trauma. In that case, Heart glue would be best.

That is a very good strategy- Dragon's Blood and then Phoenix Blood. However, you as a male can take more P.B. than your wife can.

She should begin with one drop daily and increase that to a level where she notices effects like lack of sleep or being too assertive! Then she can reduce the quantity to a comfortable level.

No-one should take more than three drops of Phoenix Blood- it builds in one's system. So, three drops in 6 months will not be the same as three drops now.

I am not aware of Any of our customers getting the flu while they take Red Lion C60 olive oil. Even a 67 year old lady who was very prone to colds and flu told us she has not caught a cold or flu for the last few years when she was dogged with them previously.

Please do not give your child any of our products!! Praise, encouragement and knowing that you will defend her should be enough. It is fathers who provide a sense of security to children.

If there was an emergency like a child has cancer, then we'd be happy to provide advice using alchemical products.


Three Dimensional

People in this World are on many different spiritual levels. But these level can be categorized into 3 main levels.

3rd dimensional people are very much like young children- they simply want to acquire as many things and money as possible. If one gives a 3rd dimensional person ten million dollars, they will begin looking for the next 10 million, and the next.

They are not averse to getting money and things by any means. Paying an official for a favor is not beyond them for example. If they did get money, they do not suddenly become honest people. They would use that money to gain more money through corruption or use the money for ignoble purposes.

These people believe one must be bad to get money, and to an extent they are right. That's because the Universe would never give these greedy people money because the money would destroy them and others around them.

So these people keep themselves poor. The only way they can get money is by being 'bad' and even more corruption. The Universe would never give these people money, that would be a very bad idea.

3rd dimensional people are 'fleshy'. In other words, they do not have a connection to the spiritual world. They live in the 3rd dimension- shape, weight, size and number. They are material people only interested in matter and acquiring more matter.

Because they have little or no spiritual bones in their bodies, they lack wisdom. In fact they keep themselves away from wisdom and they are kept from wisdom.

If thousands of these people enter a small spiritual community, eventually the spiritual community will be no more. This is the story of the World- why and who saved it.

Not only people can be 3rd dimensional, many countries are third dimensional too for example- Afghanistan. These people farm heroin crops and have no conscience about doing so. They are material and try to acquire money at any cost.

You may have noticed the poorest countries are filled with 3rd dimensional people- that is why they are poor. Because the corruption comes around full circle.

They elect corrupt leaders because honest ones cannot do favors for them. And the corrupt local officials support corrupt higher leaders, so they can continue being corrupt and getting money.

Then the population cry- Oh our country, the corruption is terrible! how we suffer! When they themselves are responsible for voting corruption in.

I have several friends in South American and Eastern European countries who tell me never to post anything of value to them. The post is simply stolen.

If that is what the post office is like, what about the rest of the country?

Corruption is endemic in these countries and even though they live in this modern World, they remain poor and will always be poor.

Thy continue to be 'bad' and think they can outsmart God by going to church, but they are fooling themselves.

Wealthy countries you'll notice are kind to each other. They support each other and have compassion and they are blessed over and over with abundance.

Where does all the wealth of the World flow from? It flows from countries where people express brotherly love.

Yet still in these wealthy countries there are groups of 3rd dimensional people who are poor and will remain poor because they do not care for their fellow man apart from what they can squeeze of of him.

Our Lord told us about conscience, integrity, honesty and brothely love was the way for blessings to rain down and it has happened.

These 3D countries and peoples have had 2000 years to get their act together and they have not. Should they be given one more chance perhaps?

I've run out of space to talk about 4 dimensional people and you guys- 5th dimensional people! But we'll chat about that next newsletter.

How are you doing? Do you feel positive for the future? Do you feel grounded? Reach out to us :)

Best Regards