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Carbon 60 Status Report

31st December 2021

Dear Reader,

The start of the year is literally a death and rebirth. Some find this time of year the most depressing and the reason is- any death, even of the year is not easy to go through.

But it is a time of rebirth too. So lets start out the year with magic.


It's interesting but one of the traditions in Europe is for a child to write down their wishes as to what they want from St. Nicholas [or Santa]. Then the 'wish list' is set alight in the fireplace.

This is very old magic turned into a child's tradition and is using the fire element to make a wish, or the wish is empowered by the fire element.

It is a strong magical technique which can be used anytime and not just by children. Simply write down your wish but with joy that it will come true. Then burn the piece of paper, all-the-while imagining and feeling the power of the fire element will realize the wish as it burns. Smile!

In the book 'the Secret' it notes that it does not matter how big the wish is- it is all a matter of perception. If it appears to be a large difficult wish, then it is only so because one believes the wish to be difficult.

This is absolute claptrap!!

It takes a vast amount of energy to transform a piece of lead into gold, much more than simply allowing the Universe to bring you a piece of ready made gold.

Many well-meaning books and teachers have taught that there is no reality in “matter”. This is again pure claptrap. Matter is as real as the spirit which infuses it.

Matter and the Spirit are inseparable while the miracle of life animates the body. To live from this point of view is sufficient to prove its truth. Everything in our lives has cause and significance. There are spiritual trials and experiences, obtainable through imprisonment or restriction in matter, which can be gained in no other way.

Therefore, in the beginning it is best to wish for something easily attainable like for example wishing for a great jacket or item of clothing. Or an easy day in work, or a new client a.s.o.

So, try to keep the wish small. When your wish is fulfilled, you will have a little more faith the next one will be fulfilled too.

The stage beyond faith is knowing. Eventually you will get to a stage where you will KNOW the wish will come true and you will not need faith any longer.

If you like, you can burn a wish note everyday. But when you do, stop thinking about it immediately.

In other words, write the wish down, burn it, then completely cut off from it and get on with doing something else. This is very good practice in future magic.

There is no point in making a wish then thinking during the day- jeez I never get anything!! Watch your thoughts. Change them around- I get everything I wish for, my wishes are always realized. You have to 'pretend' it is true at the beginning and have patience.

However, do not wish for money because the wish will be blocked. Life is not meant to be a shortcut and wishing money into existence without any learning is a bad idea for one's evolution.

Money depends a great deal on one's self worth. What one believes themselves to be. If we simply wished money into existence, what would that teach us about self worth and deserving of money?

It would teach us nothing except avoid who we really are. But wishing for things and situations is fine and will not be blocked by Spirit.

The Buddha once said to his disciple Anathapindika; “It is not wealth and power that enslave a man, but the cleaving to them. He who possesses wealth, and uses it rightly, will be a blessing unto his fellow beings.”

So, be 50% interested in money is my advice. Yes, money is wonderful, we love money, money makes us happy and brings security to ourselves and our families. But money is not how we glide in the harbor of the illumined life within where we find the peace that passes understanding.

Thank you for this email from Ms. F.S.

I’d like to share with you the change in my elderly, frail mother who has low vitality, asthma, slight dementia and has had back pain for several years. I am giving her Vulcan’s Fire and Panaceia’s Tincture and even though she has only been taking these for about two weeks, I have already noticed a change in her, in that she is more pleasant to be with and conversations with her are easier and she is even moving around/walking more! Absolutely amazing!

Now that I have all these miraculous gems in my hands, I am not exactly sure the best way to take them for myself that honours and respects your products and my body.

Marten, could you advise the optimal and correct way of taking your precious products? Whilst I have read your newsletters, I am still not sure the order in which to add each product. I don’t have any major health concerns, except for some gum and weight issues. I would just like to have a strong, healthy and vibrant body into the future (and of course ensure the grey cells are working well too!) 

I have started with Archigenes Seal for weight loss and I am putting drops of Phoenix Blood in my drinking water. However, I also have the C60 Olive Oil, Dragon’s Blood, Vulcan’s Fire, Elixir of Asklepios-Sekhmet Version and Panaceia’s Tincture. (Yes, my excitement did get the better of me!) Could you suggest when and how I would introduce any of the other products please?

Vulcan's Fire and Panaceia's Tincture
Only 1 drop of the Tincture should be taken daily and then increase that to 2 drops daily in a few weeks. But the maximum is three drops.

Your mother will benefit hugely from the other products, particularly the VF+Elixir or VF and Phoenix Blood. Panaceia's Tincture should be taken directly not mixed with water.

Phoenix Blood is the only one that should be mixed with water because it is too strong to be taken directly.

Which products do I take and in what order?
This question comes up a lot, but It does not matter which order you take the products, so long as you always take Vulcan's Fire first and wait 15 minutes before applying a product topically or taking a product internally.

What dosage should I use?
Everyone is different. Some can take more than others. It depends on quite a few things like age, past trauma's which could lead to emotional downtime, the health of a person a.s.o. So I cannot give you a definitive answer.

But begin taking one drop of each product and increase what you take daily. But Only one drop of Phoenix Blood in a glass of water, which you can increase when your body is strong enough to tolerate the energies.

Products like C60 olive oil can be increased daily until you feel symptoms for example, lack of sleep, healing downtime or too much energy. Everyone is different, but your body will tell you how much is too much and you can dial back the quantity you take to suit yourself.

Another idea is to use each product individually and increase the amount you take daily, for example carbon 60 olive oil. Then you can identify what a product is doing and how much you can tolerate, before moving on to the next product.

Archigenes Seal
This is the one product I would suggest is too strong to take after Vulcan's Fire. Archigenes Seal is already very fiery. If one takes Archigenes Seal after Vulcan's Fire, Vulcan's Fire will multiply this already strong fire.

It is best to take Archigenes Seal BEFORE Vulcan's Fire so that V.F. does not magnify the effects of Archigenes Seal. If you notice tummy acid- stop taking A.S. for a few days while your body gets used to it, then resume at a lower dose.

Vulcan's Fire should be applied to the facial area and allowed to dry. If it doesn't dry after 10 minutes, then you have applied too much. Apply the Elixir on top of Vulcan's Fire and you will see results soon enough!

If you have an injury, apply Vulcan's Fire to ones face and say a back injury or leg injury. Then apply the Elixir when Vulcan's Fire has dried or absorbed into one's skin.

With Dragon's Blood, one should begin taking 1 drop daily and increase that until you notice any discomfort. It should help with dementia but not as good as Phoenix Blood and Panaceia's Tincture.



Best Regards