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Carbon 60 Status Report

11th February 2022

Dear Reader,

Everything is slowly returning to normality after this pandemic, but protect yourself!!

We are going into uncharted waters now. Covid is more or less over and it's an unknown feeling. Because things are opening up, people are very open and need to be careful about opening up too quickly.

Protect your heart is what I'm saying and it's not even about covid, it's about the negative energy and not simply covid related, it's about what has happened in the last two years.

People are ready to pull off their masks and think we're back to normal and everything is normal and not process and deal with what has happened.

Protect yourself from being too open. Don't throw caution to the wind with exuberance just because everything is opening up.

There are a lot of negative energies out there for example trauma after the last two years, heartache, heartbreak and you don't want to be magnetizing any of that in to yourself.

Have you noticed people celebrating in different ways? Have you noticed people are standing up to politicians and criminals and are not putting up with abuse of power?

Look at the trucker convoy in Canada. Now it has spread to New-Zealand and politicians are backing down.

Yes People power! So although the virus brought sadness and loss, we can bless it because the world has changed for the better.

As I said before, the virus was to wake people up, to stop people from sleep walking, to break their habits and ways of thinking. Are we not very different than we were 3 years ago?

The Future

Now we are laying the foundations for the future to come. We are throwing out old ways that no longer serve us. We will find we have much more time for personal matters.

Good times are coming but we must make space for them. Keep calm and be peaceful. there is an incredible future coming for us. The darkest hour is just before the dawn and this is the dawn.



Creativity is masculine. It must be nurtured by the feminine principle. Does this mean one must be nurturing to be creative? No, it means one must nurture the seed of creativity.

Nurturing is feminine right? If one concentrates too much on that, one becomes polarized to the feminine too much, when they need to concentrate on the masculine but allow it to be nurtured by the feminine.

Dragon's Blood can really enhance the creative side of people. Think of the area you want to be creative about and nurture it. Meditate upon it.

This is called an alchemical fixation whereby we meditate on the type or direction of the creativity we want, nurture it by pondering on it and it will manifest.


Many women feel lost, and why or how do they feel lost?
They feel lost because they have lost themselves or their self.

Naturally, women want to feel found again and believe if they have an emotional relationship, they will be healed.

Some women feel lonely even though they have friends and a social life. They feel lonely because they don't have an emotional relationship with a loving partner.

So in a way, aren't women who feel they need to be in a relationship dependent on someone else? Being dependent on another is in fact, not fair and the other will begin to resent the one using them as a crutch.

My friend told me she was incorporating Christ consciousness into her life. I said, well that is like learning to become a professor when you have just started school.

What you really need is confidence. So forget Christ consciousness for the moment and find yourself. Only then will you find the right partner for you.

One cannot be lost if they love themselves. Love thyself as you love other, but love thyself first we are told. Only then is one capable of loving others.

What happens to a wounded animal in nature? Other animals will attack it. It's the same for an insecure child at school.

When one is wounded inside, people will use and abuse that person. It is one of the teaching laws of the Universe.

Women find it more difficult to let go of past hurts than men do. Women also feel guilt far more than men.

A lady recently told me- men don't feel guilt because they think they are right! Oh my gosh is that what you think of us men? That is claptrap I can tell you.

Men do have regret of course, they are human beings and it may surprise some women, but men have a heart too.

But men tend to say- ok well I'm not proud of what I did there, but look, I'll do better next time. Men know feeling guilty only leads to more guilt. Like attracts like as I've often said.

Love your feet, your eyes, your ears and in fact start from the feet upwards and love every part of your body especially your precious heart who has been through so much.

But like attracts like and a woman who loves herself will attract a confident self assured man. And because she loves herself and does not become his groupie, he will treasure her.
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Best Regards