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Carbon 60 Status Report

January 18, 2019

Dear Customer,

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Carbon 60 is not conducive to sleep! It will activate, motivate, bring determination, focus, energize and so on but the last place you want all these qualities is before going to sleep. So always take C60 in the morning. Adjust your dosage so that you're not too energized and the energetic curve collapses before sleep. If you can't sleep at night, you may be taking too much carbon 60 olive oil.

Tiny quantities of the electric principle will destroy the female principle a bit like sunlight destroying moonlight. But the magnetic principle cannot destroy the male/electric principle so easily.

This is the reason we don't mix pulverized C70 and olive oil in the same containers that C60 has been in because the C60 embeds itself in the walls of the container, which then affects the frequency of C70OO. The slightest bit of the fire element completely takes it over. This is why a blend of C70/C60 olive oil is unaffected by the C70 even if it is several percent.

Carbon 70

C70 has all the female qualities to some degree. Carbon 70 has a dramatic effect on women, far more powerful for them than for men.

Is it good to separate the dose when taking them both and for how long?
C60 and C70 should be taken on alternative days or they will 'cross' each other.

As a special request, we sold pulverized carbon 70 to a customer. Here are some of his observations:
- c70 batch, dilution (100% - no residue - @ 0.8g/l with alcohol in koroneiki olive oil, mixed 3 weeks in a dark, dry, fresh place, rested 10 days), red ruby / brown red color, like blood or cycle blood, nice smooth density.
- tested after 3 day dry fast and 2 day light diet (no salt). 3 Ts./1st day, 2 Ts./2nd day, 1 Ts./3rd day, than 1ts./day. I'm 52 years old from Switzerland.

- more ability to effectively organize activity and be actual.
Absolutely fascinating. It's fine knowing the theory but the reality is so interesting. C70 is female. Women are generally more organized than men even if chaos is a water/magnetic attribute?

- more fluidity in speaking.
Yes! men tend to be quieter and women more talkative? Although alchemically speaking the Air principle would have the quality of 'communication' which is not really being the ability of being talkative.

- more appetite and difficult to satisfy, hunger difficult to fill, more thirst.
Fire would rule thin people, for example alcoholics who take 'fire water' are usually thin and not interested in food. Water principle would rule larger people. The negative side of the water/magnetic principle rules insecurity which leads to over eating.

- joint flexibility largely augmented and causing muscular readjustment (in this days...). Generally speaking: soothing.
Women tend to be more flexible? So again this is perfectly aligned with the principles of water/female.

- reduced need to rest and... easy mornings
Or maybe sleep is deeper? Leading to a more refreshing sleep? Whereas C60 would lead to a light sleep or no sleep at all!!

Gave it to my 87 years old mother and the second day she went walking in a very challenging distance!
Please be careful, only one dropper daily should be enough.

Gave it to my girlfriend and since then (actually 7 days) she don't suffer anymore of a nervous tremor that came when she fell asleep. That was a 2 year problem.
Again I've said that C70 should lead to peacefulness/serenity and joy. But it is much deeper for women than men. So it's no surprise your GF is more peaceful.

She point out the specificity of the c70 that shift perceptions to the very detail. As if she's more conscious of her whole body.
The Female principle you could say is for the collective. Whereas the male principle is for sovereignty or individuality. So it's little wonder your girlfriend notices her entire body.

Some customers have noticed that taking carbon 60 olive oil leads to no body odor and clean clothes! Maybe this is because there are few toxins as toxins are also released through the skin.

Observations from another customer:
Frankly this male / female + "like taking the sun" sales pitch makes me wonder if you are a bunch of New Age lunatics. We are happy with the product and my wife in particular has seen an improvement of her ability to sleep because of improvement in her arthritis.
However using this kind of unscientific mysticism to promote it is un-selling us. You need to drop it or sell it under a different brand.

It's not a sales pitch! We believe in this 'unscientific claptrap'.
I would say arthritis is a magnetic/water/female disease and the fire principle (C60) 'melts' the condition. Our bodies are made of 18% carbon, we eat lots of carbon every day why isn't arthritis cured? Or maybe scientists can explain how a tiny quantity of a carbon molecule in a funny shape helps with arthritis? They can't and they wont until they recognize there are other aspects besides the physical component.
Thanks for your comments though :)

Situation so far

We have calculated how much it is costing to produce pulverized carbon 60 at 99.99% and these costs will result in a price increase of roughly 40% higher than our current prices. But we wont raise prices until our new product is published on our website. We feel 40% is fair considering we use zero solvents, the quality will be much higher and the pulverization process will result in a higher percentage of mono-molecular C60. But we're not sure yet how much will be mono-molecular except that the process is vastly superior! Our previous pulverized carbon 60 product was between 40% and 60% or roughly 50% mono-molecular.


The reactor has been completed and we have taken delivery of it. As usual the engineers took an extra week to complete it. So frustrating having to depend on other people while we have hundreds of customers waiting. And you our customers must be even more frustrated! But hand on heart, I will fulfill your order.

So thank you for sticking with us and believing in us- it is quite humbling.

We will be supplying customers by the end of January with a blend of C60/C70 at roughly 99.5% and hope to supply customers with 99.99% by the end of February.
March will be super busy for us.

Best Regards

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