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Carbon 60 Status Report

11th March 2022

Dear reader,

I am walking about 5 miles per day atm, but I twisted my ankle. Luckily there was yet another storm and I couldn't go out walking for two days, which was a good thing as I used the time to rest my ankle.

But I am still shocked at the power of Asklepios Elixir. I applied Vulcan's fire, allowed it to dry and then Applied the Elixir.

Basically I wrapped my whole ankle in V.F. and Elixir and my ankle was healed within the two days rest and I have been walking 5 miles per day since then!

This was an old jar of Elixir and the older the Elixir gets, the more powerful it becomes- especially the darker parts of the Elixir.

I recently made a new friend. He's pretty streetwise but he asked me my age.

I replied, what age do you think I am? His answer was 11 years younger than I really am haha- delighted :)

Age doesn't mean anything to me any more. I will reverse my age even further and then prolong my life at that age. If I told you what age I am destined to be, you would laugh!

Did you know?

If you use the Elixir of Asklepios and take Red Lion C60 olive oil, you will reduce your age twice as fast?

One product is working from the outside in, while the other is working from the inside out.

However the C60 olive oil will clear one out emotionally and lead to more joy albeit at the cost of a little downtime.

But the downtime and how much you suffer is up to you as you are in control of the dosage.


It is easy to forget that your life is not going down the toilet- it's merely a little healing downtime, clearing out the past because you are using Red Lion alchemical products.

So if you suffer with some healing downtime, remember; it is only the products doing their job and you are getting closer to joy and abundance.

C60 olive oil

Losing one's Charm

Thanks to Mr. K.U. for this feedback:

I am purchasing a new solar charm because today I lost it somewhere in the snow during my day job. I do trucking during the day and the string I had it connected to broke while I was unloading on one of the many stops. It actually feels like I lost a part of myself. Felt the need to order a new one immediately.

Maybe someone will get lucky and find it and it will bring some abundance to them!

The lemon oil on the perineum is having fantastic effects. Ive shared it with some other male friends and let's just say their girlfriends were very pleased with them.

You have been very generous with your teachings to me and I am forever grateful.

thanks again for everything,

I feel it was destiny that this gent lost his charm..

It gave him great confidence, it certainly stabilized him and grounded him, it brought more abundance to him and he is now bereft that he has lost it.

He might even feel naked without it. His Talisman or Charm had his essence because he was wearing it constantly.

Mentally, it gave him huge protection. But a feeling of having lost a part of oneself would be normal in this case- because he did!

But he'll get that back in no-time.

Since he lost it, this customer has ordered a new Charm but please keep the Charm in the little velvet bag it comes in!

It's best not to let anyone see it, let alone touch it; even partners.

It should be kept on one's person all the time unless you are suffering from lack of sleep. In that case, keep it in another room lest it's energy keeps you awake.

This gent was somewhat up and down emotionally. He found his emotions difficult or believed them to be impossible to master.

What the charm did was bring balance to his emotions, which resulted in great peace for him.

He may have used alcohol in the past to self-medicate and numb these wild emotions, but the charm changed that.

Now he knows what that balance is, and it was destiny that he lost his charm- so that he did it himself, or to teach him to stand on his own two feet emotionally.

In effect, the charm taught him how to balance himself emotionally and then it was taken away so he would have to learn to balance his emotions himself without help from the charm.

But now he has learned that lesson and a new charm will bring new lessons and understandings to him.

The charm brought stability and calmness to his mind. Before that he though it would never be possible to have that stability.

He felt he would be a victim of his emotions and there was not much he could do about that.

I'm not sure if this person had an issue with alcohol in the past, but alcohol numbs emotion and the charm is not suited to alcohol with this particular individual.

Believe it or not, the energy of the charm is still with him even though he lost it physically.

The energy has worked- it is still within himself and he can still work with that vibration.

He can still focus on the memory of the charm and work with it that way. However he has bought another charm which will become part of his being once again.

An unexpected side effect, which he may not have been aware of is the charm was making him stronger physically.




The Emperor

I'm afraid I have decided to dedicate this report to helping people prepare for the future and begin to build their abundance- or the report will become too prolix. So, a fuller explanation of this Tarot card will come later :)

Why does Marten do this Magic stuff?

Why do I love magic and alchemy? I don't know really. I am here for the Christian people because I love the Christian people and know the injustice served upon them.

It may sound a little patronizing lol, but I see people as children and all I want to do is help, guide and support them.

I think that's natural and normal isn't it? Would you help a child who has suffered? Of course you would just like myself. We're not much different you and I.

I am here for the women, they are young souls and need guidance and protecting. I am here for the men, because they don't realize their power, greatness and what they have achieved.

My mission is to empower Men and Women but particularly the men, and I will do that with the Fathers help. To bring them to the next level ready for the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

A noted Magician in Spirit whom you know paid me a huge compliment in that the speed of my advancements in alchemy are quite shocking, when it would have taken him years working with toxic gasses and chemicals!

I'm quite humbled and thrilled by his comments.

Magic is a challenge where other things in life would not be very challenging for me. It's exciting and life's problems become a spiritual sport instead of drudgery.

One's power increases, reaching the next trial and succeeding. Then life becomes even easier. If I lost all my wealth, it wouldn't bother me at all because I could easily create more.

My joy and power is expanding and money could never do that. But I feel those answers are not a very good explanation to be honest.

They don't explain my passion and love for magic and alchemy, so I'll meditate some more lol.


The war in Eastern Europe is not going to de-stabilize the World economy on it's own, that's for sure. Russian and Ukrainian economies are simply not big enough to do that.

Covid is basically like a strong version of the Flu. People who's health is not up to par, or they are of advanced years will suffer from a virulent version of the Flu as much at they would from covid.

Governments will be blamed for their paranoid reaction to what is effectively a very bad flu virus and we will see many or all governments thrown out due to their draconian and narrow sighted measures in 2024.

BUT! I have been saying for months- now is the time to protect your money and prepare.

Crypto currencies or Bitcoin are fine but it would only take the stroke of a pen to make them illegal.

On the other hand, Precious metals will always be precious no matter what happens.

So please, take advantage of this and put any savings you have into precious metals. I recommend Physical silver as it is extremely under priced.

We can see inflation happening even now right? What will it be in September? If you have precious metals, you'll be praising yourself for your foresight!

NOW is the time to work on your abundance and I will be helping to guide you in that in the coming newsletters- especially our women.

Please consider buying lots of bathroom paper and putting it in storage! Also, dry foods like rice, muesli and tinned food.

If you have the funds, buy an E-bike or e-scooter and a small generator.

Ok, maybe Marten is being paranoid right? Maybe, maybe but it's best to be prepared isn't it? Being prepared brings peace of mind doesn't it?

I would guess you need supplies enough to cover say- an extended camping trip. You will not need 6 months supplies of everything for example. There will be no disaster but there may be a wobble :)

You can always use the food later, so it wont go to waste. Perhaps put a few extra things in the shopping trolley every week.

But one thing I do know and that is everything is going to work out wonderfully after this 'cleansing' war is over.

Try not to put your energy into war thoughts and war talk, but into your future.Imagone how you want your future to be. What would your ideal future look like?

The Father, mighty Adepts in Spirit, others and myself are here at this time for a reason and the reason is to save the people who saved the World, and to guide the others along their path.

The corrupt have had 2,000 years to put their house in order and they did not. It is judgement day. Time is up, a line has been drawn.


With abundance, first we must make friends with money. It is not evil nor does it corrupt.

If it was true that money corrupted people or is evil, then we should also say that sex corrupts and is evil as many evil acts are done because of sex.

It is the Desire for sex and the desire for money which is the problem, not the sex or the money.
They are what they are.

Coupons- the root of all evil

Coupons can be regarded as money because like money, they can be traded for goods and services. Coupons can be saved and given as rewards, gifts or even payment of a debt.

So what is the difference between coupons and money? Not much really, except money is a coupon for a much larger variety of goods and services.

If money is a coupon, how can a coupon be the root of all evil? The truth is, it isn't. Money is a Divine Gift from the Father.

What would we do without money? We would have to use something else to trade with like animals rocks or plants.

But then, animals would become the new money and people would begin to say- animals are the root of all evil!!

Of course this is all nonsense. Money coupons are not the root of all evil and in fact created by spirit for our evolution.

Autosuggestion suggestions!

Here are some autosuggestions you can use..

If I have money ok, if I don't have money ok- but I am not my money.
I do not depend on money for my happiness, but I like money.
Money brings me joy, for example when I go on holidays.
I love money!! but only 50% 😊
I can create more money whenever I like- which is true, you can! Perhaps you don't know that, but it is true nonetheless.
I am getting wealthier all the time.

Tips on using Autosuggestion

  • Don't repeat them like a robot.
  • Concentrate on the subjective not the objective.
  • Change them around, make new ones.
  • Feel joy when you say them- this is the important one.
  • If they become a chore- stop for a few days and go back to them with joy.
  • Once you utter an autosuggestion- forget about it completely. No dwelling is it working, how is it working, when it is working, why is it working, where is it working etc etc. Forget about it completely and you will not drop the baton.
  • Repeat them spontaneously throughout the day.
  • Say them in the half asleep stage, the semi-conscious state before sleeping.
  • Carry them into sleep with you.
  • Say the phrases in the morning first thing and they will set you up for the day.
  • Expect a personal financial healing crises and sing for joy because it is a sure sign of movement.
  • Never quit, never stop. No time limit. Make a HABIT or form a habit of repeating autosuggestions which means they are part of your life now and forever.
Next week, we'll discuss how to use the Eucharist in conjunction with a wish to give it more power.


Reader, you would be shocked at how many so-called leaders use magic and psychics as part of their daily life. Even the one's for whom magic is forbidden, their leaders use it secretly all the time.

You would be shocked to learn how many famous and well known leaders in the West use magic and psychics for protection, knowledge and attack.

For example, I believe the psychologist Jordan Peterson and his family have been under attack for some time [but not any more]. However, if you mentioned this to him, he would probably laugh.

If you have questions, I'd be delighted to answer them.

Work on staying calm with no mental excitement :)

Best Regards