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Carbon 60 Status Report

25th February 2022

Dear reader,

I'm not particularly worried about the Ukraine tbh. Despite what the media is saying, Putin has been complaining for years about new NATO countries like Poland and parking nuclear weapons within miles of his country.

In my opinion, he feels it's just a matter of time before Ukraine joins NATO and more nuclear missiles are parked directly beside Russia and he's simply not having it.

To Putin, this is the same as someone putting nuclear missiles in Cuba, Mexico and surrounding the US with nuclear missiles.

If Mexico joined a Chinese/Russian pact and nuclear weapons were to be installed there, I am sure the US would react in the same way as the US is reactive to N. Korea or Iranian nuclear missiles.

I'm not a fan of Putin, he is somewhat shady but not a monster as we are being led to believe.

But this is Not WW3. Ukrainians [esp.the Nazi AZOV brigade] despise and have a dreadful hatred of Russia and they would be delighted to have nuclear weapons.

Thanks to Mr. D.L. for these questions..

Thank you also for the insight about Dragons Blood and its impact on Creativity. How do I use it in this fashion, and do I use it with other products to build more internal fire as you recommended for my male transformational process.

Dragon's Blood will raise creativity automatically. Creativity is male/electric and Dragon's Blood is male/electric. How one uses creativity is up to the individual.

Phoenix Blood is even more fiery. But one could multiply the effect of Dragon's Blood by using Vulcan's Fire.

The male transformational process is aided by the truth and the reverse of decades of social programming. The truth about who we are as men and our authority.

I still wonder how best to incorporate Panaceia’s tincture and Dragons Blood with my C60 protocol in early a.m. to begin my day?

Panaceia's Tincture should help with sleep- but please experiment with this. Dragon's Blood should definitely be taken in the morning for energy and fire.

Increase the daily dosage to a high level then dial back the quantity so you understand where your particular level or dosage is and what it's effects are.

But it is removing layers of negative physical matter hidden in the cells of our body. This matter manifests physically and if there is enough negative physical matter- it will form an illness like cancer.

But, matter formed out of say depression or insecurity is solid and is hidden in our cells. When one deals with insecurity, fear, doubt etc, the matter is still there, so it keeps pulling one back to issues.

When the negative physical matter is no more, then one is free to move forward in that particular direction.

It's somewhat like having a ball and chain attached to one's leg. You can exercise all you like, but the weight will always hinder you. With no ball and chain, one is free and can now exercise with no hindrance.

This is the beauty of Alchemy, it shines a light on the poison created in our body and dissolves it, leaving us free to be ourselves.

I am currently going through transformation process; changing career, also working for myself first time in my life, new location....... life style, dietary shifts....... propelled by the universe guiding me, at times impelling me, go for it, time to share my gifts on a bigger stage Now.

Allow love, light, and human kindness to guide you in your every intention and aim.

Thank you for all your work and devotion to assisting in the creation of a better world for all living beings.

That is wonderful. I wish you all the best. But giving unconditionally is female- one should always get a reward for sharing, kindness or help.

A system which only gives cannot last very long before it runs out of energy. We men expect, deserve and must be rewarded for our help.

We deserve to be acknowledged with gratitude for what we have accomplished in this modern World as women do for their amazing contribution.

Question from Mr. D about Sekhmet Hair Elixir..

I am interested in the Hair Elixir but I have a question: Has Marten regrown his hair with the product?

I have probably used 3/4 of a small 15ml jar of Hair Elixir in combination with Vulcan's Fire so far. My hair is thinning not bald. People have commented that they can see my hair coming back.

I had two bald patches above my forehead. The left side now has fine new hair dotted all over it, whereas the right side bald patch is still there but shrinking slowly but noticeably.

I have to admit I was not diligent about applying Hair Elixir daily as I'm not particularly concerned about it- maybe every few days. But I now have a hair line right across my forehead- albeit fine new hair.

By the time I use 6 of these small 15ml jars or 3 X 30ml jars, I expect my hair to be fully restored. In fact I would guess one 30ml jar should do it, but it takes time 🙂

Here are some observations from Mr. C.E.

Thank you Marten! The products sure have brought me happiness!

I used Vulcan's Fire in each corner of the room where my Dad watches the news. The energy sure has changed, I find he isn't using the room as often! It's a gift and a curse because he now watches TV in the room I set my gym up in lol.

Also I'm having a blast clearing out even more with Dragon's Blood.

Some updates on my Solar Charm, I got offered a new job the very day it arrived with the products I just paid for. I've also been offered another day of work just recently.

It's a job as a barback which is great for bringing me clients because I am a hypnotherapist and have found many people who want to quit drinking. Although I haven't got a session with anyone yet, I know good things are to come!

I haven't drank in 20 months and am committed to a lifetime of never drinking again, and helping others become as bulletproof as I am through my teachings. Many customers have asked "how do you work around alcohol and remain sober?" it's simply all perspective. Being around drunk people for work often makes me say "I can't believe how many times I've been that guy... So glad I've left that in the past." The identity of "I don't drink" is extremely powerful.

I plan to order some Elixir of Asklepios soon as [my friend] has shared, it's brought him some amazing results.

Well I've shared a lot because I would like to know what your thoughts on a product combination for me are? Currently I am taking 3 drops of Vulcan's Fire when I wake up and 5 drops of Dragon's Blood 10 minutes later. I also take C60 with Phoenix Blood throughout the day.

Also your posts about The Magician have inspired me to buy a Marsielle De Tarot deck! I look forward to hearing your response! Keep doing what you're doing for the world!

Many thanks for this email, as it has given me the opportunity to explore a subject I haven't thought about very much in relation to products..

In many ways, alcohol is self medication. Why? because it is of the FIRE or male/electric principle.

So why is the Fire principle good for self medication? Because it calms ones nerves. Fire obliterates fear, uncertainty and doubt or FUD as some call it.

The fire principle gives self confidence. People who are intoxicated with alcohol think they can jump off walls, sing, shout, fight and do things they cannot or would not do otherwise.

I am not an expert on taking alcohol, but when a person feels so insecure they shake and cannot leave the house, medicating with alcohol is an easy solution. Not suggesting this is Mr. E. !

The problem with alcohol is that it is temporary and doesn't keep building confidence.

Then a person who has given up alcohol might feel desperately insecure, depressed or nervous one day- and they take a drink to calm those nerves and rid themselves of depression.

Next thing they know, they are back to using alcohol for self medication again.

Currently I am taking 3 drops of Vulcan's Fire when I wake up and 5 drops of Dragon's Blood 10 minutes later. I also take C60 with Phoenix Blood throughout the day.

But alcohol is not the only substance which contains the Fire principle!

Dragon's blood and Vulcan's Fire elevate confidence and destroy fears.

But Dragon's Blood is different than alcohol in that it builds confidence- and keeps building daily, little by little.

Dragon's blood will make one outgoing, a feeling of power, fearless, expansive, confident, forwards thinking, entrepreneurial, bright and enjoy life.

Once you have all these characteristics, one should feel no-need for alcohol at all, as you already have them, and it seems Mr. E is all these things!

Forwards thinking, bright, enjoying life, business minded a.s.o. Perhaps as part of hypnotherapy, clients would benefit not only from the therapy, but from Fire medication in the form of Dragon's Blood too.

If it were myself, I would keep increasing the dosage until you are taking so much fire you cannot sleep- may 11 drops daily after Vulcan's Fire or 15 drops.

But find a level that is comfortable for you. Phoenix Blood is even more Fiery btw.

Just be careful with Phoenix Blood- 3 drops maximum in water, it will build.

Taking 1 drop in the morning in water, then another at lunchtime and another at tea-time is a good idea, but just before bed may cause you sleep issues.



The Emperor

Part 1

The philosopher Jordan Peterson notes that the one common denominator the most successful people in the world share is conscientiousness.

Another way to describe conscientiousness is- acting within Authority.

If you look at the above image, the emperor is not comfortable, he has restrained himself on purpose. He has bound himself to authority and so he becomes authority.

Bind yourself and you shall be free- it is said. If one binds themselves to the Most High, then they begin to become the most high.

And because he has restrained himself, he has gained the scepter of the sacred magical power of God.

Because his legs are crossed, he cannot advance forward or retreat. His hand is in his belt, so he cannot use his hand to take actions on his own behalf.

He is not seated meaning he is not taking the place of His Divine Majesty acts for the Father. His grey hair indicates his long and painful experience but also indicates wisdom given as a reward.

He is acting for the Father and not for himself. Therefore he is not wilful.

He is crowned. But although the rays of his crown point outwards, they also point inwards too which would suggest his thoughts are controlled and this is quite painful to do because it means giving up thought and remaining in the moment.

He binds himself in this way to receive the power and inspiration from Divine Providence.

Therefore he has no need for a shield because he can defend himself with the power he has been given by God, AND he is protected by God as God protects his own and no harm can come to him.

He has no sword and no need of a sword because he has a far more powerful weapon- sacred magic. He can kill or mame at will any time he wishes but would never do so without the blessing of the Father.

What the Emperor gains for these sacrifices is to become a magician, and later a Master. One who has done this can found a school, and later- lay down the Law.

I could write all day about this topic but we shall leave it for now. Next newsletter I will discuss how lack of authority has countries, peoples and individuals under judgement whereas ones who act within authority receive blessings and it is they who have given the blessings to themselves.

Best Regards