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Carbon 60 Status Report

25th March 2022

Dear Reader,

Unfortunately, we have sold out of Panaceia's Tincture and Archigene's Seal at the moment, but we're working hard to restore supplies.

If you have ordered these products, we will ship the rest of your order and ship Panaceia's Tincture or Archigene's Seal later, when more has been created at no extra cost to you.

The Trumpet Sounds a Time of Celebrations..

Expect some amazing new products which are coming out in the next few months. I am very excited about these products.

We have made massive strides in Alchemy, and have discovered an unbelievable Fluid condenser.

Alchemically speaking, a Fluid Condenser is a substance which can absorb enormous amounts of spiritual energies.

Some substances do not absorb these energies very much at all, then there are others like the metal gold, various plants like the Darcaena Draco tree which absorb much more.

This material can be considered 'Philosophical' which means it is nearing perfection. It does not belong to the four elements, but would be considered to belong to the Akasha Principle itself.

Not in the history of the World, not even the Egyptians could empower this Fluid Condenser the way Red Lion can now do.

It is 'True Alchemy'. We are charging forwards at break neck speed.

The Alchemists of old would be stunned (and a little jealous lol) if they could move so quickly and accomplish so much. They would have labored for years just to verify one product and often became ill as a result.

Deep gratitude to the Father and my friend, the mighty Adept Alchemist in Spirit for his guidance.

Graphene Oxide

I was asked about Graphene Oxide a few months ago. To be perfectly honest, I didn't know very much about it. I undertook some research and here is my report:

This may disturb some people- just to warn you but I stand by what I say.

Graphene Oxide is a nano material and is part of the Vaccine. It was meant to be injected and stay in the local area of the injection. But it does not, it travels all over the body.

Graphene Oxide can carry micro-currents of electricity which affect the magnetic body of a person.

One can control how a person feels by using low energy microwaves to electrify the Graphene Oxide and alter the magnetic field of a person.

Therefore, a person can be made to feel happy, sad, fearful, depressed in fact any emotion using something like 5G microwaves.

Graphene Oxide also slowly dismantles one's immune system. Then, each booster compounds the problem, until one's immune system is completely shattered and they become dependent on new vaccines to stay healthy.

Please don't believe everything Marten says- do your own research and you will find more and more cases of the vaccine causing unacceptable illness.

Soon enough you will begin to see news reports of people going to hospital due to the vaccine.

The Real Hero

Perhaps it is the Will of the Father that He brought carbon 60 to light back in the 80's because He knew exactly what was coming.

Carbon 60 will not destroy Graphene Oxide, but it will remove it from one's system. It collects in sewers!

In fact, Carbon 60 will not only remove Graphene Oxide, C60 restores the body. Restored like a new person, a new body, better than before the vaccine, removing this sick nano-technology.

I don't have an agenda here. If you choose not to believe anything I have said- that's fine, no problem :)

Wholesale Youth

We have several customers who buy from us wholesale. They have shops and health food stores, reiki massage therapists, sports therapists, physiotherapists and even football coaches. Many re-sell our products especially the Elixir.

What I am doing is giving a generous discount for quantity and a larger discount for larger quantity.

I gave a particular retail seller many sample 3ml bottles of Vulcan's Fire free so their customers can experience what Vulcan's Fire will do in combination with Sekhmet Elixir.

We have quite a few glowing testimonies of what Sekhmet Elixir and Vulcan's fire can do to rejuvenate women's and men's facial area let alone the amazing healing results.

So, I am am offering these sample bottles to all resellers and any new resellers for a limited time.

===The Magician===

Expecting success

Introspection is vital when creating abundance. Are you expecting success or are you expecting failure?

If you are honest with yourself and the answer happens to be- I am expecting failure, Then it's time to change that thought. It is in Your control.

How did the expectation of failure get there in the first place? There is only one way- you yourself programmed yourself to expect failure. This is most likely due to peer pressure, bad experiences, parents beliefs being adopted growing up etc etc.

Let all that go, bring your mind back to the Now and lets start again. You programmed yourself to expect failure and if you can do that successfully, you can program yourself to expect success more easily because it comes from a place of joy.

I mentioned the 'dumpster of oblivion' method in a previous report. Now lets use it to place the expectation of failure into the dumpster, before we add new thought forms.

This is in alignment with Alchemical practice as we always 'Solve Et Coagula' or dissolve before we combine.

Please don't get hung up on the words- expectations of success or failure. Any block you find can be treated the same way. But lets stick with expectation of failure.

So, we have placed the expectation of failure or other block into the dumpster, now we add a new thought form- I am expecting success!!!! and we add the fuel it needs which is emotion yaaaay!

I am expecting success!!! yaaaaay!!

One could say that when you repeat something often enough, one brainwashes oneself and there's little wrong with that.

What would happen if you were expecting success all day every day? You might think- hold on, this cannot last :/

Go back to mindfulness again, go back to the now, to the present. Allow these objections to come and go.

But I am expecting success!!! Weyhey!

More thoughts will come along like,
When will I get it?
Where will I get it?
How will the Universe give this to me?
How many will I get?
Why will I get this?
Who will give it to me etc etc.

Don't entertain these thought, do not drop the baton! As noted in a previous report. Now you understand why the Magician card is so important. Go back to the present again.

I AM success! Success is mine!!

It's best to use autosuggestion near sleep when the mind is semi-connected to the subconscious. Try to say these autosuggestion phrases spontaneously throughout the day. If they become a chore, give yourself a break and go back to them later.


Pretend something is true and amazingly; it becomes true!

Auto-suggestion or pretending is very powerful. One may have a negative belief for decades and with patience and pretense, the auto-suggestion phrase Feels true.

At the beginning, it will feel like a lie, like one is lying to oneself. But we ignore that and keep pretending.

If one was not using a spiritual technique like Yoga, Magic or Alchemy, Pretending is so powerful it can take one all the way to Mastery.

The Show

The tower will be brought down.
We are the lightening that strikes the tower and the dark ones will fall.
Hero's warriors and kings.
Name something modern not invented by us.
Wealth flows from us to the World.
I will never quit, We will never quit.
We have already won.
This is Our planet, no-one will take it away from us.
Victory is ours and now we finish the job.
Are you with Me?
The Father is with us, let's go to WAR :)

Best Regards