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Carbon 60 Status Report

14th January 2022

Dear Reader,

Unfortunately, this omnicron thing has hundreds of thousands out of work right now, and the postal service is suffering a huge shortfall of staff. So, we are experiencing shipping delays at present.

But at last we can see this virus is about to blow itself out.


Question from Mr. R.D.

i have been using C60 since 2017 daily and the last few years i have using RED LION c60 as well as the elixir, great products.

As I am to place a new order for the C60 and the elixir, I want to add a new product or two but unsure on which would be the most advantageous for my medical conditions which is congestive heart failure and 2 failed fem to fem bypasses to alleviate the blockages in the femoral arteries( body rejected both by producing scar tissue), as well as being a diabetic for 30 yrs.

Since i have been using c60 my infarction rate of my heart has increased from 19% to 38 % which allows me to exercise daily to make collateral arteries in my legs. i have always been athletic and active and want to continue to be so.

What is the infarction rate?

the infarction rate is commonly referred to as the % of your heart function where 60% infarction rate is a healthy heart whereby the heart pumps 60% of the oxygenated blood to the body and retains 40% to power the heart.

so in my case after the open heart surgery failed my heart % was down to 19% in other words down to a third of its normal function. I know that it was the c60 that was responsible for the recovery from 1/3 rd to about 65 % and not the pharmacuticals

i would appreciate some advice on which product to add to my daily alchemical regimen

We are celebrating! This is wonderful news. Mr D. has been purchasing Red Lion Carbon 60 Olive oil since mid 2018- nearly 4 years. His heart function has gone from 19% to 38% and 60% is normal.

Think about this for a second. Where doctors did the best they could, they could not do accomplish what Red Lion C60 oil has accomplished.Only possible because it is alchemical.

Where would Mr. D's heart function be now had he not taken Red Lion C60 oil? We dread to think.

Let me tell you his heart function has doubled from 19% to 38% and will improve further. This is a miracle.

Ok, lets stop bragging hahaha, and answer the question:

I would recommend Vulcan's fire and Sekhmet Elixir. Vulcan's fire will multiply the Elixir by 5-9 times and accelerate healing. I would place Vulcan's fire on my feet, allow it to dry and then apply Sekhmet Elixir.

Then apply Vulcan's Fire to the face, allow to dry and Apply the Elixir again. This way the Elixir is being magnified and will travel from the feet up and from the face down, meeting in the middle.

It is probably not a good idea to place Sekhmet Elixir on the heart area for fear of healing shock.

If you do not purchase anything else, these are the two products I would recommend.

The third product I would recommend is Panaceia's Tincture. We all have cancer cells in our body, albeit these are dormant and most of the time never become active.

So, although we may never get cancer, we have dormant cells in our body. Panaceia's Tincture kills all cancer cells [spiritually then physically], dormant or otherwise and health is improved vastly as a result. One's lifeline should increase by about 10 years.

But Panaceia's Tincure heals so many things it's impossible to list them all. But one area that stands out is it's power in healing the emotions.

If we are talking about the heart- emotions or negative emotions are very important as a broken heart can lead to heart failure.

I'm not suggesting that is what Mr. D has, merely stating it will clear emotions and emotions are connected to the heart. Once these are cleared, the heart will be full of positivity and joy which lead to health.

Panaceia's Tincture is also extremely good for high blood pressure, and will balance blood pressure.

The Forth product I would recommend is Phoenix Blood. It brings joy and joy is felt in the heart.

So, obviously having the heart full of powerful joyful energy will be healing.

You could also think of placing a few drops of Vulcan's Fire in each corner of a room to clear it from negative energy, for example a bedroom.

Another thing I would like to suggest is using electrolyte tablets from the drug store. These are phenomenal for hydration. Also drinking lots of water is very important. They will help those attempting astral projection and lucid dreaming.

When you try Vulcan's fire and Sekhmet Elixir on your face, then you will know it really is reversing one in age slowly but surely. I believe Mr. D will not suffer from any more disease or illness again.

Some time ago I wrote in the newsletter about a father and son who both had genetic heart conditions. One of the men applied Elixir to his leg as he had a damaged knee.

But he began to have slight chest pains. The pain went away and his heart was improved- they were healing chest pains.

His son applied Sekhmet Elixir to his back as his back was sore. His back healed, but again, he had slight chest pains, iow a healing crises and his heart was improved also.

These men were not using the Elixir for heart trouble but the Elixir found it's way regardless.

I've noticed the Elixir will bring out illnesses people did not know they had. When people begin to have some inexplicable condition for seemingly no reason, I always ask if they have been using the Elixir recently.

I've noticed the more serious the complaint, the longer it takes for the healing crises to come about.


Here is a report from Mr. C.E.

P.S. I have just started taking Dragon's Blood and the results have been astounding. My ability to listen to people and the way people talk to me seems to have changed a lot!

Also my connection with animals which was already beyond ordinary seems to be even stronger! After my first drop my dog hugged me (which he does every morning) but this time for much longer! It felt so euphoric and I was looking at him so passionately I discovered new color patches I don't think I've noticed before!

I had a sore throat for a few days and took 3 drops of Vulcans Fire than 2 drops of the [Panaceia's] Tincture 10-15 minutes later, and my symptoms were relieved with in another 10-20 minutes. I resumed that dosage for 3 days and the symptoms never came back. Thank you again for another amazing product.

Red Lion you guys are amazing! As always thank you!!!

Thanks to Mr. C.E. for helping to build a body of knowledge about these products, interesting and greatly appreciated :)
Vulcans fire

Question from Mr. D.L.

Hi Marten,
Of course I love your stuff. Got it in the hands of a couple people ,more to come as I open this Holistic based Coaching program I will call Mastery Coaching forBody, Mind and Spirit, on court/ off court.

I am learning about your products as I experiment. These past few days I went back to C60 alone a couple of times. I feel good but want to amp up a male reproductive system and prostrate program in, what might you suggest ?

This question touches on male sexuality and many men have issues in this area which is why I wanted to offer a full explanation and hope. It is not such a big issue after all- if one has patience.

Regarding male sexuality- apply Archigenes Seal to the perineum which is where the Sacral chakra and prostate are located, but only one drop. It will sting if you use more. Your skin will get used to this.

Now, it takes a long time for a condition to develop, consequently it will not heal overnight. It may take many many months.

But Archigenes Seal blasts negativity out of the Sacral chakra. Maybe from childhood or past relationships. Also, apply one drop of A.S. to the Crown chakra, once a week only.

Any more than once per week could cause significant downtime or even depression.

Applying to the crown rids one of distracting thoughts. After a few months, you can apply 2 drops per week to the Crown chakra, but on different days.

You should also apply Sekhmet Elixir to the testes and this is quite amazing for building muscle due to increased testosterone.

Think of a bull in a field who doesn't exercise much, but his muscles are ripped! He has lots of testosterone.

So any exercise one does, for example weight lifting will have twice the effect. Using Sekhmet Elixir on the testes will have twice the muscle building effect than normal.

But it is not a bloated or body building effect. One will be stronger than they look and they will notice their muscles have muscles!

Sekhmet Elixir can be applied to the perineum too, and this is a great thing to do for prostate health, although not as good for performance as Archigenes seal.

But please heed this- only a dot on the tip of ones finger should be applied to the testes or they may go blue!

Panaceia's Tincture is very different from Archigenes seal. Archigenes seal will blast negativity from the Sacral chakra and unblock libido.

One American customer who now lives in South America has been applying A.S. to his perineum daily for the past 6 months and is delighted with the results.

Panaceia's Tincture is different in that it makes things grow, whereas Archigenes seal does not. Panaceia's Tincture will travel UP through all chakra's right to the crown chakra.

This means it will not go backwards to the Base chakra if applied to the Sacral.

The base chakra is located at the coccyx bone. However, Archigenes Seal will not travel through all chakras like Panaceia's Tincture will.

Now, although applying Panaceia's Tincture directly to the Sacral chakra is more powerful, applying P.T. to the Base chakra will travel to and through the Sacral chakra, on it's way to the crown chakra.

It is less powerful on the Sacral chakra- coming from the Base, BUT applying to the base is much much better way of doing this as it is deeper, yes slower, but base chakra energy is being brought up through all chakras thus raising the so-called snake power or kundalini energy in the process.The Sun shines!

Raising snake power too quickly could literally kill a person or injure them severely and permanently. It is very powerful and one should take a view to raising it over several years, very gradually and slowly.

However, with snake power risen, it will make one an extremely potent lover, also the energy will make one very magnetic to the opposite sex and it can blow the socks of the opposite sex forgive the rough language! And make the male experience more pleasurable by 10 times that of a normal man.

Therefore, it is best to apply Archigenes Seal on say day 1.
Then the Elixir on day 2, thus giving the sacral a break from the strong fire of A.S..

On day three, one can apply Panaceia's Tincture to the Sacral or what I would recommend- the base chakra. This is a great way of being gentle with the testes, as it gives a two day break. Patience is required and you will be delighted.

The Magician

magician marseille deck
In the above image, the Magician is teaching us something..

The three legs of the table represent the three worlds- mental, astral and physical, thought word and deed.

On the table there is an athanor or furnace. There is a cup, a knife [or sword]. The numbers on the dice add up to 27, or 2+7 = 9, the number of manifestation.

His hat is a lemniscate or figure 8, the sign for infinity and the number for Justice.

But a lemniscate is not a flat image. Think of it like a rubber 'O' ring. Now twist the ring slightly and from the side- it looks like the figure 8. But in fact it is a circular wave.

The magician is twirling a baton in his left hand. Why the left hand? Because he is right handed and therefore his electric/male hand is right, whereas his left hand is female/magnetic.

The female/magnetic hand is perfect for this task because it is the unconscious.

Why does he look away from twirling the baton? Because if he looked at the baton, he would drop it.

And that is not how to accomplish tasks which may take 20 years to complete. Magicians call these tasks, the efforts of Hercules.

Dark Matter

In the above reports, several times I have mentioned negative energy or negative emotions affecting the body.

Emotion IS energy. It is energy in motion.

All doctors now admit stress causes various complications in the body. But why? What is going on?

Most believe that we make our own luck in life right? That if we are positive, we can manifest a good job or a car, a bar of silver, a relationship or whatever into our lives.

It takes work, but we've all achieved the things in our life by wishing them into existence- even if we are not aware of this at the time, that is how we got everything.

It all begins with the male- thought,
which uses the female energy- emotion,
which manifests on the physical plane as- matter.

Thought, word and deed. Past present future. Before, now and after. Mind, body Spirit. Ether, energy, matter. Superconscious, conscious and subconscious. Father, Son and holy Ghost, or thought > emotion > matter.

So, what happens when we have negative thoughts? Yes, we manifest those on the physical plane too, but they manifest in our bodies like cancer.

We manifest physical matter, negative physical matter in our bodies. Years of stress energy, disappointment, heartbreak, depression a.s.o. manifest physically like water vapor forms clouds, and clouds form rain. Except this rain is like horrible black matter manifested in our bodies.

Our bodies become accustomed to living with this poison, and so we don't notice it much, until it is too late and the body breaks down under the weight of the dark matter.

This poison we create is like heroin. Thinking negative thoughts is somewhat addictive. You'll find people who are depressed are on a negative high and they will not give up their 'drugs'.

What alchemical products do is like the Sun shining on the black poison until it shrivels away and dies.

After a few years of using alchemical products, one may go through a massive detoxification of the body where all black matter poison is removed.

This is a painful experience, a bit like going through 'cold turkey' for a heroin addict. But the result is a total transformation and one gains new abilities!!

This is a death and rebirth, and to me it is the true meaning when our Lord said- That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Do not marvel that I said to you, You must be born again.

A matter of Joy

What would joy look like if was manifested as matter? Phoenix Blood is in fact joy manifested in material form. Be joyful and manifest Joy matter in your body. Phoenix blood will help.

Red Lion

Like a doctors surgery, we find it somehow uncomfortable to advertise our business. We depend upon word of mouth only.

I would be very grateful if you could spread the word for us. The karma you will receive for leading people to us is significant, because your guidance may lead to their good health which is priceless :)

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