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Carbon 60 Status Report

28th January 2022

Dear Reader,

The virus is on it's way out, but we can sense the massive changes no? People are not tolerating bad behavior from our so-called leaders any more and the truth is slowly coming out.

Think of two years ago, did we know as much as we do now? There is a sense of- we are not accepting criminal behavior, greed or control any longer and this will only continue to get stronger.

The pandemic was a lesson. It was to break our habits or habitual thinking, accepting everything we were told and feeling powerless to prevent events happening.

I feel there is a contentment, happiness and excitement about our future.

However, I am waging war on compassion! Our compassion has been weaponized and is being used as a tool to destroy us.

One has to be compassionate- fine, but be compassionate to ourselves and our own people first of all.

It is called cultural genocide or demographic genocide when we are compassionate to criminals and people who do not share our values, traditions and ways.


Martian Soil
I'm pleased to announce that we have a new product coming out called Martian Soil.

Our thoughts leave a vibration on our clothes, our keys, the seat we sit on, our homes etc.

For example, you have a favorite seat or chair you sit in every day? Now imagine someone else sits on your chair. How do you feel about that? It's like- get out of my chair!

Some people even sweep the vibrations off the seat before they sit down. You see, we know about other people vibrations influencing our own things but we may not have put it into words.

We don't like a weirdo touching us for example!

Then there are people we want to touch and keep touching- because their frequency is high- see below.

So our vibrations both negative and positive are left on everything we touch. Sensitive people can read these vibrations.

Psychometry, also called object reading, is an ability where impressions about a person or thing are received through contact with an object.

Martian Soil is like a strong magnet for absorbing negative energies. It is something one wears. It is very powerful. But after it has done it's work, you then burn it.

But, Martian Soil clears a person free of things like guilt, negativity, depression and self loathing over many months. In the case of men, it takes between 1 and 9 months.

In the case of women, Martian Soil will work more intensely but will clear women between 1 and 6 months. So it is a shorter journey for women but as I said, more intense.

Many thanks to Ms. L.B. for these questions:

I am loving your products and learning a lot in your newsletters ...The question i am not sure is; if i am suffering with arthritis what is the best products to use .. I have tried Vulcan;s Fire and rubbed it in and then waited 15min and then put a thin layer of Elixir is that correct.... and is Elixir good for Alopecia loss of hair ...
Kind Regards L.B.

We have to remember that it took a long time for arthritis to develop, and it will take time to get better. But it Will get better, we have plenty of proof.

Using Vulcan's Fire and Sekhmet Elixir will reduce the age of joints, so yes that is the correct way to do it. But you could try applying Vulcan's Fire, allow it to dry and then apply Archigenes Seal.

We have never tried this technique nor have any proof it works for arthritis, but alchemically speaking, A.S. is very fiery and should work better than Sekhmet Elixir.

But Archigenes Seal will not reduce the age of joints like Sekhmet Elixir can. But I feel it would be better for arthritis. After a while of using A.S., go back to using the Elixir.

But Archigenes seal can also be taken internally- one drop daily in a glass of water to begin with. Not only will this work on joint issues from the inside, but it will also help remove fluid from the body like swollen ankles and other fluid e.g. around the neck a.s.o.

It also is a great help for weight loss, but it takes about 4 weeks to build. If you find you get tummy acid, stop taking Archigenes seal for a day or two. Your stomach will become stronger and you will not experience acid.
As regards hair loss, try Asklepios Hair Elixir. We have had huge results with this serum from a handful of men. My own hair line is doing very well and others have commented that my hair is growing back! Most gratifying :)

We have not gotten the message out about this product to men as yet. If they only knew about Sekhmet Hair Elixir and how well it works, we would be snowed under with orders.

Again, Apply Vulcan's Fire to the scalp, allow it to dry, then apply Sekhmet Hair Elixir. If you only have normal Sekhmet Elixir, that will work too, albeit far more slowly.

Sekhmet Hair Elixir is our own Elixir mixed with hair serum which has been concentrated. It is so powerful that any stronger and it would bring healing downtime.

pic of hair elixir

Love Potion

I've never really given a full description of what Love Potion is.

What does Love Potion do?

Love potion prepares one for love. For example one is worried, in the dark, maybe someone who has shut down and thinks they cannot love again.

Or a person who has an inability to love, for example they think they are too old, or unattractive. It’s gone stale, cynicism, dreams of love are for the young, worry and darkness, a closed heart due to fear- or previous hurt in relationships.

With these negative attributes, one will attract the wrong type of person thus continuing the cycle of poor relationships.

Love potion prepares one for a loving relationship. With an open loving heart, one will attract a person with an open loving heart- like attracts like, birds of a feather flock together is truer than we think.

It’s about self love, being loved, offering love, moving forward and then blessings, the Sun shines! What is correct, right and good. It ignites something.

One begins to be magnetic because an open loving heart full of joy is what all want and then they flock to you, leading one to a happy relationship. It opens doors.

So, Love Potion does not make one magnetic per se. What it creates you to be is magnetic. People especially the opposite sex will flirt with you, they will want to touch you because you have the frequency of love.

Like loosening a stubborn boulder in ones heart, lifting one’s spirits to make everything work.

Then all of a sudden, bright times happy times, abundance and comfort, strength, courage and victory is the result but it is not a fast process.
It takes time.
The path is lit.

love potion


Thank you to Ms. J.M. for this question:

I am really confused to be honest. I am yearning for a product chart that summarizes everything in the one place- product name, uses, dosage, side effects, how to take etc etc. this would be such an asset to your site and would help us immensely rather than searching through all the newsletters.

Can you please direct me? I have bought:
Phoenix blood
Dragons blood
Carbon 60 olive
Panaceias tincture
Archigenes Seal
Vulcans Fire
Elixir of Asklepios
The vial pendant
Now I feel I need a crash course in what to do when!

We are working on a leaflet at the moment which explains the different products- but it takes time as so many new products have come out and we are still collating all the information.

Our FAQ has lots of information and is a tab located at the top, to the far right of our web page.

One wears the charm, but do not allow anyone else, especially a child to touch the charm. It should be kept in a little bag in your pocket or close to your person so that it does not chaff against coins or keys.

It may interrupt your sleep, so you should place it in a cotton cloth in a different room to where you are sleeping. The cotton cloth will protect it from negative energies a.s.o.

Think of the charm as a familiar. It is your helper in life. Talk to it, ask it things, ask it to do things, simple things in the beginning.

It will take time but the more attention you give it, the more powerful it will become. It is literally alive, treat it as such.

But if you do not believe in it, that is a block which the charm will find difficult to overcome, but not impossible. Eventually it will remove the block.

Carbon 60 olive oil should be consumed. Try 4-5 drops daily and increase that dosage if you do not feel results.

If you get to say 11 or 15 drops daily and experience contraindications like healing downtime, lack of sleep or too much energy, dial back the quantity you take to a level that suits you.

However, even though C60 is meant to be taken internally, it is so powerful it was able to heal a gent who had a nine year rash on his chest- topically.

Despite taking everything from the drug store AND another manufacturers carbon 60, they had zero effect. Red Lion carbon 60 healed this gents rash in one, ONE night. Please see the video below.

So you can imagine what Red Lion carbon 60 is doing for you internally if that is what it can do externally.


The Magician

magician marseille deck
As I noted last report, the numbers on the dice add up to the number 9- manifestation. What this means is if one can accomplish the 'labors of Hercules' i.e. tasks or experiments which may take years to complete, the tasks or abilities will manifest.

His hat is a lemniscate which means if you master this simple technique, you can perform tasks indefinitely.

The magician is twirling a baton in his left hand, which in this case is the subconscious. It is the subconscious which can achieve mammoth tasks, the logical mind destroys these tasks with it's air and fire.

The female/magnetic hand is perfect for this task because it is the subconscious.

I asked, why does the magician look away from twirling the baton? Because if he looked at the baton, he would drop it.

We do these type of lengthy tasks all the time, for example taking a dog out for a walk daily for 15 years. Or brushing one's teeth daily.

Why can we accomplish tasks like these so easily, but when it comes to spiritual training, we drop the baton.

Because in the case of walking the dog, we do not 'look' for results. We do not check to see if the dogs muscles are more developed, or is he looking healthier today after taking him for a walk.

The watch kettle never boils so they say. So what the magician is teaching us is not to look at the tasks we are attempting to complete.

Not to keep looking for results. Not to have expectations.

We do the task and forget about it immediately- we don't look at it to see if it is working.

This is quite easy to do, but it can take a long long time to learn this lesson! Particularly when we really need the result, for example being positive to bring abundance to oneself.

Or to loose weight- in this case constantly looking at the scales will make one drop the baton!

So, the magician practices twirling the baton and gets on with other tasks on the table. He does not look and check to see how well he is doing.

When you have done your magical or spiritual training, turn your mind to something else. Get on with life and forget all about the training.

That is the way to accomplish the Labors of Hercules.

Why am I guided to things I never wanted in the first place?

Because what we want and what is good for us are two different things. We may want, ask and beseech for a certain thing, but we will not be given it, if it is not good for us.

We are not given what we want, but what is good for our evolution.

Other things we may never have asked for but have happened nonetheless. That is because in the long term, we will be delighted we faced and completed trials and tribulations. We will have evolved into a higher loving frequency.

Wisdom tells us it is wise to bless everything and all that has happened to us.

Best Regards